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If she cannot control her sword 'most' of the time, is there anything she can do about that? One would think that in her line of work, control of a sword is fairly necessary.

Sesshomaru, helps her train and she eventually learns how to control it.

In a similar vein, why is it that Sakura can't control her sword?

It's actually a sword forged from a demon fang that was once used by her annsister Midoriko.

Why does Sakura do what she does? What drives her in her journey?

She is a Priestess, it's her job. And her job is what drives her on her journey. Plus she wants to one day destroy Naraku.

Do Sakura's siblings travel with her? If so, what do they do?

Sakura only has one sibling and that is Rin. As she's a little kid Rin mostly plays.

Why does she beat up Jaken a lot?

She finds Jaken to be very annoying and he's always bad mouthing her.

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