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Faye Aubrey

Female | 19 | Wizard/Touched

Darkness maker/controlling magic


Faye is young astonishing woman that is... incredibly flat. Standing about 5'6 tall she does look like a woman her age thanks to the youthful yet adulthood look her messy silver locks and girly eyelashes give her. Hid within those messy locks on top of her head are a pair of hard white horns that she inherited from her mother who came from the mistlands. She's very careful to not show those as she's very aware of her position within Atria. She has no right no complain about the way society views their human standards, at least, that's what's she has always been told.

Her outfit consist of somehow basic brown skirt and somewhat complex jacket that's easy for her to move in. She doesn't do much about her appearance and only cares for clothing that gives her some mobility with a preference to clothing that compliment her Yellow-Green eyes. The only reason she wears her turquoise colored scarf scarf and somewhat fashionable outfit she is wearing now, is because an old friend forced it on her because it looked better than the baggy shirts and shorts she was always wearing.

The daggers she is holding contain two wind element lacrima stones. She uses these daggers most commonly to make it seem like she knows different magic other than her current one. The guild mark is on her right thigh and is white colored.


Faye is probably not the best wizard around as her magic greatly depends on her emotional status which she has an incapability in controlling. Faye is able to cover her body parts in shadow to reduce damage or completely defend against damage. She's only able to do this for small parts at this moment which is usually one arm or one leg.

Faye's magic is mostly based on creating and controlling the darkness she creates. If she gets close enough to her foe she may even control his or her shadow when touched. That is the whole initial idea she had in mind, this proves rather difficult in reality because she's emphatically a failure.

Due to her inability to control her darkness magic well enough, she also learned to fight with all kinds of weapons from her father. She learned using them from a young age but she prefers fighting with two daggers because she feels like she's faster with those two. The daggers she's holding are equipped with two Lacrima stones to deceive her friends and the people around her by making it seem like she knows wind magic as well. She knows that her inherited horns lead back to the touched and that touched beings are not well received within the Atria society.


20 years ago there was a young Atrian wizard that fell in love with a woman with silky silver hair. She had visible white, hard horns sticking out of her head that matched well with her hair colour and gray fur going down her spine. She had nails that could easily be seen as monstrous claws but not to the Atrian wizard. All he saw was beauty, which was a word that described her well. They moved together to a small town called Lautela where the wizard became a seller of Lacrima stones and the Touched woman helped him in his store. They got married and a year later, they had a little baby girl they named Faye, meaning confidence, trust and belief.

At first, Faye seemed to be a normal human child except for the shimmering, white horns that she had inherited from her mother. Both parents had shown her love and compassion and there was never a moment that Faye felt out of place even though her appearance was slightly different from the other children. That happy family picture was soon to be destroyed. Faye's mother disappeared from sight when Faye was only 5. Her father often thinks that his beloved couldn't take the harsh opinions of the other villagers anymore and that she went back to her hometown. Out utter fear of his daughter leaving him as well, the wizard decided to not tell Faye the name of her mother's home village.

Faye grew up missing her completed family and sometimes longed for her long lost mother. Her father tried to raise her the best he could with all the love in the world but even so, she developed an incapability for emotions. She didn't understand them and was not able to express them well because of that. In return she often misunderstood her father's kind intentions like training with weapons and developing her affinity. The cold look on Faye's face often made the wizard upset. He was never able to tell what his daughter had on her mind.

Faye never understood why her father tried to hid her horns so much until she went to the beach with a newly gained friend at an age of 9. The water caused her white horns to be visible. Trembling in fear her new friend ran away. Only leaving the words "You're the freak everyone has been talking about! Get away from me!" behind. Faye went home with a devastated look on her face. Walking back towards the village she noticed for the first time how distant everyone was behaving towards her. She felt out of place, like she didn't belong here even though she was born in this village.

Faye was even more quiet for weeks. Her father became aware of this difference in his daughter's behaviour even though it was just slightly. Before this escalated like it did with his beloved, he decided to move with his daughter to an area where no one knew them. Faye was actually glad they were going to a new place and helped her dear father pack the necessary things. Upon watching her pack another box, her father noticed she seemed more merry and less quiet. The wizard finally started to understand the looks on his daughters face.

Faye and her father moved to the capital of Atria where her father reopened his shop with the new name "Limerence". The word itself means "a state of being infatuated with another person" which was a word that meant a lot to the wizard as he still loved his wife more than anything but also loved his daughter very much. They both started a new life there but this time, Faye chose to hide her horns on her own by keeping her hair somewhat messy. It was still fairly hard for her to make friends due to the cold and quiet aura she always gave off but friends finally stayed longer than just a few days. She had one particular friend that she could get along very well with but she was often busy and they couldn't hang out much.

As Faye grew older over time, Faye started being content with being alone and started training to fight without the help of her father. She was often found in the woods where she could practise with her darkness magic without bothering others. In reality she just didn't want others to see her struggle with it so much. Faye never understood why she couldn't control her magic but little did she know that her emotions where all over the place and that her magic was connected with those. Even though Faye thought she was content with being alone, she felt lonely most of the time. Faye wanted to be liked but also didn't want others to find out about her touched side. She hated her touched side but also didn't want to hate it for her father's sake. Faye wanted to see her mother but couldn't help but feel resentment towards her. So many emotions that Faye couldn't keep track of or tried to suppress.

Faye was in her last few months of being 19 years old when she wandered about in the city and met a cute girl cheerfully who gave her a flyer of a new guild that was apparently being created in a town she had never heard of. Faye had also never heard of the name Myeloch Latare. Even though the girl was really cute, Faye had little to no interest in joining the guild.

When she came home however, her father saw the flyer and spoke big words of Myeloch Latare. He was suspected of using forbidden magic and had gone missing but he has reappeared now. As her father kept rambling on about the apparently famous wizard, Faye grew more interested. Mostly because it looked like her father would be immensely happy if she joined this guild called "Phoenix Nest". Faye decided it might be good to try something new and was all about making her old man proud.