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Name: Anise Briar
Preferred Starter Pokémon: Swablu
Anise clearly a young teenager: she’s a tad bit short; baby faced, fair skinned, with innocent round eyes, angelic white hair, and a childish smile that is always found on her face. People tend to be quick to associate her appearance with that of an angel. Anise stands at 5’4, standing a few inches below the boys her age. She has a slender figure that’s working its way to a womanly curve. Straight strands of lavender hairs falls down to her neck, unevenly cut and fairly messy, it adds to her childish appearance. Her face is round and abstained from blemishes, her eyes are an unexpected a dark brown, ultimately going against her otherwise clichéd angelic features she had going for her.

Regarding clothing, Anise is rather fond of yellows and greens, though she is otherwise disinterested in meeting fashion norms. Her average outfit involves an orange top and a white bottom, and an orange pair of boots which usually devolved into her orange coat, a white pair of sweatpants, and of course her good ol’ booties. On her departure to Apollo, Anise made sure to bring along a green bag, green beanie, and a pair of goggles she is rather fond of.

Roleplay Sample:

It was just another day in Goldenrod city.

A fifteen year old girl moved along a row of plants, watering them one by one as she moved along. This was her daily activity and the one job she was given as a lady of the flower shop. She happily moved along the plants in the store before returning to the front desk.

“…Petunia, Lavender, Jasmine, Goldenrod, Mint, Poppy, Lemonbalm, Leppa, Aspear, Iris, Marigold, Shuca, Lum, Azalea, Camellia, Violet, Orchid, and finally Anise.”

With those words, the girl moved onto the last flower of her name sake. She smiled poring the remaining water from her petal to the plants pot. Setting it aside, she went to the front desk.

“Alright mom, I’m going to go and visit Mr. Radburn!”

“Have fun dear.”

In a moment the girl arrived at her destination, a small building near the local game corner. Entering casually, the girl smiled on seeing a man seated in front of a small table.

“Hey again!” She yelled out, walking over to the man.

“Welcome Anise, here to play Voltorb Flip again?”

“Of course.”

The man smiled at his seat and pressed a button on the table. Flipping over a segment in the center of the table, a display revealed itself in its place. The familiar card game began. Anise herself was fairly talented at this game, getting much higher scores than the average person her age. She silently worked her way through the puzzle while the old man watched, occasionally giving a few words of advice. This continued on for a while before the man decided to begin an actual conversation.

“Say Anise, have you ever heard about the land of Apollo?”

“I’ve heard tidbits about it, but I haven’t really been paying too much attention to it, what about it Mister Radburn?”

“Oh, the place just has some interesting history behind it, do you want to hear about it?”

“Sure whynot?”

Taking a moment away from the game, Anise decided to listen to her old friend.

“The land was discovered by the famed Dr. Arden Stone, I’m not too sure if you know about him, but he was almost a Professor Oak back in the day. Anyways, the man had disappeared for nearly thirty years before releasing the information on the region. On his deathbed he sent out a message to the world revealing that he had been at Apollo for the entirety of the time and a lot of information on the land itself. He then told the world about the location of Apollo and a grand treasure that the region hides. This reveal sparked a huge interest in Apollo most of which you’ve probably already heard about. Trainers and researched flocked to the idea in hopes of finding fame, unfortunately, since the huge reveal, it seems like nobody has managed to find the treasure that Dr. Stone spoke of.
In fact, I was actually recently asked by an old friend to try and search for the treasure myself, but honestly, I’m much too old for that myself, I’d much rather just sit here and play Voltorb Flip with the occasional traveler. I think a young person like you would be much better suited for the job, don’t you agree Anise?”

“Yeah from the sounds of it, this seems like a really great opportunity for a young start up to get a name for themselves.”

“Wonderful, what do you think about going to Apollo then? You’re young and I believe you have what it takes to be a great adventurer.”

“Woah! That’s a lot to ask don’t you think? I mean I’m not even a trainer or anything!”

“I just think this would be a good opportunity for you. You’ve been saying you want to be a trainer for a while and I really feel this would be a good chance for you to start up on that path. It’s not really something many people get a chance to do, you know. Besides, I know you Anise and from all the people I’ve met in my life, I honestly believe you have what it takes to find that treasure.”
Anise remains a little quiet to the complement. She’s usually very weary of complements because of the baggage that usually comes with nice words, but Mr. Radburn is one of the very few people she trusts enough to overstep that defensive mechanism. She contemplates his words for a second before responding.

“I guess I’ll do it then, I know I can trust you Mr. Radburn.”

“Good, I’ve already told your mother about the arrangement. We agreed to let you make the decision before saying anything though. Let me tell you about my old friend I mentioned earlier. Her name is Dr. Hazel Jacobi, she’s a bit of a famed explorer who has been recruiting people to try and find that treasure. You should call her this afternoon when you get a chance. Here’s her number.”

Discreetly, the old man moved a small piece of paper to Anise.

“Now then, let’s finish up this game.”


Anise smiled while redirecting her attention to the screen in front of her. Some time went by and ultimately Anise lost, losing her concentration during the whole conversation and thoughts of the future she just decided to follow.

“Alright Mr. Radburn, I’m going to head out, thank you so much for everything again!”

“It’s no problem Anise, you’re welcome anytime.”

With their usual goodbye, Anise departed from the building. On exciting the girl pulled out her pokegear to contact her new employer.

“Hello is this Dr. Jacobi?”

“Yes is it, who might this be?”

“Anise Briar, I’m a friend of Sal Radburn.”

“Ah Anise, so you’re going to act in Sal’s place correct?”

“Yes that’s it.”

“Good, good. You know ol’ Sal has told me a lot about you. I know you’re very clear and quick on your feet, resourceful if you will and from what Radburn says, fairly charismatic. You also have quite the problem when it comes to trusting people. He also told me a story about a little girl and a Houndour, but I don’t think we need to go over that.”

Anise grew a little sick at the mention of that specific event. It was something she would hope would never happen again.

“Let’s not go there.”

“Yeah that was a bit unnecessary on my part, regardless, from what Sal says about you I think you’d make for a good explorer, if not a good trainer. His word is pretty trustworthy. I just have one question miss: Why do you want to go on this trip? Is it for the treasure, the fame, did you make a promise to Sal, what is it?”

Anise was a little quiet before responding.

“You know, I haven’t really had time to think about.”

Anise let out a little bit of a laugh before continuing.

“I guess I want to do this to be able to become a stronger person. You already know the story about the man and the houndour, but ultimately I don’t want anything like that to every happen again. . .
I want to – I want to be able to become a person no-one can ever doubt. Someone who can stand on their own feet and do whatever they want without question. I want to be a strong person and this journey, no, Apollo, gives me that opportunity.”

“Impressive answer, though honestly, I didn’t really care what your answer was going to be. Like I said before I trust Sal’s word when it comes to his understanding of people. Even if you said something silly like I don’t know, I just want a ton of money, I’m sure going on this adventure would make you to a much better person. You see, I like seeing young people grow, so who am I to take away opportunity from someone?

I’ll be sending the information for your travel arrangement to you, so you better start packing. Oh and don’t worry about pokemon, I’ll be sending you one along with some other things.

Before I go, let me just warn you be careful, I know you have been working with your ways when it comes to dealing with people and probably had a lot of success too, but some of the people in Apollo are rather experienced trainers and they see you as their competition and they will definitely see and take advantage of your inexperience. They’re nothing like the people you know in Goldenrod, so be mindful and play your cards carefully alright.”

With those last words Dr. Jacobi hung up, forever changing Anise’s life.