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Pokémon Orange Beta (HotY Nominee Edition)

This is not the final release of Beta 2. That will go up to either Ascorbia Island, Butwal or even farther. This is being released in celebration of Pokemon Orange being nominated for PokeCommunity's Hack of the Year Award. It ends at the third gym, but there's a little extra for all the fans!

Some new features include 60 FPS, Running Shoes, Move Tutors (Only 1 at the moment), PSS Split, BW Scaling Exp, Auto Repel, XY Catch Exp, XY Exp Share, Magikarp Jump and Lycanroc formes, Rock Climb and Dive! Please report any bugs! As usual patch over a Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe) ROM.

Huge thanks to Rangi, luckytyphlosion, Mmmmm, JaceDeane/SirWhibbles and BloodlessNS for making this release possible! You all are amazing! Thanks to everyone who voted for Orange in the Nomination and Elimination round! Shoutout to the guys on /heg/ that have been following Orange.

Discord link: LINK
Full Scale World Map Here: LINK

Some things to note:
-Route 61 doesn't have a Dive map yet
-No cave entrances that require rock smash or rock climb can be entered. They're not done.
-This hack is difficult at parts! Balancing is still under way, so you might need to grind.
-There is nothing north of Unnamed Island 1, that's coming in Beta 2!
-Fishing Contest is not open. It's not finished!
-60 FPS has caused a few graphical bugs, like a janked walking animation and wall bumping. Running is fine, though! Working on fixes.
-Press B to Run!

Comprehensive Bug List:
-Pokemon personality bugs (genders changing, shinies losing shininess)
-Sweet Kiss can cause Poison
-Alolan Raichu still uses old backsprite

You can download it here: Normal or PSS

Discord: Pia Carrot#0349 | Deviantart: piacarrot