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I'll get to revamp my challenges once Necrum finishes a playthrough of his X/Y x.x cause I don't own a 3DS or anything and I'd rather go for accurate info.

On a side note, how much are X/Y worth over there? o.o
Because I just found the games sold in a huge store here and they cost like $60 >.< I can't really afford that .-. and even if I did, i don't own a 3DS anyways x.x
And a freakin 3DS costs like $300 over here >.<
So I'd need to pay $360 to be able to play X/Y.... That's $360 that I don't have .-.

That's $60 for one game. if I wanted both I'd have to pay $120 .-.

EDIT: turns out the one I saw was a 3DS XL. The regular 3DS console's like $213.

All those prices don't include the VAT.

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