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Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge (X) - Second and FINAL Update


Badges: 8

The rest of the run went super great. Because I got my whole team so early, they really settled into a groove and got their movesets figured out pretty quick. It also meant they were getting levels really quick, but I turned off the Exp Share before it got tooooo obscene. Medicham was definitely the star of the run, totally OP.

The best part of the whole run was seeing Diantha's Mega Gardevoir get utterly stomped by a Wormadam. Worth.

Hall of Fame picture

The Team:

Cheniselle the Wormadam [Trash Cloak], Lv. 67 @ Rocky Helmet
-Iron Head
-Bug Bite
-Hidden Power (Ice)

Reptincel the Charizard, Lv. 68 @ Leftovers
-Dragon Claw
-Air Slash

Charmina the Medicham, Lv. 70 @ King's Rock
Pure Power
-Thunder Punch
-Bulk Up
-Zen Headbutt
-High Jump Kick

Rexillus the Tyrantrum, Lv. 67 @ Expert Belt
Strong Jaw
-Draco Meteor
-Rock Slide

crapince the Crawdaunt, Lv. 66 @ Quick Claw
Hyper Cutter
-Ice Beam
-Swords Dance

HM Buddies:
Hawlucha- Fly, Cut, Strength, Rock Smash
Bibarel- Surf, Waterfall

Previous Members:
Spoiler: Previous Members:

Kael'thas the Braixen, Lv. 32

Ultimate Green Monocolor Challenge (AlphaSapphire) - First Update

Badges: 3

Nothing unusual to report. My overabundance of grass types has yet to be an issue. It was pretty nice to get four whole team members before the first gym. Getting one of those hidden Lotads with Teeter Dance was particularly sweet. Dustox learning Venoshock so early was a nice suprise for me.


Mawile the Grovyle, Lv. 22
-Fury Cutter
-Mega Drain

Venomoth the Dustox, Lv. 21
Shield Dust
-Poison Powder

Spinda the Lombre, Lv. 21
Swift Swim
-Teeter Dance
-Echoed Voice
-Rock Smash

Shiinotic the Breloom, Lv. 24
Effect Spore
-Mega Drain
-Mach Punch
-Leech Seed

HM Buddy:
Zigzagoon- Cut, Rock Smash

Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge (Moon) - First Update

Saved at the end of the first island.

Not gonna lie, this first island was pretty rough. Having only a Ledyba/Ledian be the only mon to support Litten/Torracat did not give even remotely sufficient coverage. Have Reflect for the Hala fight /kind of/ made it worth it though. Having said all that, it'll never be as rough as having to solo Falkner with a Ledian like I had to do in HG/SS.

Just caught our Rockruff after the grand trial, so things should start to go a bit more smoothly here soon.


Liepard the Torracat, Lv. 18
-Fire Fang
-Work Up

Accelgor the Ledian, Lv. 18
Early Bird
-Brick Break
-Light Screen

Lunatone the Rockruff, Lv. 13
Vital Spirit
-Sand Attack