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Name: Surus Dieter

Age: 77 (In human years)

Appearance: A few battle scars across his body, and a scar under his left eye.

Personality: Stubborn, battle scarred and gruff, Surus tends to keep to himself when it comes to strangers. He's not hostile, nor is he shy. He merely likes to reflect, and be alone. That is, unless his niece and nephew come to visit.

After years of battle and tragedy, Surus doesn't take funny business from anyone. He may be old and reaching his final moments on the planet, but he's still ready to impale anyone with his tusk, provided they provoke him enough.

History: Surus grew up in a modest, typical family setting, with his mother, his father, and his younger brother. He lived in a quiet community and a small town made up of mostly Ground-type Pokemon. But, due to a catastrophe, the town was decimated, and Surus was alone. He lost his family, not ever knowing if they had lived or passed.

Surus grew a rage deep inside, and instead, chased after the ones responsible. This led the young Surus to a savage city made up of rogues, shady business dealers, and a coliseum. But before he knew it, he was kidnapped and forced to fight for his life in underground matches.

Consumed with hatred and anger, Surus met the task with full force. He had to do whatever it took to survive, and destroy the society that chained him and destroyed what he loved.

He breathed and lived in turmoil, but when he evolved, Surus became a force to be reckoned with. He was known as the Trumpet of Demise, and the Force of Nature itself. Eventually, during a death match, Surus seized an opportunity to cause an earthquake and kill off everyone inside.

Surus was broken and bloody, but he survived. Without any reason to stay, he fled in hopes to find meaning in his life again. The years rolled by, as did he. He felt the blood of the warrior burn through his veins, and so, he travelled the world in search of his next battle. The Force of Nature had slowly become a well known title in the world of fighters, warriors, and even to some of the explorers. Surus even helped out a few times with the Pokemon exploration team.

Eventually, he joined the exploration team in hopes of ever finding any of his remaining family, along with helping Pokemon who suffered the same fate as he did.

Eventually, he did find his younger brother, married and with children. The reunion was deeply emotional to the war-torn Surus. Having been acquainted with his brother and his new extended family, Surus had found something to cling onto in his life once again. He was made the godfather of his brother's children, and lived with them up until his later years.

Unfortunately, despite Surus' hopes and wishes, his younger brother had died before him. Surus had raised his brother's children until they could fend for themselves, for which they returned the gesture in kind. This is how we find the battle born, scar ridden Donphan at the quiet facility of Beatrice the Blissey’s Aged Care.

Wish: To see his niece and nephew live happily, get married and have children of their own, and to have closure with his bloody past.
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