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I'll submit more later but I'll start with this.

Below is what I did for my Reapers SU
Samael Arcanum
Aged 32 | Male | General of the Atlantean Guard


Samael is a tall man standing at 6’5 and is stocky and well built with thick muscles developed in his years as a shoulder and broad shoulders. His skin bears a light tan, something typical of the Atlantean people but is lighter than many since he spends more time indoors than he once did. Samael has long brown hair, which he wears in a ponytail that reaches the height of his shoulders and has a bear of the same colour that follows his somewhat pronounced jawline. Samael has relatively small brown eyes and is usually seen donning a stern expression.

Samael tends to be working, even if he doesn’t spend much time in the field anymore so his clothes tend to be of a style appropriate for one who deals with high-ranking members of society. More often than not, Samael wears simple black pants and a matching tunic, over which he wears a thin but long coat in traditional Atlantean shades of aqua colours. Samael wears long, durable boots made of leather and a matching belt from which a simple axe usually hangs. Over his clothes he tends to wear a poncho that matches his coat and the pendant that signifies his position is always worn around his neck. When Samael is in the field he wears typical Atlantean armour over his tunic and carries a water tank on his back, his armour being gold to signify him as one of high rank. On the off chance you catch him when he isn’t working, Samael can be seen wearing just his black pants and tunic, maybe with his coat on if the weather is cold.


Samael is a stern but caring man and he longs to see his city continue to thrive in peace and for his family to be happy and healthy. He is the type of person who puts up a tough front in public, adopting a stern demeanor fit for his position in public but who is a doting husband and father behind closed doors.

Samael is a man who believes rules are made to be followed. He does not tolerate those who break the law but he is also a reasonable and forgiving person who seeks to reform rather than to punish.

A hard worker, Samael is often scene within the Atlantean Palace where the council and other higher-ups conduct their business and is prepared to go above and beyond the requirements of his position to ensure peace and prosperity for the Atlantean people. Despite this nature though, he is not an ambitious person and is content with his lot in life. He makes a comfortable living and has the respect of his family and comrades and that is all the he asks for.


Other than the weaponry built into the armour he wears in the field, Samael is well known for his tendency to carry around a small axe with which he is surprisingly formidable. Samael is also a competent swordsman and has at least a rudimentary knowledge of other weapons as required by his duties.

Background Info

Samael comes from a family of sea-farmers but ever since he was a child he had no intention of remaining in that profession. His parents and upbringing may have given him a taste for the simple things in life, however Samael always longed to be a soldier as a child. At first he dreamed of glory and honour like all young boys do but as he got older he developed a genuine interest in the safety and prosperity of Atlantis.

This sense of civic duty has never left Samael since its development. Upon his sixteenth birthday he all but immediately signed up to be trained as a member of the Atlantean Guard. He worked hard as a recruit and was quick to be noticed by his superiors for his dedication. He was not the most naturally talented of the group but he was skilled at strategizing and he worked hard to hone his abilities.

It was not long before Samael earned his silver armour and begun to serve as an active member of the Atlantean Guard. It was during these years that he laid the foundations for his future building his reputation with the Guard but also meeting the woman who is now his wife.

After many years in the silver ranks, Samael made it to the golds. He continued his hard work and even when discontent with the council and the guard would rise he was often able to find the best solution for volatile situations. It was because of his ability to simultaneously please the public and carry out his duties that he was offered the position of General and trainer. With his first child on the way, Samael gladly left active duty behind in favour of running things from behind the scenes and training new recruits.

Several years later and Samael is now considered a candidate for the next council elections – although he disagrees with anybody who suggests such a thing – and is continuing his duties as a General and a trainer.

RP Sample

I don't have to give one because I'm a GM :P

This is the CSS template

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Here is an accompanying IC post format to go with the SU one.



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