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    I have all that in mind, but when I look at the whole map, with bigger details in mind, things just seem really off. Like I'm not sure how far traveling distance would be and if the mountains or forests I have worked out are too big or small for events that I have planned in the future.

    I think the main problem I'm having is considering how big a town should be compared to the natural environment, which is kind of hard to judge since it varies so much depending on the era.

    I'd really like to have a map that could make an easily envisionable world and what I have currently just makes me feel like they're filled with contradictions.

    I also feel like having a high quality map makes writing history a lot easier, since you have a much better starting point and roleplays generally are better when you have a nice thought out setting in place, which is why I really want this to be well done.

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