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Feeling like I'm the only one who still cares about this )=
This thread is 5 years old and has yet to die out completely. Just because it's currently in a lull doesn't mean you should feel sad about being the only one currently posting updates. Definitely don't think it's anything to triple post over : /


Finally put in the time to finish up this run. Another Ultimate (through Gen V) complete!

Ultimate Blue Monocolor Challenge (Black 2) - Second and FINAL Update

Badges: 8

Spoiler: Video of Hall of Fame

Everything went great! The only concession I really made was not wanting to put the time to evolve my Zweilous into a Hydreigon and just going in with him unevolved. He still pulled his weight in a couple of the E4 battles.

The two MVPs of the E4 were definitely Metagross and Eelektross. Metagross completely swept the Fighting battle and Eelektross was just really bulky throughout all the fights and had really great coverage. Lapras was really great as well, Leftovers worked wonders.


Ringo the Heracross, Lv. 61 @ Expert Belt
-Shadow Claw
-Brick Break

Thorim the Eelektross, Lv. 58
-Fire Punch
-WIld Charge

ShenZin Su the Lapras, Lv. 59 @ Leftovers
Shell Armor
-Drill Run
-Rain Dance
-Ice Beam

Sky Golem the Metagross, Lv. 60 @ TwistedSpoon
Clear Body
-Zen Headbutt
-Meteor Mash
-Hone Claws
-Shadow Ball

Hythreegon the Zweilous, Lv. 57 @ Wide Lens
-Dragon Tail
-Thunder Wave
-Aqua Tail

Spoiler: Former Members

Arya the Samurott, Lv. 40

Saronite the Lucario, Lv. 33

Kromog the Boldore, Lv. 46

Mercury the Swoobat, Lv. 45

HM Buddys:
Samurott- Strength, Cut, Surf
Ducklett- Surf, Fly