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IC Thread - OOC Thread

About this RP:
This Roleplay is based on the Manga/Anime 'Sword Art Online' (SAO). Knowledge of the franchise is not necessary but may make it easier to write in the correct style and unleash all your creativity - as you'll have a lot of ideas to use. SAO:Infinity will be a different style of play than other RPs, since the fantasy universe is also a gaming universe.

Fans of the Manga/Anime - This RP is an adaptation and therefore aspects of the story and gameplay have been changed to fit RP logistics.

This is a sandbox RP, since I don't have time to make committed daily/weekly updates, with the exception of monthly optional boss battles to progress the floors and level caps. This means that players are able and encouraged to control their own level, items and skills and trusted not to abuse the system and make themselves overpowered. Where is the challenge in being too strong!

If you have questions or ideas you wish to talk about feel free to PM/VM me or post here. At present this RP will have 12 spaces, however this will probably change. In an attempt to not clutter this thread to pieces the first post of the IC thread will have more detailed explanations and examples of skills and the environment.

The usual rules such as no godmodding/bunnying apply.


Main Plot:
In the year 2022 the innovative VRMMORPG Sword Art Online was released to the public after an astoundingly successful Beta stage. The worldwide launch pulled in thousands and thousands of international gamers who eagerly anticipated plugging in their virtual reality headsets, diving in to the fantasy world of Aincrad.

The world of Aincrad is diverse and plentiful, leaving players in awe as they logged in to the SAO Universe for the first time - Starting City slowly filling up with eager gamers. For some, the Beta testers, this was not their first time on the first floor of Aincrad. Having had a few months practice the Beta-players already had knowledge, tactics and experience under their belt. Many had already explored the first few floors in their previous endeavors, and were gearing up to lead the waves of newbies to the first challenge - the ground floor dungeon.

One week in to the global release and the game has taken off, players of all nationalities and cultures joining Aincrad to experience the rush of virtual roleplaying games. Floor 1 had been successfully cleared, with guilds and parties already forming to push forward through the individual floors.

But then the game changed.

17:00, Tokyo time, and one minor option in the game went missing - the log out button. Players all across Aincrad noticed the glitch, mail spreading across the towns and cities in worried murmurs and paranoid mail-notes.

The virtual sky above flickered an eerie red, warning numbers and letters trawling across the sky - making little sense. A shadowy figure appeared in the sky.

"Many of you have noticed the latest feature of my masterpiece," spoke the cloaked man, high above, "From now on there is no logging out - there are only two options; survive or die."

"The revival option has now been disabled, and unfortunately if you die here... well it's game over," he said menacingly, "Your families and friends are now all aware of this danger. Unfortunately, some of them are stupider than others and attempted to remove the NerveGear. Where would be the fun in that?"

A trail of words swept across the sky, leaving nothing but panic in their midst:

Death Count: 213

"In one month, my faithful Beta-testers managed to complete 10 floors. Now it's time to see how fair you can really get. On floor 100 is the final boss, defeating him will be the only way to free yourselves from Aincrad."

Then the true game began.


One months later and the players of Aincrad had worked their way up to floor 5. They have had no contact with the outside world since the day of the lock-in, and the death count has steadily risen. Players have started splitting in to roles, some have taken to the front lines to fight, others have supported them by crafting in towns or exploring the breadth of each individual floor in search of new items.

Your character is currently living in Aincrad, taking their own path through the madness, honing their skills and desperately clinging to the idea of returning home. Or perhaps they have accepted the harsh reality that is infinity in Sword Art Online.

Death Count: 2079


Rules of Aincrad:
  • Every floor has a central portal for quick and easy travel.
  • All Cities and Towns are safe areas, nobody can die and monsters cannot enter.
  • Players may duel, however only in safe areas. The defeated player drops to 1 health point.
  • PK-ing, Player Killing, is banned, attempting to damage another player outside of a 'Duel' results in an instant-teleport to Jail.
  • Players cannot be physically manipulated by other players.
  • Teleport Crystals always allow for safe passage to a Town/City previously visited.
  • To advance to the next floor the current dungeon must be cleared and the boss monster defeated, from then on the floor portal will be activated for everyone.
  • Those who take part in a boss fight and succeed are always rewarded.
  • Time in Aincrad passes just as it does in the real world, with day/night rotating to coincide with Japanese timezones.
  • All language is translated within the game, therefore people from different countries can easily interact with each other.

Key Terms
(Hover for description, feel free to suggest more)

Floors so far:
(Monster details and specific areas up to players, as long as they coincide with the general description)
1. Starter City. A huge city with expanses of fields around the border. Since this is the first place the players of SAO encounter, it is the most densely populated city in Aincrad - mainly due to low level players who avoid combat, due to the obvious risks. [Recommended level: 1-4]
2. Celedona. A comparatively smaller town resembling a huge stone keep castle from the outside, with houses lining the inner wall and a marketplace in the centre. The grounds around the town are laden with rivers and lakes. [Recommended level: 1-6]
3. Blues Village. A tiny village situated in the middle of a misty forest, filled with sneaky amphibian monsters and the occasional giant, aggressive tree. [Recommended level: 4-8]
4. Dysthaven. A barren world, where most of the monsters and resources are hidden in the depths of underground passages. Rich in ore, the town of Dysthaven has become a prime place for Blacksmiths. [Recommended level: 6-12]
5. Mount Lost. A spiraled town running around the peak of a huge mountain. Other peaks are accessible by broken, hazardous bridges but there is no apparent path down. Bird-like monsters swarm the bridges, making the route much harder. [Recommended level: 7-14]

Weapons and Skills
(Hover for description, further weapons or skills can be requested)
One-handed Swords

Sign Up:

Appearance: <Description compulsory, picture optional - your appearance on both worlds is the same, bar weaponary/armour>
Life before SAO:

Current Level: <1-15>
Weapon: <One from above, or Sword/Shield, Dagger/Shield combo>
Non-Combat Skills: <Two from above>
Summary of first month in Aincrad: <Bullet points/Single Paragraph>

Roleplay Sample: <First week in Aincrad, not including the lock-in>

1. Elise Vivian Molyneux (Claire*)
2. Daniel Williamson (Machomuu)
3. Christina Ikara (Red's Hawt Chibi Peppers)
4. Khalil Withrow (Khawill)
5. Kappei Yamaguchi (AlexOzzyCake)
6. Leilani Garcia (Leaf Storm)
7. John Archer (SkyisUmbreon)
8. Kyle Lancaster (SwiftSign)
9. Dante Farefye (CarefulWetPaint)
10. Jonathan Turner (Garet)
11. Kamui Ozora (ShinyDiamond)
12. Natsumi Aido (PinkSapphire)
13. Jose Aldo Blancop (drunk ¬_¬)
14. Alec Bransen (Sir Bastian)
15. Savannah Hawking (Kranic)
[Submitted: 07/10/12]
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