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I have played pokemon FR/LF too many times and Its does need to complete Pokedex to 60 by catching 60 Kanto Pokemons. After that i was thinking how to encounter A raikou or entai, I am not so interested in Suicane And i used a Ultra ball to catch a Raikou. i forgot which starter.

And my strategy was - don't even know that will i can encounter it cause its too hard to encounter i though no i can't catch him cause I can't even find him ! But suddenly when walking on route 11 in my first Encounter it was Raikou i shocked then i catch it (by wasting 29 OR 28 balls) It was too hard for me to catch then i train it and teach the Raikou very good movesets and i didn't wast the Master ball on just a 50 lvl Legendary i Prefer to use it To catch Mewtwo.

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