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Backtracking a bit~

Over the planning topic, I tend to plan a bit of beginning and ending, but the middle I would make up as I go. The ending would then often change, haha. Guess what I'm saying is I would plan a bit and sometimes I'll go with the ideas and sometimes it'll change.

I'm wondering, how much do you guys review the stories of others here compared to how much you post your own?
Kinda depends on fandom for some reason. For Pokemon I reviewed more than post my own, but it's been so long since my last Pokemon fic. Other fandoms it's either the same or I write more than review. The latter I should start commenting more as I can let them know how much I enjoy their work.

Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Something about narrative though, because that's important in forum RPing as well - don't strain yourself too hard to write well or beautifully or complicatedly. Less is more, sometimes, unless there is a mood or setting you really really want to convey to the reader. But even then, I'd say write what feels right.

Then, there are writers who want to struggle with every word and sentence to make them perfect, I guess. Everyone finds their own style.
I'm one of those writers that wants every word and sentence flow well together haha. Part of the reason is I would see other writers on Tumblr get complimented on their "perfect words" and get frustrated how my writing won't be as good (. I also get nervous over my reputation in fandom (if my work is mediocre I'm a mediocre fan). <.<; Tumblr can make you feel like that sometimes.

But yeah, if I just write and worry about making the words right later I would have gotten a lot more done.

Originally Posted by Slayr231 View Post
You want to know what I just realized? I just realized that there's nothing like the feeling of being stuck on how to continue for a couple weeks. It's so aggravating seeing the story you worked so hard on collect dust because you can't think of a way on how to continue. Today, I just broke through my writer's block and wrote probably my favorite part of my entire fic. I realized that there isn't a feeling like that and I get a certain rush when I write, a rush that I want to feel again and again. But the most important thing I realized, is that starting college wanting to become a mechanical engineer might not be the best thing for me. I realized that writing might just be the thing I want to do for the rest of my life.
You already mentioned thinking about doing your mechanical degree (yay roller coasters! ) and if you think you can also do a minor in writing go for it!

Want to add that I also hate it when I get stuck in a story. Often times I would write another scene or a different story entirely and that works usually.