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May I reserve one of those remaining spots, please? (: I should have my SU up in a few hours.

Here it is!

Name: Blake Valley

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 126 lbs

Birthplace: Slateport City, Hoenn

Profession: Blitz Trainer

Blake's heart shaped face is framed by straight, dark brown with a hint of maroon coloured hair. Large purple eyes are the only noticeable feature on her face. Underneath her silver/lavender hoodie is an off-black tank-top for when summer hits and when she's about to battle. Her red gloves hide the many scars on her hands from her days working alongside her parents' gardening business. The last on her attire are the combat boots that take far too long to lace up, so Blake often sleeps with them on.
source: AnimeRenderss on DeviantArt

Indifferent to most events and people, Blake keeps her true feelings guarded and hidden well behind the 'I don't care' facade. Getting attached just causes more pain down the road so it's quite hard to become her friend and though she doesn't wish anyone ill will, she is just protecting herself. Blake believes herself to be selfish in that respect, has many arguments with her own thoughts and cannot make up her mind on whether to let people in or shut them out for good.

This doesn't apply to her Pokemon as they became a great deal to her long before she adopted this attitude. Her companions are all the family she has left and treats them as such.

Blake came from a happy family that always thought the best of her and younger sister, Iva. She was a hard worker, always helping her parents with the business and visiting her grandparents. It wasn't the life she wanted, though - she wanted it all, the adventure, the mayhem - freedom. As the eldest sibling, the business would be passed onto her and the last thing Blake wanted was to be stuck in Slateport any longer. Not long after turning 17 did Blake start to rebel; not turning up to work, getting into it with the other kids at school, hanging out with criminals... At the guidance of her grandparents, Blake's father threw her out of home at 18. Iva had run away with her and the two started their lives over in Kanto.

Two years later, Iva was murdered by Blake's then boyfriend, Tristan. Blake, naturally, exploded and fought him until he ran off with his Machamp close behind. Realising what life she gave up, she adopted her new attitude and shut everyone out. When word came out about Tear Vinyl's accomplishment, Blake quickly followed in her footsteps and now runs the life of a Blitz Trainer as a way to avenge her sister.

Pokemon Team
- Vulpix
- Aron
- Noctowl
- Primeape

PC Pokemon
Blitz Trainer Extras

Blitz Trainer Typing: Fire/Steel

Blitz Trainer Abilities: Arena Trap (with the help of Fire Spin) Battle Armor (with the help of Iron Defense)

Blitz Trainer's Moveset:
- Flamethrower (on the underside of Blake's arms are two cannon like devices that extend to her hands and can shoot bursts of fire)
- Fire Spin (using the same cannon device, she can use the fire to create a ring of sorts around her and the opponent)
- Metal Claw (using her fingernails that she has tipped with the metal from railroad tracks)
- Iron Defense (over her arms are steel armguards that she uses as a shield)