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    CHNPTN — Ashley Leigh — Urbus

    Real Life Name: Ashley Leigh
    In-game name: 愛の力 (Ai No Chikara, literally "Love's Strength" or "Strength of Love")
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Country: America
    Status: Player

    Appearance: Graced with beautiful looks, Ashley has an attention-grabbing appearance, from her light skin to her purple-brown hair and deep purple-rose eyes. These looks work well for her; unless said person knows her. However, we'll get into that in Personality. Ash wears her school uniform anywhere and everywhere, and seeing as it matches her looks well, rightfully so. She's not very muscular, but she has a thin frame and petite weight, weighing in at 110 pounds and sizing up to 5'6". Despite all of this, though, she can instill fear into nearly anyone by merely looking into their eyes. While they are beautiful, they have a dull, almost ghost-like quality that guarantees shivers, if not worse. How she acts, however, is a different story altogether.

    Personality: While graced with good looks, she was also cursed with a monotone voice and plain expression. Despite her seemingly flat and emotionless tone, she is brimming with excitement on the inside, and can feel severe storms of emotion inside. She is not particularly one to work well in social convention, and when you consider that most were scared off by her stare, it makes sense. What does this mean for her personality, though? It means she knows no boundaries. She knows little manners than what she was taught by her parents. She has a longing to make friends who don't avoid her or get scared off by her. This is difficult, though, because the things she tends to say are easily the most effective repellent for social interaction. Despite all of this, she's still a kind person (even if her statements contradict this one), her emotions and choice of words are all just stirred and mixed into very absurd positions. She also has a deep fascination for true love, which means some of the things she says or does to guys she likes leaves them terrified and her lonely.

    History: Ashley wasn't treated poorly, nor does she have a dark past or a taste for blood or revenge. No, Ashley very much enjoyed her childhood. Born with some sort of monotomy and a permanent expression that's as dull and emotionless as ever, Ashley didn't fit in all too well when she started school. Her parents did their best to raise her to be as kind and sweet as ever, but it looked to have done nothing. On the contrary, however, she turned out to be an extraordinarily caring person, even if her expression or eyes don't show it. Becoming somewhat of a loner in school, Ashley still tried her best to make friends, to no avail. After a few years she had grown accepting of the fact that she may never have a friend, though she never stopped trying. Oddly enough, she still lives a happy life, despite being unable to properly interact with anyone but her parents (even that's iffy). Ashley went through a lot of schooling, graduating a year early since she had no friends to distract her from her schoolwork. She graduated in an Academy in Australia, one she'd only been in for a year, before moving back to America, the place she'd lived at for the majority of her life. Ashley pondered what to do with her life after graduation, and looking for more social interaction, she took to massively multiplayer online games. However, with Sword Art Online, it was entirely different. She could show emotion and make friends and find love! ... However, these dreams were in shambles, when the mirrors took away her game-appearance and with it her only hopes of being able to show her emotions and feelings. Now she's trapped in the game with the rest of the players, unable to show any emotion or change her tone, just like in real life.

    • Two-Handed Assault Spear

    • Delay

    • Detection

    • Musical Instrument (Harp-Guitar)

    Sword Arts:
    • Baton Twirl - Holding the spear before the player will make it glow sky blue, and it can then be twirled around quickly, deflecting any attacks that make contact, and giving an 80% chance for any projectile that makes contact to not only deflect but fire back at the sender.
    • Dart Toss - Pulling back the spear in preparation to throw will make it glow brick red, and it can be thrown up to twenty yards, dealing normal damage with armor penetration. Once thrown, the player can either have the spear reappear in his/her hands, or have the player appear where the spear was tossed, as if the player and spear were connected by an invisible retracting chain.

    Level: 14

    Code: Link... Start...

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