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Why hello there, aren't you a cutie - Fayette

Name: Fayette Age: 18 Gender: Female Kingdom: Fairy Gijinka: Sylveon Ability: Cute Charm

Personality: If there was one word that can describe Fayette that word is flirt. That is true, she tends to flirt playfully with just about every guy she meets no matter that age. She can't help it she's just like that. Growing up she was always told romantic bed time stories involving a damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor. That led to her being the way she is, very flirty and a true romantic. Though Fayette has never known true love she longs to more than anything, which is why she lets herself flirt so much even if it is playfully. More than anything she just wants to meet a nice guy and be swept off her feet just like in the stories.

Despite her flirtatious attitude to guys she is an incredibly kind and sweet person. She cares deeply for others and along with her romantic attitude she is also very maternal. She sees her friends as her family and will do anything to protect them even putting herself in danger. In regards to this she can be a bit rash. If she sees something threatening someone she cares for she will rush in to danger not thinking of the consequences of her actions. To sum it up, if one can get used to her playful flirting she is and could be the best friend they could ever have.

History: Fayette was born and raised in the capital of the Fairy Kingdom. Her mother another Sylveon gijinka and her father a loving Spritzee gijinka. Her mother ran a small bakery in the capital that was very popular among the population while her father worked in the palace as head adviser to Princess Annmarie. Due to this Fayette spent her time divided between two places. Roaming the capital city and helping her mother in the bakery. Helping her mother in the bakery was one of her favorite things to do, the kitchen and bakery always smelt delicious filled with warm baked goods and during all that time with her mother Fayette learned to bake just like her. But things changed when Fayette turned 14.

On her 14th birthday a bandit broke into the bakery when it was just her and her mother there. In the resulting fight her mother was injured badly defending her, dying a week later due to the injuries. It was those days while her mother lay dying that changed a part of Fayette. She realized how short life was, and wanted to find love. She also realized she had to protect others she cared about. Seeing her mother die from protecting her awakened something in her. A protective instinct in her. During the next few years after her mother died Fayette took over running the bakery renaming it l'amour maternel, meaning maternal love in honor of her. Years later the bakery was still a huge success bigger than ever under Fayette's leadership, sending out goods to all of the Kingdoms. Little did she know her life was about to change again when one day she was summoned to the palace.

Moves: Disarming Voice, Fairy Wind, Draining Kiss, Dazzling Gleam

Other: she loves to bake.