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    CHNPTN — Amethyst — Children's City

    Name: Amethyst
    Nickname: Amy
    Age: 108
    Sex: Female

    Food: Scavenger (Easier to find food, less stamina)

    Appearance: Standing now at nearly four feet and four inches, Amethyst shows her growth as she reaches the physical age of eight years old. Her hair now grown out, the silky red strands hang down past the small of her back, flowing freely as all Amy has going for her (as far as grooming goes) is Lucy's care. Her eyes remain just as they once were, though now her red and blue eyes shine at equal amounts of brightness, a display of the well-contained power of two largely-contrasted spirits. Now out of favorite dresses, Amethyst relies on Lucy to find her proper, fitting clothing whenever her current set is damaged. Still pale-skinned, Amy's complexion remains nearly flawless, quite a feat in the post-apocalyptic world, though she's well taken care of by Lucy. Unlike most of the remaining residents of the world, Amy actually looks decently healthy, able to eat well enough thanks to her own scavenging skills alongside Lucy's assistance.

    Personality: Compared to most others in the world, Amethyst retained at least some of her manners from the past, though they've inevitably started to fade away in the savagery of the world. Amethyst has always been a sweet and caring girl, with plenty of curiosity and wisdom for her age. She maintains a youthful and happy spirit, despite the circumstances. However, Her spirits have just as much of an effect on her personality as Lucy does (if not more) and the two are always bickering. Amy's future is split in two very different paths, and she knows that, inevitably, she will only be able to follow one. Should she follow Blade, she will be much faster, stronger, and more agile, though she will take up his bad attitude, dark personality, and joy of pranks and insults. Should she follow Faith, she will learn the deadly as well as helpful extent of her powers, become much wiser, and more compassionate, however, she will feel much more merciful, meaning she may not have the heart to kill someone who could ultimately end up killing her or the ones she cares about.

    History: About a year has passed since Amy's and Lucy's encounter with Hailey, and while the event initially left Amethyst shaken, Lucy was there to take care of her. This brought Amy a lot closer to Lucy, if even possible. As far as Amethyst is concerned (or can even remember, as her memories of her life before the fallout have faded with time) Lucy is her actual mother. While Amethyst does have her independence, she still clings to Lucy and will only leave her side for her own tiny adventures, or whenever it might be necessary. With Mako she's grown an attachment as well, as she starts to consider him a father figure. She's made a game out of taking his Beanie and wearing it herself. In fact, it's become symbolic to her. If either she or Mako has to leave the trio, she will wear the beanie, as either a promise that she'll come back to return it, or that Mako will return to get his hat back. A lot of her less-than-happy thoughts have faded from her memory, including most everything from a hundred years ago. She still keeps her plush Skitty doll, though it has some sewn tears and patches, as it's been through a lot of battles and conflict.

    Blade the Weavile ♂

    Amy's childhood friend from her past. He's somewhat dark and demented, with a short fuse and a powerful rage. He has a bloodlust that's honestly just misplaced longing to defend Amy and her allies. Blade enjoys pranks and constantly encourages Amy to pull them, even though she resists any that are seemingly too cruel.

    Faith the Gardevoir ♀

    Faith is the young sister of Hailey's Spirit, Myra. However, Myra's betrayal has left her devastated and angry. She considers Myra a sister no longer, but an enemy. Off the topic of her sister, Faith is generally very sweet and gentle, up until her friends are in danger. She tends to be merciful and avoid fights as often as possible, though she fights to defend Amy and her friends.

    Opening Post:

    What're ya leavin' the others for? Blade's raspy voice echoed, a tinge of confusion and slight annoyance mixed into it. You know we're here to gather an army, right?

    "I know," Amy replied chirpily, "I just remembered seeing something on the way here I wanted to go look at..." The weathered skitty plush stuck out of her small backpack, bouncing as Amethyst skipped along the pathway. It slipped out and landed on the path with a gentle plop.

    Amy, you dropped Skittycat, Faith said gently, making Amy double-take for a moment before turning around.

    "Thanks, Faith." Pulling the beanie more snugly over her head for a moment, she skipped over and bent down to pick up her doll, continuing her initial path with the Skitty in her arms. "I need a bigger backpack, I think." She followed her course, stopping at a few berry bushes.

    That's nice that ya found berry bushes, kid, but they're sitting on the side of a commonly used path. They've been picked clean.

    "I know, it wasn't the berries I was looking for, though."

    What did you see, exactly?

    "These." Amethyst pulled the edges of the bushes away, to reveal blue flowers growing in a small patch in between. "I told mama It'd only take a few minutes, so I've gotta get back soon. I just wanted to surprise her." She smiled as she plucked a good handful of them, then dropped them in her backpack and clicked the locking part together. "Alright, I'm ready to go." She started walking back toward the town. "Faith, is she still where she was when I left?"

    Yes, she is. I think she's just waiting for you to come back.

    Amy smiled cheerfully. "Hey, mama!" Amy's voice rung out through the town as she rushed back to find Mako and Lucy where she'd left them. "I'm back," she reported joyously, leaping up and pulling the beanie over Mako's head. She then hurriedly made her way to Lucy and jumped into her, initiating a giant, giggling hug. Once free, she pulled the bunch of blue flowers out of her backpack and held them up to Lucy with a smile. "I went to go get you these!"

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