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Name: Clara Warde

Age: 20

Gender: Female

General: Clara is a solid 5’5” tall, and she weighs in at 125lbs , most of which is muscle. Her skin tone is a darker Tan, due to her blacksmithing. Her base clothing is a pair of dark brown trousers and a lighter tan short sleeved shirt.

Facial features and Hair:
Clara’s eyes are a vibrant green, and her hair is a mid-length chestnut brown.

Armor and accessories:
Clara was able to put on a simple chainmail shirt and her personal steel Lorica Segmentata before embarking out of town. She carries all of her needed supplies in a leather satchel. Clara wears no protective padding on her pants at the moment and her arms are unarmored to provide maximum movement.

Clara is a very courageous person; there are only a few things she fears, one of which is Ghost Pokémon. She is a strong fighter, but often she will choose the brawns over brains approach, which will likely get her into more trouble than it’s worth. Though she is a relatively refined swordswoman she uses her off time at the shop to practice, because one could always stand to improve.

Clara is a blacksmith, which she learned in her hometown of Oreburgh. Oreburgh Blacksmiths are usually regarded for having incredible craftsmanship though, she often over looked as a supplier due to how small her shop is. Any business she receives is of high value, and she will do her best to make a blade that fits the person.

Around others, Clara is a very friendly person, though she lacks any sort of politeness. She can be very straight to the point at times, often resulting in hurt feelings or misinterpretations. This gruff nature remains unaffected when she is alone or with Rex, as she finds that to be unneeded. Clara loves to Spar with others around, and also doesn’t mind a friendly pint at a tavern now and again.

Clara grew up in Oreburgh with her parents and her younger brother. Both of her parents were hard working blacksmiths, and at the age of 13 she began to learn the trade as well. After the Soldiers forced their family’s shop to close its doors, she and her brother moved to Twinleaf to open a shop of their own.

Over the last few years, they have slowly been building a business, with the local population. After the incident with the soldiers, she does not take kindly toward them intruding upon her business, although she will still do business with individuals. 2 years prior to the current time, She met a small wandering Riolu, and befriended it by giving the small creature a place to sleep in the shop. Since then the Pokémon has stuck around helping with general tasks at the shop.

Currently, she and her brother reside in a loft above the shop they own.

Hometown: Oreburgh

Weapon: 1-h Flameberge

Pokémon: Riolu
Name: Rex

Ability: inner focus

Quick attack
Force palm
High Jump Kick- egg move

Rex is a very dependent Pokémon; he normally waits until he receives guidance from Clara before he goes about doing anything. That being said, Rex is an incredibly helpful Pokémon, keeping the store front clean and helping with the chores. He enjoys the company of other friendly Pokémon, but will not hesitate to fight one that is threatening his friends.
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