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Pokémon: Johto Mysteries


Sign-Ups are now CLOSED

Memories of the past

It’s been thirty years since I left New Bark Town and agreed to help Professor Elm with his research on whether or not walking alongside your Pokémon instead of carrying it in its Pokéball has any effect on its growth and evolution. I have successfully travelled across Johto and Kanto, challenging Gyms and collecting Badges. I even got as far as the Elite Four and became the Champion. And I even had the honor of meeting and battling the enigmatic Red.

I remember it all as if it were yesterday. My Meganium and I have witnessed many, many wonders in our journey and we fought many battles. Johto was greater than ever. We had customs and traditions, we had plenty of interesting places for tourists to see, we had beautiful landscapes and amazing routes and paths. The whole region was so full of life…

Dealing with the present

Today’s Johto region barely resembles the Johto I grew up exploring anymore. Cities are now larger, people are louder, there’s barely any traditions and customs left. Save for the old ones and for those close to my generation, the younger ones have lost most of their values. You no longer see joy on their faces and they don’t seem to notice the beauty of Nature anymore. Traditions turned into a “waste of time” to quote a few people I know. Even Violet City and Ecruteak City are slowly being absorbed into this boring mechanical world that lacks values. New, fancy looking buildings are slowly replacing the traditional ones and I’m quite sure that the only reason those two cities weren’t completely engulfed in this huge lack of values isthe existence of the old Towers, the Sprout Tower and the Bell Tower, as well as the ruins of the old Tower that burned down a really long time ago. Those symbols of our region are the last hope we have in holding on to the very last traditions still being kept.

The new attractions in Johto are, maybe, the Contest Halls that have popped up here and there, the recently upgraded Daycare Center, now ran by Ethan and his trusted partner, Azumarill, the improved Safari Zone that is now even larger than before and has a wider variety of Pokémon from various regions and, of course, the numerous fashion stores.

And what do I do, you might want to know? Well, I, Lyra, am now Professor Elm’s assistant. My residence is now Cianwood City and I’m in charge of the small PokéLab here. I’m closely monitoring the Pokémon activity throughout Johto and the Safari Zone.

In dire need of help!

For some strange, unknown reason, in the past five years, the Pokémon Activity in the region of Johto has seen unusual changes and has been incredibly hectic and out of place. New species appeared out of nowhere, certain species have migrated to habitats that do not seem suitable for them and it seems that monitoring the situation is becoming extremely difficult.
On top of all that, there have been numerous reports of Pokémon Poachers all across the region.

In order to continue my research, I am in dire need of help. I can’t leave the Lab and Cianwood because that would slow down my research, so I need you, young trainers, to lend me a hand. I need as much information I can get on how bad things actually are on the field, on possible causes for the strange activity and I could use any piece of information on those poachers I’ve been hearing about, in order to help put an end to their criminal actions.

So, will you please help me?

The Journey
(Gameplay Information)

Lights, camera, action!

The story will be divided in Acts and Scenes, the Acts being main plots and Scenes being smaller plots contained within an Act. Acts could take up to two IC weeks, with scenes lasting at least one IC day, depending on the action in said scene, the difficulty of it and the Routes and Cities that it contains. The Journey begins in Cianwood City where each new trainer will recieve 3000, a Pokédex, 5 Pokéballs, a Potion and a Pokégear. Various Pokégear Expansion Cards can be obtained from various NPCs and Shops throughout the region.

Sliph Co. was nice enough to send Lyra a few exclusively made Pokégears for her to hand out to new trainers (mainly as means of advertising their products) so, you may choose a Pokégear from the list bellow:

No longer available:
-owned by Mina Akimoto
-owned by Izzy "Doc" Sato
-owned by Jonathan Hanoma
-owned by Miriam "Millie" Jeremiah
-owned by Josh "Lakitu" Hirosan
-owned by Alex Blake
-owned by Kieran "Kiki"
-owned by Evelyn Green
-owned by 'Captain' Theia Aethers
-owned by Serah Maxwell
-owned by Clair Morelle
-owned by Ilia Meredith Jones

Remember, there's only one of each so, choose wisely.
(You will obtain all those items in Act 1, Scene 1, once the IC thread is up, but you should choose a PokéGear now, to avoid lots of complications and allow the first Scene of Act 1 to go smoothly.)

I want to be the very best!

Since this is essentially a Journey-like RP, each character is free to have whatever goal they wish. However, characters can’t disregard Lyra’s call for help so, at least some effort needs to go towards trying to help Lyra. Other than that, characters could opt for challenging Gyms, taking on Contests, becoming Pokéathletes, becoming breeders, or even actors alongside their Pokémon and so on and so forth. The choice is yours!

I choose you!

As far as Pokémon go, this RP will have more of an Anime approach than a Games one. There’s no such thing as levels. There’s no EVs, no IVs. A character can only carry six Pokémon at a time. However, Pokémon can be sent back to the Cianwood Lab, should any character opt for using Pokémon in rotation rather than settling for a team of just 6.

You may pick whatever Pokémon from Generations I-VI as your starter, but it must be in its lowest evolutionary stage. The starter Pokémon’s moves and ability will be decided by the GM, once a character has been accepted.

Evolving a Pokémon is something that must be discussed about with the GM. Trade evolutions will work just like in the Anime. Pokémon that evolve by being traded holding an item, will be able to evolve by holding the required item when taken to the PokéCenter for healing (much like Misty’s Poliwhirl evolved by picking up the King’s Rock and then being called back into its Pokéball and given to Nurse joy for treatment).

A character can run into as many wild Pokémon as they want to and they can try catch them but the success of the capture and the ability of the captured Pokémon are to be determined by the GM. The moves of the wild Pokémon can be chosen by the RPer (with no levels, each Pokémon is different), but learning new moves should be discussed with the GM first. Learning a new move will also occur much like it does in the anime (a Pokémon is training to increase its speed and ends up learning a move that's related to the type of training for example).

Legendary Pokémon are off limits. Running into a Legendary Pokémon/befriending a Legendary Pokémon is allowed if discussed with the GM beforehand, but capturing them is strictly forbidden.

Nice to meet you, trainer! Now, let’s battle!

Characters are free to interact with eachother and, save for certain set NPCs (such as Gym Leaders, Elite Four members and Lyra/Ethan), the creation of NPCs is allowed. You may create a rival, a childhood friend, relatives. You have complete freedom as far as creating and interacting with NPCs goes.

We’re law abiding citizens. We promise!

1. PokeCommunity rules apply.
2. The GMs have the last word on most (read as all) matters.
3. Be courteous and nice.
4. God-modding and powerplaying are forbidden and frowned upon. Bunnying is only permitted if the person in question allowed it, otherwise, it’s just as forbidden and frowned upon.
5. Try to avoid making your character into a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Perfection is overrated anyways.
6. Be careful not to interfere with another character’s challenging of a Gym Leader/ Elite Four member. Only one person can challenge a Gym Leader/Elite Four member at a time.
7. This RP is rated T for Teen. The use of strong language and sexual references is strictly forbidden.

I wanna play too! Can I?
(Sign-Up Sheet)

Your sign-up sheet must contain the following information:

Pokégear Choice:
Starter Pokémon:
Short description of your Pokémon’s traits and personality:
Roleplay Sample:

The Roleplay Sample must reflect the circumstances your character and their starter Pokémon met under and what motivated your character to go on a Pokémon journey.

I am the law!
(Game Masters)

[Supporter]Orianna[/Supporter] and Genesis

You’re part of my world!
(Accepted Characters)

1. Mina Akimoto- [Supporter] Orianna[/Supporter]
2. Izzy "Doc" Sato- [SUPPORTER]TheZenTraveler[/SUPPORTER]
3. Jonathan Hanoma- Black Ninetales
4. Miriam "Millie" Jeremiah- Fuyu
5. Josh "Lakitu" Hirosan- LakituBroz
6. Alex Blake- Genesis
7. Kieran "Kiki"- DemonicWolf
8. Evelyn Green- ShaymieTheShaymin
9. 'Captain' Theia Aethers- PkMn Trainer Yellow
10. Serah Maxwell- Alby4t5
11. Clair Morelle- DADICE
12. Ilia Meredith Jones- Mochika Rage



Johto Generation IV Pokédex- Elaitenstile
PokéGear Sprites- Ominn on DeviantArt
Johto/Kanto Map- SirDreamWorks on DeviantArt
Background image for the CSS- taken from here
Cianwood Complex Picture- AlvinHew on DeviantArt
Gen I-V Pokémon Sprites- Pokecheck
Gen VI Pokémon Sprites- Pokemondb
Professor Lyra's drawing- [Supporter]LilJz[/Supporter]
Lilly's art-taken from here
Gym Leader Michael- Lotadd on DeviantArt

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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And here's my SU ^-^

Mina Akimoto





PokéGear Choice



Mina is a girl that doesn't stand out too much through her appearance (but rather her personality). She's barely five feet tall and everyone in her family, except for her nine year old sister is a lot taller than her. Her long, soft, chestnut hair falls loose past her shoulders and stops in soft curls along her hips. She'll often braid a couple of her hairlocks in three-part braids and tie pretty red, silk ribbons at the ends. Her round face ends up in a slightly pointy chin and her forehead is always covered by slightly messy bangs that barely reach her top eyelids. Her eyes are neatly outlined by long, thick eyelashes and her thin eyebrows, hidden by her bangs most of the time, sport the same chestnut colour as her beautiful hair. Unlike most her family members that are slightly on the heavy side, due to various reasons (mostly hereditary), Mina is pretty lean and quite frail-looking.

Style-wise, Mina prefers wearing girly outfits and anything that she deems cute or adorable. Her usual outfits consist of knee-length dresses that may or may not have frills and bows on them, short- sleeved cotton jackets that almost always have frilly collars and puffy sleeves. She prefers matching her outfits with pretty-looking flats, but she sometimes goes out of her way and wears sneakers, but only if she's supposed to walk a lot. She always carries around a purple raincoat and matching purple boots for when it's raining and a pink, hand-made, wool scarf can be found stored neatly in a pocket, right next to a few pairs of tights that she wears during winter. An adorable pair of hand-made wool mitts match the scarf she's so proud of.

Her favorite accesories seem to be the various silk bows she ties in her hair and chokers, usually matching her dress colour. She wears no earrings as she often says that they're "utterly annoying and unnecesary" and she rarely hapens to wear any sort of bracelet or ring. She sometimes replaces the silk bows in her hair with a colourful scarf, but only if it's extremely windy or if she feels cold.

For her journey, Mina opted for an adorable pink dress with frills on the front and a white short-sleeved, cotton jacket with a frilly collar and some strings in the front that the girl tied into a pretty bow. The usual red, silk ribbons hold her three-part braids together and a cute pink and red choker is neatly wrapped around her neck. A pair of pink flats with red bows on the front were her choice of footwear, but she neatly packed away, right next to her purple rain boots, a pair of pink and black hiking sneakers. For sleeping purposes, she neatly packed away a pair of long, blue, sweatpants that she matches with a long-sleeved hooded sweatshirt that has adorable Skitty ears on the hood. The backpack she went for is a rather large red hiking backpack with plenty of different pockets, offering her enough room for a couple of changesof clothes, as well as any items she might need in her travels. She handpicked a teal sleeping bag on which she handpainted various Pokemon sleeping and the tent she decided to buy was large enough to fit at least two other people, promptly telling her mother that it's "better to be safe than sorry".


Mina is an extremely cheerful person. She's quite gullible and easily-impressed, but despite all that, she has great instincts and a keen eye for details and that's what got her out of many sticky situations. She's quite good at beating about the bush, but, at the same time, she's pretty impulsive and she might lose her temper and snap, if the person she's interacting with tries stretching her already thin patience. She can get quite competitive at times and she can be hot-headed. She rarely says no to a challenge and she'll get out of her comfort zone at times, just to try and win.

At times, Mina can be much like a fizzy drink, exploding when you least expect it. She easily gets flustered and angry at the same time, especially if anyone makes any comments on her height or calls her "Shorty" which is a generic, but accurate nickname her family gave her, due to being the shortest in the family.

She loves Pokemon and can't stand seeing them suffer. She'd often bring home stray Pokemon as a kid and get scolded for it, because she used to get so attached to some of them that she'd often outright refuse letting them go once her family found them a loving family or a place to stay.

Mina can be as childish as she looks at times, especially when it comes to food or candy. She's a bit of a glutton and she'll never pass up on any kind of food that looks delicious. She refuses sharing her sweets in particular and she will only do it if the person in question is in such a poor state that she feels bad about them.

Starter Pokemon

Chibi (♀)
  • Ember
  • Astonish
  • Minimize
  • Smog

Short description of your Pokemon’s traits and personality

Chibi is a lot like her trainer. She's extremely playful and quite mischievous at times. She's as naive as her trainer and, unlike Mina, she lacks the great instincts and the eye for details. She depends a lot on Mina and can act just like a spoiled child if not given enough attention. She can get quite competitive if another Pokemon seems to be snatching her trainer's attention and would go as far as to sap the life energy out of the "intruder". She has a hard time accepting other Pokemon around Mina, but there's some she instantly feels connected to and that she eventually allows in the presence of her trainer.

Despite being easily impressed and naive, Chibi isn't one to trust strangers and will always retaliate with an attack against every attempt to be handled by anyone other than Mina. That's why, her trainer has to always either be present while Nurse Joy examines her or call the Pokemon back into its Pokeball.

Chibi hates her Pokeball because she fears that Mina might one day forget to call her back out or that she might start prefering another Pokemon over her so, if ever called inside, she'll pop back out and refuse to go back in, choosing to run off and hide for a while, until Mina gives up on trying to call her inside.

Mina allows Chibi to feed off her life energy every once in a while, but the Pokemon feels really bad about it and often refuses to do it, prefering to sneakily sap away some from nearby Pokemon or people.

Roleplay Sample

"I'm off to the Safari Zone, Mom!" Mina shouted excitedly as she slipped into her flats and dashed towards the door.

"Ok then, dear, take care! And don't bring any Pokemon home, you hear me?" her mother shouted from the kitchen. "Be back in time for dinner!"

Mina was already running towards Route 47, right west of town. She loved going at the Safari Zone and watching all the people and Pokemon around. She had been visiting the Safari Zone at least twice a week for the past three years now and all the staff was used to her constant visits. She became so widely known among them that word of the young, regular custommer, reached the Warden's ears so he decided to give her free access into the area whenever she could not afford to pay the entrance fee. She was nice enough to bring everyone Lemonade and Dumplings as thanks whenever she couldn't pay the entrance fee, though, so that made it quite fair for both parties.

As she was making her way along Route 47, clouds started gathering on the sky, slowly, but surely, covering the sun and the wind picked up. The girl started shaking, as the breeze turned colder and wrapped her arms around herself to stay warm. As she went on, the thunder started roaring and she could soon see lightning dashing across the sky. In a matter of minutes, rain started pourring and Mina had to give up on her visit to the Safari Zone and head back home.

As she turned around and was about to start running back home, she heard a faint cry coming from the trees nearby, on Route 48. She stopped in her tracks and listened carefully. The faint cry reached her again and the girl was soon running towards the source. She soon reached what seemed to be the source of the cries but could see nothing. She looked around and carefully listened again.

"Wiiiiick!" the faint cry reached her once again.

This time, she was closer so she immediately realized that the cry was coming from a huge tree to her right. She went over and looked around once more. On the ground, at her feet, she saw a small, white, candle-like Pokemon that looked up at her with its big, yellow eyes. She immediately got on her knees and tried to pick up the Pokemon but it immediately used Smog. It was, however, weak so it was more of a puff than of the actual move, so the pokemon cowered in fear.

Mina gently picked it up and noticed that it had no flame and that it was breathing heavily. She held the Pokemon close at her chest and started running home, holding the small creature close, trying to keep it warm.

The Pokemon looked up, trying to understand the human and not knowing what to expect. It was really scared, but, somehow, it felt safer in the girl's arms than under that tree, in the rain.

Mina reached home faster than it took her to get to Route 48 and pushed the door open, threw her flats off her feet and ran straight to her room where she grabbed a pillow and a blanket and placed them on an armchair, after which she wrapped the Pokemon in the blanket and went to the kitchen to grab some food she could feed it.

Her worried mother decided to follow her, as the girl would not answer any of the questions she'd been asking since her arrival and was extremely upset to find out that her daughter had brought home a Pokemon again.

"Young lady, what did I tell you when you left earlier, huh?" she asked in an angry tone.

"I don't have time for this now, mom, please!" Mina pleaded then sat next to the armchair and tried feeding the weak pokemon before her, but to no avail. It was too weak to eat and too scared to even move.

The girl's mother shook her head and left the room while letting her daughter know that she was disappointed.

Mina ignored her mother's words and tried feeding the Pokemon once more.

"Come on, you can do it!" she encouraged the little creature, but it let out a soft cry and closed its eyes, sighing deeply.

The worried girl dashed downstairs and grabbed the Phone and dialed the number of the Cianwood City PokeLab.

"Hello?" a mild woman's voice spoke on the other end.

"Hello! Professor Lyra?" a worried Mina said between sobs.

"Yes, who is it?" Lyra asked worriedly.

"It's Akimoto Mina. You've got to help me!" the girl said and then rapidly explained what happened.

She knew nothing of the Pokemon she picked up and the only one she dared asking was Lyra, the Pokemon Professor.

"What you have there is a Litwick" Lyra said then read the info she had on it to a concerned Mina that quicky started writing everything down.

After a good 15 minutes, Mina finally knew what to do so she thanked the Professor and ran back to her room. She had found out that Litwick need to feed of life energy for their flame to light up and that it would feel better after doing so. She was scared, but she had no other choice so she softly caressed the creature before her and spoke to it in a soft voice:

"I know you need to feed of life energy to feel better so I'll offer you some of mine. Please, take as much as you need." she pleaded and the weak Litwick looked at the girl, curiosity lurking in its yellow eyes. "Do it, please!" Mina went on and closed her eyes as she mentally prepared for any sort of possible pain.

The tiny Litwick realized that the girl was being serious so it proceeded to sap away at her life energy, just enough for its flame to light back up and for it to feel better again.

A now tired Mina now collapsed next to the armchair, her head resting softly on the pillow, next to the Pokemon she had rescued.

When she woke up the next day, she discovered that she was wearing her pyjamas and was in her own bed, with Litwick watching her closely from the nightstand nearby. The girl was happy that the Pokemon was all better so she ran downstairs to give her parents the good news, only to find out that Professor Lyra had paid them a visit the previous night, explaining the situation to her parents and that they agreed to let Mina keep the Pokemon for as long as she wanted to.

That day, Mina cheerfully asked the Litwick if it wanted to be her partner and friend and, after it said yet, the girl caught it with a Pokeball her mother gave her that the Professor had given them just in case. To Mina's surprise, soon after capture, Litwick popped out of its Pokeball on its own and refused to go back ever since.

The two became the bestest of friends and had been for over two years. In those two years, Mina found out that Litwick was female and decided to nickname her Chibi and, as the two grew closer together, the girl decided that when sheturned 15, she would go on her own pokemon Journey, to discover the mysteries of Johto and meet all sorts of Pokemon.

Now that she had Chibi, her partner, she was ready to take on the world.

CSS by Kranic

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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Alex Blake





Pokegear Choice:


He is rather tall as he stands at 5'9" for his age. Thanks to spending various troublesome hours working out, he has quite a well built body. Nathan doesn't really like to dress all formally as he finds this to be really troublesome and boring to death. Thus, you'll find him wearing casual outfits such as a plain white shirt, black jeans and black sneakers. Sometimes, he even wears a jacket or a hoodie if it's cold.


Alex is one of the laziest person you could potentially meet on Earth. He's almost always relaxing somewhere instead of doing things he should. A huge procrastinator, he always do things at the last minute yet he still manages to get them done fairly well. Despite being a huge lazy bum, he's always up for some challenge. Pokemon battles are probably the only things that motivate him to be less lazy and to train more. He is a kind and friendly guy who won't hesitate to lend a hand to people in need of help. He cares a lot about his friends and would even go as far as to risk his life to protect them. He likes to laugh and smile thus he isn't one to be really depressed.

Despite being lazy, he can be quite competitive if he is challenged by someone. When he's beaten, he trains non-stop until he's able to take revenge upon his loss. He's also quick to anger, snapping out for any little things and ready to fight. Nathan's not a good thinker, he prefers acts over thoughts or discussions. Thus, he's quick to react without thinking about it first.

Starter Pokémon:

Daze ♂

→ Scratch

→ Ember
→ Growl

Short description of your Pokémon’s traits and personality:

Unlike his master, Blaze is a competitive and hyperactive Pokemon. Never complaining about battles or training, that's the things he likes to do more. He's not a very social Pokemon as he doesn't other people to caress him, doesn't really like to play with other Pokemons and is only at ease with his trainer. Blaze also is a very jealous Pokemon as he likes to be his trainer's all-time favorite. Thus, he doesn't really like when other Pokemons mesmerize Nathan and will do anything to get better than them.

Roleplay Sample:

As usual, he was on the flower fields, resting on his back while watching the clouds in the sky. He found this hobby to be really relaxing and he didn't have to do something troublesome for it. That was quite a good activity that allowed him to rest his soul and to be lazy at his heart's content without getting yelled at for it. Seriously why did his parents have to be so boring and encourage him to be productive.

"Meh, productivity is for the weak. I shall continue to be lazy."

And he liked to talk to himself too. Talking to others required too much energy sometimes, energy that he didn't always have so he preferred to be alone. He was alone most of the time anyway. Apparently, he was too lazy for the others. They don't know what they're missing as he was a fabulous person. And yes, he's quite full of himself if you couldn't already see that. He was going to stay there for a little bit more, he was feeling too good to just get up and leave plus, going at his house right now required effort, an effort he wasn't willing to do yet.

Or that's what he thought. In a few minutes, the beautiful blue sky darkened signaling the approach of the rain. But he still didn't feel like leaving, hoping the rain would stop without even starting. But his hopes were crushed as some drops of rain smashed on his face. Oh, how troublesome that was! He sighed before standing. The rain was starting to go strong so he couldn't go home yet. He looked around and noticed a huge tree a little near him. That would do it plus he'd be able to lay on the tree so that's a win-win situation for him. Once again, destiny had other plans for him. As soon as he approached, he heard a faint growl.

"Uh, what's that sound?"

He looked around but didn't see anything so he thought that was his constantly spinning mind. He paid down and closed his eyes. But then, he heard the sound again. That couldn't be his imagination. He got up, much to his dismay, and proceeded to carefully examine each part of the tree. Then, hiding in a corner, he noticed a little Charmander. He tried to pat the Pokemon but it tried to attack him.

"Careful little dude, I'm not gonna hurt you."

Another thing he noticed was that the little Pokemon was injured. Who had the heart to do this to a Pokemon? That was just evil. He promised that he'd do everything in his power to help the little dude out. He tried approaching the Pokemon very carefully. It took some tries but the Charmander finally let him at least touch his head. Meanwhile the rain had started but it was starting to get dark so he'd have to go home very soon. But he wouldn't leave without the little dude.

"Hey little boy, I'm not leaving you like this so let's get you healed up at my house."

After some moments of thinking, the Charmander made a nodding noise and jumped in his hands. Alex grinned and started to run in direction of his house. Once he arrived there, he was expecting questions and his mother asking him to get rid of the Pokemon but what happened surprised him. They were happy to see he finally got one and he'd keep him at one condition : go on a Pokemon adventure. He accepted and thus his long companionship with the Charmander, that he nicknamed Daze, started.

Placeholder for now.
|| ||


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Name: Curtis Moore
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokégear Choice: Matrix


Curtis can best be described as looking rather ordinary. He's a fairly lanky 5'9" boy with blue eyes behind rectangular-framed glasses and dirty blond hair going down to his neck that likes to settle as a complete mess. As a result, it's usually hidden under a gray snap-back cap. He wears a red t-shirt and a black pair of jeans, as well as a pair of black sneakers. He carries a white-and-red bag similar to what most Pokémon Trainers have to hold items.


Curtis will do anything he wants to as long as there isn't a good reason not to; he lives off of split-second decision-making and will refuse to show regret for anything he's done. Even if he knows he's made a mistake, he'll weasel his way out of it any way he can. He's not much of a talker, and will mostly ignore anyone who he really doesn't want to interact with, no matter how rude or eccentric he comes off as.

He's fascinated by anything unusual, and will go out of his way to investigate it; however, he does like to stay well within his comfort zone and has more than enough common sense not to end up in a bad situation. He's also a very logical thinker, and if there's any convention that he sees flaw in, he won't hesitate to voice his opinion.

Starter Pokémon: Buizel (female)

Short description of your Pokémon’s traits and personality:

Curtis' Buizel is a very enthusiastic and bold fighter, not even caring what opponent she's up against. She's somewhat of a glass cannon, delivering loads of force but easily taken out by her opponent. After losing, she's still ready to get back up and try again, regardless of how bad the loss was. She also loves how warm Johto is compared to her native region of Sinnoh.

Roleplay Sample:

Curtis Moore was on a ferry. It was a ferry that took people between Olivine and Cianwood, and he was going to the latter, completely on a whim - after all, he had nothing better to do that day. He hadn't been to Cianwood City in quite a while, and as he stood on the deck watching the wake behind him, he pondered what he would do once he got there.

Curtis always enjoyed Cianwood city; it felt like the good part of his hometown in Olivine stretched out over an entire city. He stepped off of the boat and took a look around. He was at a harbor, naturally, and buildings stood a couple hundred feet in front. To one side was a beach, and an airplane soared overhead. He took a look towards the beach and noticed something odd; there was a Pokémon there. It didn't look like one native to the Johto region, and it seemed hurt. Curtis rushed over to it without a second thought, almost falling a few times as the sand gave way to his sneakers. Taking a closer look, the Pokémon was an orange weasel-like creature that had probably picked a fight with a Krabby and lost. Quickly checking his Pokégear for the location of the nearest Pokémon center, Curtis picked up the creature and dashed to his destination.

The mysterious Pokémon flopped down on the Pokémon Center's counter as gently as Curtis could make it.

"I found this Pokémon washed up on the beach," he explained, "Could you help it, please?"

The nurse on the other side gave her usual professional smile. "Yes we can. If you'll come back in about three or four hours, it should be fully healed."

"Alright, thanks!"

"Thank you!"

As he exited the Center, Curtis noticed that the Cianwood Pokémon Lab was only a few buildings away, and decided to get some information on that Pokémon he found.

He entered the Lab, and the noise of the city around him instantly vanished; in its place were the whirring of fans and the clicking of keyboards, but they were relatively peaceful compared to what was outside. Professor Lyra was on the other side of the room. They exchanged greetings, and Curtis started to ask about the creature he had found on the beach.

He was informed that it was a Buizel; a water-type native to the Sinnoh region, and not supposed to be where it was. Lyra also explained the oddities going on in Johto, and the situation with the Pokémon poachers. It all ended with Curtis agreeing to help investigate what was going on.

A few hours later, he arrived back in the Pokémon Center, and left with his new Buizel in tow, going back to the harbor and getting on the ferry back to Olivine. After all, he was finally going to go on a Pokémon adventure.

(sorry about how rushed the second half of the sample was; I've been having trouble writing lately)


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Ok, reserved your PokéGear ^^

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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May I reserve?

Name: Hikaru Morioka

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pokegear Choice: Team Rocket Edition


Hikaru is a slim young trainer standing at 5'7, and has long black hair extending past her shoulders. Her eye color is red, due to her contacts which she prefers over her glasses. She is always seen in this outfit, seemingly never to have changed it except the color of the tie. She wears a black, short skirt, and wears knee-high black socks with black sneakers. She has pale skin, and has a rounded face. When she smiles her dimples are visible.

Personality: Energetic and excitable, Hikaru let's nothing stand in her way. She is bold and blunt, and is not afraid to state your flaws in front of you. She loves being honest, and is not afraid to trash-talk her enemies. She is kind and compassionate, often taking the health of others before her own. She loves pokèmon, but is terribly afraid of Caterpie ever since the age of eleven when she met Cynder. She loves to win, and is a horrific loser, often challenging you too a re-match when you least expect it. Hikaru loves to battle, and is often challenging the first person she can find.

Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil[Cynder] ♂

Short description of your Pokémon’s traits and personality:
Cynder is a very special pokèmon with blue flames. Cynder is bold and true, proven by the fact he's not afraid to take on a water type. He is prideful, and hates to lose as does his trainer. Cynder loves to battle, and is quick to impress Hikaru. Together with his trainer he thinks he's unstoppable.

Roleplay Sample:
Hikaru walked through the city, awaiting the call from her mom to come home. Wonder why she's late.. Hikaru thought to herself.

"Oh, well! The longer she takes the more time I've got." She cheered.

As she went deeper into the city, she came across the woulds. Easy thing to walk through, but crawling with pokèmon. Mom said not to go in there without a Pokèmon of my own... But.. She smirked and went to the entrance.

Hikaru walked through the forest, eventually finding a hoard of Caterpie.

"Wow..." She murmured, taking a step closer.

She stepped on a branch, which snapped, causing the angry Caterpie hoard to use string shot. All tied up, she cried for help, but she was too deep within for anyone to hear her.

"Mom, help me!" She cried, trying to rip the string.

The hoard charged, and just when she began to cry a string of flames burst between her and the hoard. "Cynnn!" Called a pokèmon.

Now I'll be burned? Perfect! She began to lose hope when a small flame burned the strings, and when she looked up, there was a Cyndaquil standing protectively in front of her. She scrambled to her feet as the now terrified Caterpie hurried off. "Cyn, Cynda!" Called the flame mouse. Cyndaquil nudged her leg, and began to walk off. It's weak.. But it protected me. She thought, drying the tears in her eyes.

"C-Cyndaquil, wait!" Hikaru called, taking an oran berry from her pouch.

"Y-You can have it if you want?" She said with a smile.

The Cyndaquil turned to the berry, and approached Hikaru slowly before taking the berry.

After that, Hikaru would continuously vist the forest, bringing the Cyndaquil berries and snacks. Until one day she gave it a name.

"You need a name." She said, handing the Cyndaquil a berry.

"Cynda." It replied.

"Is it okay if I call you Cynder?" Hikaru asked, patting the Cydaquils back.

"Cyn, Cyndaquil!" It said with a nod of approval.

The next day Cynder would follow Hikaru home, and the next, and the next. Until finally she bought a pokeball and captured it. Soon enough she was given a a call by the famous Professor Lyra, and given the opportunity of a new journey. And a new task:

Make a friend of all pokèmon.
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Sure, but you forgot to reserve a PokéGear xD
I know Nathan wants the red one cause we talked about all of this before the thread was even up xD
But you guys need to reserve a PokéGear since there's only one of each for every player xD

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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Reservation Please! I'll work on this over the course of this weekend.

Name: Savanna Forester
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokégear Choice: Silver

Savanna is slim and of average height, about 5' 6" tall. She has long, straight, white hair that reaches down her back. She doesn't usually play around with it, preferring to just brush it in the morning and put a headband in it to keep it under control. She generally wears a solemn expression, and avoids heavy make-up. She dislikes flashy clothing, opting for modest shirts and dresses over most other things.

For her journey, she packed weather-resistant clothing, as well as options for cold or hot temperatures. She also has several pairs of shoes, though not enough to make her pack too heavy to carry.

Personality: Savanna was raised by very traditional parents, and still keeps most of the old Johto customs. She is often very formal, especially to strangers and adults, and keeps a somber expression in most situations. This isn't to say that she can't have fun, and she does smile frequently, but on the whole she is a very quite individual. She enjoys calm surroundings, not enjoying the loud monstrosities like Goldenrod has become. She enjoys spending time in the ancient towers spread across the Johto region, as well as the Ruins of Alph.

Starter Pokémon: Honedge
Short description of your Pokémon’s traits and personality: Honedge is... a sword. He doesn't really have any external expressions, and rarely even make noise. However, Savanna and Honedge have concocted a form of communication involving Honedge vibrating his blade in certain ways. Honedge does have emotions though, even if he doesn't often show them. For example, he is fiercely loyal to Savanna and won't let any harm come to her.

Roleplay Sample:

Savanna walked carefully through the remains of the Burnt Tower. The smell of ash and smoke permeated the air, even though there hadn't been a fire here for over a century. The tower was empty today, a result of it being winter. The air was cold, but Savanna was well-bundled against the frigid temperatures. She was here alone, her parents had business in town and had left her to her own devices for the day. Savanna had taken the opportunity to explore the Burnt Tower without tourists milling about everywhere.

She stepped carefully. The floor was weak, and was constantly creaking. There were also numerous holes scattered across the floor, and Savanna made sure to avoid them. She reached the ladder that descended to the basement and went down it. The electric lights had been disabled during the off season, but enough sunlight filtered through that Savanna had an easy time seeing where she was going. Glancing to the right, she saw an odd pile of stones that looked as if they had been piled there purposefully.

Walking over to the pile of stones, she saw that they were blocking an opening. Moving some of the stones aside, she beheld a long tunnel with a pile of rubble at the back. The opening was fairly short, and Savanna had to crouch to walk inside. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this, she pondered. The ceiling could come down on top of her for all she knew. Then she shook off the idea. If the cavern was going to collapse, it would have done so before right? That's what she was going with anyway.

She walked forward, and reached the rubbish pile in the back. It was mostly stones, though they seemed to be covering something. Savanna moved some of them aside and was surprised to see a sword lying underneath the stones. She was even more shocked when an eye opened on the sword. The sword, now revealed to be a Honedge, shook pebbles off of itself and ascended into the air. It used it's arm to pat Savanna on the shoulder, and made a humming noise. Savanna was timid. "Are... Are you okay? Were you trapped in here?"

The Honedge seemed to nod. It then floated towards the exit. Savanna followed it, not quite sure what to do next. "Do... Do you belong to anyone? Is there somewhere you want to go?" The Honedge turned. It swayed left to right, almost like a human shaking their head. It then turned to keep going, but got blasted by a jet of fire.

A Magmar had found them. Famous for protecting their breeding grounds, this one must have set up shop in the Burnt Tower. Savanna rushed forward, shielding Honedge with her body. "Go away!" she shouted. "We're not after your eggs. Go! Leave us ALONE!" This last word was more of a scream, but Savanna wasn't about to let anything happen to this Pokemon. The Honedge slowly rose from the ground, moving to stand next to Savanna.

The Magmar was too timid to face this screaming behemoth. There wasn't any need for it to be here anyway. It just wanted to blow off some steam, but that obviously wasn't going to happen. So it turned and left, walking into the woods behind the tower.

Honedge turned to Savanna and bobbed up and down. They left together, and Savanna convinced her parents to let her keep it. They formed their own means of communication, and have remained together since.


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Dark, you missed the Silver PokéGear by a few seconds I guess xD

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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Sure ^^ Rocket PokéGear it is ^^
Sorry about the whole messup and stuff >u<

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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Oh, if you guys got any questions and stuff, feel free to ask o.o
I'll do my best to answer them ^^

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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Can I reserve for a blue pokegear? :3

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Can I reserve for a blue pokegear? :3
Of course you can ^-^

About catching wild Pokèmon:
Do we determine the captures ourselves or is it the GM's decision?
The capture will be determined by the GM. Your post must end on the capture attempt.
You may choose the wild Pokémon's moves, but its ability and its gender will be determined by the GM upon capture, ifthe capture succeeds.

Was that good enough of an explanation? ^-^

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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O course it was! Okay then, so what do you do when facing an NCP trainer? (Yes, I'm full of questions.) ^v^
Well, if the NPC Trainer meeting was introduced in your IC by the GM, then it will most likely be a battle. As far as the Trainer NPCs created by the RPers, it is their decision what's to happen next as long as battles are kept fair (your character can't always win) and the Pokédollars rewards are reasonable.
I'll most likely make a list of Pokédollar rewards for most of the places throughout Johto once the IC is up.

May I reserve the Bleeder PokeGear style?
The Bleeder PokéGear is yours ^^

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.

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Name: Anduin Llane
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokégear Choice: Ice
5''8 with short light brown hair, but most of the time not visible because of his tuque that he always wear. Caramel colored skin and is always seen with a blue sweater over his white t-shirt, wears gray sweatpants and blue running shoes for comfort wear. Wears a pair of glasses. Always have his trusty backpack with him.

Mostly quiet and doesn't say much. Usually very nice but can get very mad very quickly when provoked. Very competitive and never backs down from a challenge. Cares a lot about his friend and Pokemon, and would be ready to do anything for them. Hates seeing Pokemon getting mistreated and it could make him very mad.

Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil

Short description of your Pokémon’s traits and personality: Very tough and competitive which makes him hate losing. Loves training and thinks himself of a protector to his other Pokemon comrades.
Roleplay Sample:
Anduin was running laps across the beach in Cianwood city. Being the fitness addict he is.

As the sunset was starting to rise, Anduin decided it was time to go back home. On his way back, he heard a faint noise coming behind a rock. Anduin decided to give a look to see what was behind it. To his surprised, he noticed an injured Mareep. Anduin decided to quickly head over to the Herb Shop to get some medicine to the weak Pokemon.

With the medicine in hand, Anduin rushed to the aid of Mareep. But arrived there, he noticed a Pokemon Poacher trying to capture the weak Mareep without it's consent.

'"Get away from that Pokemon!" yelled Anduin.

"Huh? Don't tell me what to do, you little punk. I capture whatever I want" replied the Pokemon Poacher.

The Pokemon Poacher threw a Pokeball and a Ledian came out. Since Anduin wasn't a Pokemon trainer, Anduin didn't have a single Pokemon with him.

"What's wrong? Don't have your own Pokemon?" said the Pokemon Poacher and giggled at Anduin.

"Ledian, Razor Leaf!" commanded the Pokemon Poacher.

As the attack was about to hit Anduin, a burst of flame burnt the leaves.

"What?! What happened?!" asked the Poacher.

All of a sudden, a wandering Cyndaquil came down the cliff. Cyndaquil didn't like seeing a Pokemon getting hurt and mistreated. He was angry towards the Pokemon Poacher.

"Looks like I have an ally now, and now we're going to stop you from stealing that poor Pokemon." Said Anduin.

Ledian and Cyndaquil entered a heated battle. Ledian was obviously more skilled than Cyndaquil in terms of battling, but with Cyndaquil's anger and type advantage, it wasn't long before Cyndaquil took the upper hand of the battle and made the Ledian faint.

"No, Ledian! Come back!" The Poacher said worryingly.

"Ugh, this is definitely not my day..." said the Poacher before running away from Anduin and Cyndaquil.

"Okay, Cyndaquil, let's get this Mareep to the Pokemon Center!" said Anduin.

Anduin carried Mareep all the way to the Pokemon Center with Cyndaquil following him by his side. After giving the Mareep to Nurse Joy, Anduin and Cyndaquil exited the Pokemon Center and stood right in front of it.

"You were amazing, Cyndaquil. You defeated an evolved Pokemon and with complete ease" Anduin said smilingly

Cyndaquil smiled and nodded.

"Well I've got to head home now, Cyndaquil. It's getting pretty late" said Anduin as he walked home and waved to Cyndaquil.

As he walked home and turned around, he noticed the Cyndaquil wasn't there anymore. He then looked down and noticed the Cyndaquil right beside him following him.

"Huh? You wanna stay with me, Cyndaquil?" asked Anduin

Cyndaquil nodded.

"Well then, I never had my own Pokemon, you'll be my first. I'll name you Wildfire" said Anduin in complete excitement.

Thus, the dynamic duo of Anduin and Wildfire was born.
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Not sure if I'm supposed to reserve a spot first before I post this but whatever. This is my Character.

Name: Gideon Slate
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokégear Choice: Gold

Gideon has an average build and he just about reaches six feet. He most commonly wears a scarlet red and bright cyan flannel shirt coupled with a jet black undershirt and overplayed with a black winter vest. His entire upper ensemble suspects colder weather but can be easily stripped down when in warmer climates. He has a pair of frayed tan pants that have stitching sat the bottom as if they were crudely cut off in order to make them fit better. As well as some seemingly expensive white running shoes, they look nice but at the same time durable, perfect for traveling long distances. He has white skin, not pasty but not tanned either, with the exception of his lower arms and legs which are more commonly exposed. He wears thick rimmed black glasses, which he will usually take on and off throughout the course of the day depending on how much he needs them, along with relatively short dirty blond hair with varying shades of brown. Most of the time his hair forms nicely without the need for a brush or comb.

Gideon has always been a very genuine and forgiving person, he is hesitant to form long lasting relationships with people or Pokemon however when he does, he always is very kind and acts as a true friend. He understands that people have different views and beliefs than him, and tries his hardest not to offend others or cause a scene. As a result he usually keeps his feelings and thoughts inside if he feels that their will be a conflict, or if he isn't comfortable with sharing things about himself. Gideon is in no way a shy or mistrusting person but he prefers solitude much more than the average person, and will usually actively seek time to be alone. He enjoys battling with Pokemon, but he has always considered himself to be a renaissance man, as in he has never been really good at any one thing, battling included, but rather he has been okay or decent at many things. Some of his favorite non Pokemon related activities are singing and writing short stories.

Starter Pokémon:
Tauros (Male)

Short description of your Pokémon’s traits and personality:
Tauros is strong and proud. He will never admit defeat and will always try his hardest when battling. Tauros enjoys roaming through fields and other open areas and absolutely loves battling other pokemon. Together Tauros and Gideon have a truly powerful relationship together. Tauros would sacrifice nearly anything to make sure that his friend is successful in his journey to become a renowned Pokemon trainer, just as Gideon would do the same in order to allow to Tauros to become a truly powerful Pokemon. Tauros is gentle and docile when not engaged in battle, however when he is sent out against another Pokemon, he changes his mood completely, he is aggressive, fierce, and unrelenting. Tauros is the definition of a fighter will certainly become a powerhouse on Gideon's Pokemon team.

Roleplay Sample:
It had only been a couple weeks since had Gideon had moved from his previous home in Saffron City in Kanto, to Cianwood City. Saffron was larger and more developed however, not by a significant amount, making it relatively easy to adjust to his new surroundings. Still he missed all of his friends and extended family that remained back home in Saffron. The reason for the sudden move was because of Johto's current demand for architectural and technological development which had been a source of controversy amongst the older population of Johto for some time. His mother was an architect and his father was an engineer, both of the used to work for Sliph Co. in Saffron, however they transferred over to Johto because of a promise of higher wages and new living arrangements, Gideon couldn't blame his parents for their choice, if he was in their position he would've done the same thing.

Gideon decided to leave home while his parents were out at work, and go visit the Safari Zone, he had long been interested in Pokemon but had never owned one for himself, nevertheless he was still very intent on some day going on a Pokemon journey and challenging the Pokemon league. His parents always said they would support any decision he made as far as what he wanted to do with his life, and now with all of his ambitions fueling his mind, and the Safari Zone so close to his home in Cianwood, he decided that he would go there and try to capture a Pokemon. He traveled through the route necessary to get to the Safari Zone, paid the entrance fee and was subsequently given a satchel filled safari balls and Pokemon food, which were necessary for capturing Pokemon inside. The guards let him in, and he entered into a dense, sprawling mass of land, filled with various types of Pokemon and numerous trainers as well.

Gideon trekked through the Safari Zone for some time, he encountered a multitude of Pokemon, however most of them either didn't peak his interest, or we're too difficult for him to capture with safari balls and Pokemon food alone, as he was a novice in virtually all aspects of the Pokemon capturing process. It might have been easier if he been able to get his own Pokemon from outside and use it, however using your own Pokemon inside the Safari Zone was not allowed. Eventaully he found his way to an open field and spotted a Tauros a little farther out. While most of the other pokemon were with their own kind, this Tauros was not, it was alone. The Tauros looked menacing at first glance, it sported numerous scars and injuries, probably from repeated capture attempts, it also seemed much larger and bulkier than the other Tauros in the area which seemed to stay away from this one.

In a way, Gideon could sympathize with the Tauros, he had always been alone too and he had always been slightly different from his peers. Closer inspection on the Tauros, after moving up towards it revealed it's true nature. Eventually, Gideon, crept up near the Tauros until he was finally spotted, the Pokemon noticed him, turned to face him and prepared for a fight. Many trainers that come to the Safari Zone use rocks to pacify the Pokemon the want to capture, Gideon realized that is probably how the Tauros revived his injuries. Gideon knew that in a battle of brute force he would not be able to win over this Pokemon, he knew that this Tauros had seen many other Pokemon, trainers, and poachers alike come and attempt to challenge or capture it because of its raw power. Gideon wanted to help this Tauros control it's strength and use it in a positive manner for regulated Pokemon battling, and he wanted to free it of its eternal struggle here.

Gideon knew what had to be done. He approached the Tauros carefully, as it stood its ground and prepared to attack. Gideon did not change his posture and continued to move slowly and instead of attempting to capture it, or lure it in with bait, or weaken it with stones, Gideon just stood there in front of the Tauros, knelt down and began to stroke it's main. Gideon had an unforeseen connection with this Pokemon, a connection which allowed the two, to lower their guards and converse together as equals. The Tauros was strong, and although he loved the thrill of battling he had been worn down after years of fighting amongst other Pokemon in the Safari Zone and failed capture attempts from trainers that came here. The Tauros wanted to be restored, but it also needed a method of continuing to battle freely. Gideon offered him this, and the two understood each other, only as partners can. Gideon reached for a safari ball, and captured the Tauros inside of it. There was no resistance, the giant, battle ravaged Tauros went with Gideon peacefully.

It has been several months since Gidoen and Tauros' first encounter. They've both recovered and have gotten stronger together as a team. Gideon now hopes that with a powerful Pokemon and supportive companion like Tauros, he will be able to travel the Johto region freely, and challenge the Johto league. He set out with a purpose towards Professor Lyra's Pokemon research facility in Cianwood City, after finally deciding to leave home, and hopefully return as a champion.
Pokemon: Johto Mysteries (T)(IC): Gideon Slate



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Yay! Lilly, you're accepted *-*
You did amazingly well considering you said you haven't RPed before ^^
Here's your Pokémon's info:

I'll add your info on the accepted characters list ^^

TheLastDragon, you're accepted too ^-^
And you didn't have to reserve a spot first, but people did it because they don't have time to fill up their SU right now ^^

Here's your Tauros's info:

Tackle/Horn Attack/Scary Face/Take Down

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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DarkMoonPhase, you're accepted ^^

Here's Cynder's info:

If you guys got any questions about the chosen movesets for your starters or well, anything, really, feel free to ask ^^ I'll gladly explain my reasons ^^

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.