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    Originally Posted by o.0 View Post
    Really enjoying the Rom it is very nice and the environment is a lot of fun.but like many already said the grammar kind of ruined the story(I will just try to pretend they have a deep tyronean accent lol) just playing to explore the world really.

    I was able to apply the new patch to a fresh copy of pokemon emerald using an application on andriod as MyBoy emulator only allows ips. Had some problems because i forgot emerald was in a zip(Slow moment there)and when you try to make a file extension android doesnt know that and thinks you make a period. Putting a space before .gba Once i figure this all out i renamed the patched rom and my saves and save states work!

    Main reason i patched was because the guy that is suppose to mega evolve was not there and the sun stone was not working either. Also guess this a glitch but my pinsir turned into a Mega Blazikin! Which is pretty neat but if i had decide to use pinsir i would have been kind of upset to lose my stab bug move. Also pinsir can mega evolve,too so if i try to mega evolve it will it or will it turn into a blazikin?

    Bagon is in Volcano Town Jade pass right. Is it in a certain area there i cant find it..... Is it in the grass,the cave maybe?
    Thanks, I'm happy to see you like this hack, and the grammar is really a problem for me as I don't know how to fix it. I changed the way to mega evolve, so if you want to mega evolve your Pokemon, you must take Mega Rock from Engineer BC of Volcano Town. And Bagon can be found in the grass of Jade Volcano(The area where near Volcano Town), also, the physical/special split is in this hack. I wish my answer can help.

    Originally Posted by greg_jets View Post
    Hey, by any chance where can you locate the masterball in victory fire? Thanks.
    You can get Master Ball after you win in Central Area.

    Originally Posted by michaelaylmerdata View Post
    what pokemon has a mega evolution in this hack?
    The following Pokemon have mega evolution: Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard(X), Aerodactyl, Mewtwo(X), Ampharos, Houndoom, Blaziken, Absol, Banette and Lucario.

    Originally Posted by o.0 View Post
    No sure but you get to catch a kyurem w. It was so strong compared to my team and the utraball would not even shake ONCE! I had to use to master ball code to get the little stinker. So hopeful there is a non cheat way to get that masterball before then.
    It is not catchable at that time, so you can't catch it at that time. You can catch Kyurem in Mt.Snowy after that event.

    Originally Posted by arjiegodz View Post
    so is there any hack rom that can do a battle between other players? im using a myboy so im hoping there is. if this hack rom cant do that. what else xcept the orig roms. sorry, idk where to ask so kindly bear with it and answer politely. thanks.
    I disabled this feature in this hack because I edited some Pokemon, sorry, and I'm not sure if there's a hack which allows you to battle others, sorry again for this.

    Originally Posted by ~G0LD! View Post
    This hack is the best to me!!!
    I go to downlod the most recent beta. this hack have a good features, the tiles and sprites are very good (I remember if play a ancient version, in these version axew.was dragon/fighting) I only wait more updates, Good luck
    Thanks so much for supporting.

    Originally Posted by Seya16 View Post
    Hey can you tell me where I can find the pokeblock case ?
    Thanks in advise.
    Sorry, Pokeblock is not available in this hack as the beauty contest is not available, sorry, by the way, if you need to evolve Feebas, just raise it to Lv60 and it will evolve.

    Originally Posted by michaelaylmerdata View Post
    can i ask what pokemon has mega evolution in this hack? Thanx in advance
    The following Pokemon have mega evolution: Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard(X), Aerodactyl, Mewtwo(X), Ampharos, Houndoom, Blaziken, Absol, Banette and Lucario.

    Originally Posted by Ushi View Post
    Hi this is my first post but I felt obligated to comment because the game is amazing. One thing is bothering me. I fought engineer BC and he didn't give me anything. He continues to say it is hard work because of the volcano or something around those lines. I continued on in the game and now he is gone. I am playing on the UP patch 2.35. Is there any way to obtain mega evolution for ampharos any other way or make him reappear and obtain the two items.
    Does that really happen? I don't know why, because I tsted this part before and didn't encounter this problem. Sorry.

    Originally Posted by WWTEpicFail View Post
    I like these Trainer Sprites. Fantastic.
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