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    Would anyone be interested in a Kalos mystery dungeon type rp, but has a bit more... Well. Read my rough ideas and tell me what you think

    The story will be set in the Kalos region in an alternate world, held apart by the mythical pokémon Xerneas. The rp itself will be sandbox style, with manypossible missions and 'things to do' inbetween, and will be just like the mystery dungeon series. (That means no humans, but the human world is known of)

    Plot: Many pokémon have ben going missing for the while now, generally the weaker pokémon, and very rarely aything strong such as a hydreigon. In effect, the research team, the pokémon corporation, have been undergoing investigations for the past few years, researching for the disappearance of such pokémon. Later on it was discovered that legendary pokémon that held balance to the world, such as Kyogre Groudon and Rayquaza in the hoenn region, had all vanished, and the region had been sent into massive disruption. Infact, in the Sinnoh region, the whole island disappeared entirely due to time and space disappearing from the area. Soon everywhere but kalos was in destruction, and the research team had become much more than just a few members, nearly half the population of pokémon in Kalos are now supportive for their own lives may be at stake. This is where your character will come in - you will be one of few fully evolved pokémon set to explore the region of Kalos, helping people in need and discovering the solution to the problems and saving the world from complete disruption.

    I will flesh it out later, add in more details, but as you can tell the rp is going to involve Kalos pokémon. I would like some opinions on the idea if possible please.

    Also @JNathan - I would join that