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Hey guys, this is looking great, but I do have a suggestion! It'll be a lot more easier for people to go about using these templates if one were to use [Html] tags around the code! It'll make it much easier for one to copy and paste what they need to instead of having to go through thee process of quoting it and then copying it!

Definitely give an example as you've been doing!


Genevieve “Jenny” Abbot

"I like trains. Some of the most exciting stories I've heard about start on one."

19 // The Servant Girl // Female

Appearance and Attire: For a simple servant girl, many consider Genevieve to be young and beautiful. The girl’s dark, brown eyes proudly rest upon her oval-shaped face, giving off a sense of confidence that only seems to be supported by her other features. It isn’t uncommon for one to find a smile on her thin lips. Her small, refined nose only seems to match the rest of her face. Her straight auburn hair flows down her back and the long bangs that border her smooth features accentuate the color of her hazel eyes.

On the day of the journey, Genevieve wore something similar to a princess-line dress that complements her thin frame. It is designed in a panel-like structure where, although it looks like several pieces of clothing, it is actually one singular piece. The “under dress” as it seems to appear like, is plain white with no noticeable decoration aside from the top black piece. The black part of her dress is a sight to behold. With classic Juliet-styled sleeve and frilly wrists, the top part meets the “under dress” at the center of her body. This change, signaled by the lace frills on the inside, are further connected by a belt at the waist and several ribbons that begin at her collar and end just over her stomach.

Hometown: Bloomgarden, the Town of Flowers, is a town located Northeast of Bellson and is known far and wide for its beautiful expanse of meadows just outside the town. It is obvious that its citizens are quite proud of the title, as many can be found throughout town, particularly in the hair of young women. In comparison, it is much better economically due to its prime location in terms of trading and other services. As such, it is highly likely that one will run into a popular lord or lady, or more likely there servants, doing their errands around the town. It has been led by the same, humble mayor for years now and many of the populace agree that they wouldn’t change anything about the town.

Personality: Bloomgarden is known for its beautiful expanse of flowers -- both in terms of landscape and people. Of all the flowers in Bloomgarden, Jenny is certainly a prime pick. Why, you ask? To start, Genevieve is a genuinely kind, independant girl who constantly strives to be the best as she can be. As such, she always tries to be nice and polite to those around her, particularly when such a demeanor is needed. Its often very likely that one would find her in the midst of a conversation, even if it was with a stranger. She enjoys making friends and loves to joke around, though she would never go too far, such as playing a cruel prank or being mean in her jokes.

The youth’s most defining trait would most likely be her curiosity. Whether it be in talking to a new person in town, exploring the town or forest nearby, or even in reading a new book. At this point, it would be fairly obvious that Genevieve is adventurous. To this day, she enjoys hearing the stories that she grew up with. Tales of intrigue and amazing exploits have always driven her curiosity, pushing her to the resolution that an adventure would be just the thing for her.

Of course, for one to be a successful adventurer, they needed to be smart. Genevieve definitely isn’t lacking in this department and is thus very cautious when such a thing is needed. Even when certain things fascinate her beyond belief, she knows that she must be smart when handling the situation. Though it rarely calls for it in her current life, the auburn-haired girl rarely gets frightened.

However, things aren’t always flowers and adventure. If a situation does end up going out of her control, Jenny could be easily discouraged in her endeavors. She dislikes bullies and won’t stand for people who believe they are above others. People like this tend to easily anger or sadden her and often times, she won’t calm down until quite a while after the situation is resolved.


Charismatic: There’s something about Genevieve that people just seem to like. Not everyone, of course, but enough to tell that she inherited the charisma of a noble. She has a way of making people laugh, and her kindness and sincerity make it hard to believe she means any ill-will (which she never does). Jenny tries to empathize with everyone and in her nineteen years has gotten quite good at making good company with others.

Passionate: As a passionate person, Genevieve feels strongly about many things. Most important to her, however, is her friends and the adventure. She will often stop at nothing to help a friend in need, going as far as to protect them in dangerous situations, even when she knows she couldn’t handle it herself.

Confident: Jenny is very confident is almost everything that she does. Be it work, social interaction, or most other activities, she believes that she will do it well. Even with the most stressful of situations, Genevieve strives to accomplish the task with as much poise as possible.


Clumsy: As with all women who live in a noble home, especially ones with privileges Genevieve received, it is common knowledge to have poise and balance. However, hanging around Genevieve for long enough will make it obvious that she didn’t make high grades in this lesson. Jenny is always tripping over rocks, ledges, her feet, and the occasional blade of grass. It’s a wonder how she makes it through this world intact. Maybe her knack for falling also comes with the gift of self-healing!

Unyielding: Of course, being confident in what she does makes her… Stubborn. If Genevieve sets her mind on doing something, she will not stop until it is completely finished or until it has been determined that nothing can be done. If it is impossible to complete what she has set out to do, she will often times blame herself, causing her to be sad or even angry depending on the importance of the situation.

Impatience: Genevieve can be very impatient depending on the situation. She doesn’t like to wait extra time when the job can be done as quickly as possible. After all, that’s time that she can use to explore or talk with others. If she was told at one to get a job done by five, guess when the job was done? 1:15 depending. If only walking didn’t take so long. Her impatience can sometimes get in the way of cordial conversations, but her upbringing has taught her to hold fast. She could get through the wait and when she did… Oh boy.

The Reason Why: Genevieve has always been a girl looking for adventure. Although the bustling town where she had grown up was an amazing place to many outsiders, she found it quite boring after several years. Every time she traveled down the main street, she saw the same methodical actions being performed day after day. She would see the same shops, the same trading caravans, and the same people. Knowing many of the amazing stories that the lord had told her as she grew older, she knew that the only way to get the change of pace that she so desperately craved was to leave the town behind and search for the adventure herself. With the allowance of her family and her lord, she set off. The train was just what she needed.

Background: Several generations ago, Genevieve’s ancestors were powerful and wealthy, much like many of the lords in the world today. In fact, the Abbot family was as powerful as the Tobba family, a current benefactor of the town of Bloomgarden. Though many would consider the families rivals, they were actually good friends in many ways. This friendship was particularly apparent after the Abbot family found themselves in a mess financially due to assets that were not exactly a good choice to invest in. Due to this bad investment, the family eventually found themselves in debt with no way to pay off what they owed. The generous Tobba family were the first to help the Abbot’s and through a legal contract, managed to pay off the families debt in exchange for the Abbot’s servitude.

Generations later, Genevieve was born into the same state of indentured servitude as her father and his father before him. Of course, it wasn’t as if this made her life incredibly hard. Despite the fact that they were servants, the family remained good friends with their lords. Aside from her father, Lord Anthony Tobba has always been one of the nicest men in her life, often considering not only her family, but many of the other in his servitude as equals. He, through his own numerous adventures and reasonable investments, has been one of the most successful lords in his family for more generation than could be remembered. It wasn’t uncommon for him to leave for one of his adventures, Genevieve’s father, Tully, in tow.

She couldn’t count the number of tales that had been told to her by the men. Each one always seemed more interesting than the last. Though many of the trips probably weren’t as exciting as the stories, Genevieve couldn’t help but wish for such things to happen to her.

It wasn’t long before Genevieve found herself old enough to explore the town by herself. It was indeed large, particularly to the young girl who had only ever left the town on small walks with her mother. She was finally given a chance to explore the town. She would look for every nook and cranny, talk to anyone she could, and even go as far out of the town as was allowed. However, things quickly became boring. You could only see the same thing so many times and be content about it.

Personal Effects: Aside from a few changes of clothing, Genevieve only has two objects that she values: her red scarf given to her by her mother and a small, silver pocket watch that was bestowed upon her by the lord for whom her family had worked.

RP Sample: Here~

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