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Name: Soo-yun Lee
Gender: Female
Age: 11, born December 14
Region: Sinnoh

Appearance: Soo-yun has straight, black hair in a boyish cut. Her hair is so short that she could be mistaken as a boy if one didn't look too closely at her face. She also has narrowed, black eyes. Her skin is the general tone of a Korean person, being Korean 'n all. She stands at 4'6" and weighs about 76lbs. She has a gaunt look and her ribs stick out, even though she eats a lot. She guesses that she's just naturally skinny. Due to her appearance, she doesn't appear to be too tough and is usually underestimated. She only has one scar on her arm from a falling stalactite and doesn't wear any jewelry.

Soo-yun likes to wear loose clothing in order to maneuver around easily. She also generally likes to wear dark clothing, usually black. Her outfit depends on the weather as well. When it is fair outside, she likes to wear a plain, black t-shirt with black slacks and black Chinese styled flats. When it is hot outside, she likes to wear a pink tanktop with white shorts and white Chinese styled flats. When it is cold, she likes to wear a deep blue sweater with black pants and black boots. When it is raining, she switches out the deep blue sweater with a black hoodie. She also carries a black umbrella around with her, just in case, although it usually stays in her knapsack. Her backpack is black with a lot of pockets and space.

History: Soo-yun was born in Pastoria City. Her family consisted of her older sister (by seventeen years) and her mother. Ever since she was young, she loved going into the Great Marsh and meeting all kinds of pokemon. However, her mother and sister had warned her about going into the mud. As a young child, she listened, but once she slipped and fell into the mud. The mud, being too high for her, seemed to drag her underneath. However, a Croagunk, Jipye, came and saved her. After that, Soo-yun and Jipye played together all the time. They were childhood friends, the both of them having a connection. When they started their journey together, they could roughly tell what the other one was thinking by the body language. They also trained together when they were young, having created several motions for each move that Jipye knew. This list only got longer as Jipye learned new moves.

When she was ten, she decided to set off on her pokemon journey. Deciding to start off the gym leaders in order, Soo-yun traveled to Oreburgh City where the gym leader, Roark, lived. Along the way, they had trained up quite a bit, battling wild pokemon and trainers here and there. By the time that they reached Oreburgh City, they had battled a lot. So, Soo-yun and Roark battled. Soo-yun only had Jipye at this time and battled against Roark's Geodude, Onix, and Cranidos all by herself. However, Jipye managed to OHKO both Geodude and Onix luckily, so all there was was Cranidos left. However, Soo-yun and Jipye realized that Cranidos was a pretty tough pkoemon. It was fast, hit hard, and seemed to just absorb the hits that Jipye attacked with. However, with a bit of luck, Jipye managed to land a critical hit and down went Cranidos. However, Jipye was barely standing. Roark returned his Cranidos and congratulated Soo-yun on her victory. Soo-yun thanked Roark, returned Jipye, got her badge, and raced to the pokemon center.

Next up was Eterna City for her second gym badge. Before that, however, she managed to find the Wayward Cave by accident; the tree that was usually in the way of the Wayward Cave was cut, so she, thinking that it was a way to get to Eterna City, went through the open way. After a few pokemon battles, she found from the trainers that the way to Eternia City was not through this way. However, she did notice the cave and wondered what it was. She went inside. She went through the puzzles and found quite a lot of items on the way. Along the way, she also bat off quite a bit of pokemon that attacked her, usually Geodudes and Zubats. When she reached the end of the cave, she managed to find a male Gible. The male Gible attacked and so she was off battling again. Gible was just like Cranidos in the regard that he was fast, hit hard, and seemed to absorb Jipye's hits. However, he was stronger than Cranidos. It took all of Soo-yun's and Jipye's power to just make sure that Jipye didn't faint, rather than having the Gible faint. However, one of the moves that Gible unleashed, Dragon Rage, hit a stalactite. The stalactite fell in Gible's direction. However, Gible hadn't noticed the stalactite. Knowing that if Gible was to be hit by that, he would die, Soo-yun pushed out of the way and only got a cut on her arm on the process. However, luckily, the cave did not collapse in. Gible, realizing that Soo-yun just saved his life, decided to go with Soo-yun on her journey. Soo-yun welcomed him, and after getting her cut bandaged, was off to Eterna City.

After taking the scenic route, Soo-yun managed to get to Eterna City. Along the way, she trained Toji and tried to get along with him. However, Toji was decidedly stubborn at getting closer with Soo-yun, even if he felt that he owed her his life. However, Soo-yun didn't let this discouraged her. She did train with Toji, though, with a lot of encouragement and managed to teach him how Jipye and her battled; through certain hand motions/body language rather than verbal commands. However, they were not in a well enough relationship for Toji to read off of her body language, but they did manage to put han motions to all of Toji's moves. After she felt that they were ready, Soo-yun challenged the Eterna City gym. To Soo-yun, the Eterna City gym was pretty easy. The only difficulty she had against Gardinia was her Roserade, who was pretty fast and powerful. However, Soo-yun did have Jipye, who was her killer of Grass types, and Toji, who was fast and powerful in his own regard. It didn't take much for her to beat Gardinia and win the badge. After a night's rest in Eterna City, Soo-yun moved on to the next city, Hearthome City.

Before that, however, she had go to through Mt. Coronet. Although it was quite large, it was a relatively straight path to travel through. Luckily enough, she didn't meet any blue haired egotistical men that are evil. She found a few items, bat away any pokemon that attacked her, and that was it. Mt. Coronet.

In Hearthome City, she managed to bump into Fatina after being dragged to the contest hall by a girl her age, who she didn't know. When Soo-yun asked the girl who Fantina was, the girl let her know that she was a contest master and the gym leader of Hearthome City. Excusing herself, Soo-yun told Fantina that she was a challenger that wanted to challenge her gym. Fantina babbled something in French and told Soo-yun (in English) that she was going to the gym to wait up for her. With that, Soo-yun went to the gym as well. Fantina was undoubtedly the toughest gym leader that Soo-yun had to face. All of her pokemon were fast and hit hard. Plus, Toji was rather worthless, having only Dragon Rage as an attacking move at that time. Luckily, he managed to knock out the Duskull before being knocked out by the Haunter. Then, it was Jipye against the Haunter. After getting a critical hit on the Haunter, but not before taking some damage herself, it was Jipye against the Mismagius. With a well aimed Confuse Ray and Psybeam, Jipye was done and Soo-yun had lost. After the battle, Fantina told Soo-yun, "You have a good battle style. Using body language instead of verbal commands means that it is harder for other people to figure out what you're planning. However, good trainers can pick up on your body language and learn what move goes with what gesture. When this happens, your advantage is gone." and sent Soo-yun to the pokemon center. After resting the night, Soo-yun decided that she was going to head off to the next gym and come back after training awhile. So, she went southeast of Hearthome; back home to Pastoria City.

At Pastoria City, she was welcomed home. In fact, it seemed like she never left. On the first night, her mother prepared a dinner comprised entirely of Soo-yun's favourite foods. It was during the dinner that Soo-yun told her mother and sister about her journey so far. Before they went to sleep, but after they cleaned up, her sister told Soo-yun that she had a present for her if she defeated Crasher Wake. Curious, Soo-yun could only nod and go to sleep. When she woke up, she folded up her blankets and walked outside. Although she didn't know Crasher Wake personally, he was a hero to the people of Pastoria City. Any money that he would earn through his wrestling matches went into the city's welfare. Soo-yun could vaguely remember a huge man with a blue mask at her school, playing with her and the children her age when she was in Kindergarten. All she really knew was that he used water type pokemon. Luckily enough, she had Jipye that had the ability Water Absorb and the move that the tutor taught her, Thunder Punch. However, she first fought with the newly evolved Toji, now a Gabite, instead. Toji managed to take out Quagsire, but was defeated by Gyarados. When Jipye came out, the rest of Crasher Wake's pokemon moves were severely limited. All his pokemon could do were dark type moves, which were ineffective anyways, dragon types moves, and ice type moves. Not even attempting to try dark type moves, Crasher Wake tried to fight with only the move Twister. However, Jipye was able to overcome it easily by dodging and landed a Poison Sting to the face. Due to poison, Gyarados was a goner. Next came Floatzel. Even though it was fast and powerful, all it could really do was Ice Fang. Crasher Wake knew that he wouldn't be able to go into the water due to the fact that Jipye could follow and just heal any and all damage. However, this severally limited the best of Floatzel's speed and every time that Jipye seemed to be taking damage from the Ice Fang, she would jump in the water and end up healing herself. Soon, Floatzel's Ice Fang lost power and then all it could use as an attack was Crunch. Each time that Ice Fang landed a blow on Jipye, Jipye gave a blow back of Poison Stings. Floatzel's strong will power was the only thing that kept it going. However, after using Crunch on Jipye and getting one more Poison Sting, the poison seemed to be too much from Floatzel and it fainted. Crasher Wake laughed, slapped Soo-yun on the back (thankfully lightly), and gave her the gym badge. He wondered where the sweet, docile Soo-yun went from her kindergarten days, causing Soo-yun to blush. After the battle, Soo-yun went home and showed her sister the gym badge. Her sister told her to wait there and went into her room. When she came out of the room, she handed Soo-yun a Dragon Fang for Toji. Soo-yun bowed deeply and hugged her sister, thanking her for the boost for Toji's Dragon type moves in the future and after staying one more night, said good-bye, again, to her mother and sister and went north to Veilstone City.

At Veilstone City, Soo-yun went for her fourth gym badge. With Jipye's resistance to fighting types, it probably would have been an easy gym. Jipye managed to defeat Machoke when Meditite came out and KO'd Jipye with two Confusions, but not without getting a Poison Sting to the face and getting poisoned. The poison and Toji made quick work of Meditite. Then, Lucario came out. It was all that Toji and Soo-yun could do to not lose to Lucario right there and then. Using their body language wasn't working; Lucario could tell what they were planning as could Maylene from reading their body language. When it seemed to be over as Toji was paralyzed from a Force Palm, Soo-yun stopped moving, which meant she stopped giving Toji commands from her body language. In fact, it meant that she didn't give any commands at all. Maylene frowned, commented on how someone that would give up so easily wasn't so deserving to get four gym badges, and ordered Lucario to give Toji the finishing blow. However, Toji broke through the paralysis, gave Lucario a double Sand Tomb-Dragon Rage in the face, and Lucario was trapped in the Sand Tomb. After Toji finished Lucario off with one last combination, Soo-yun told Maylene this, "You underestimate me and my pokemon. I trust my pokemon to be able to win, even without my commands. If my body language is being read, I'll start speaking verbally in either English or Korean. If that is seen through, then I'll just have to mix up my body language. If that is seen through, then I will stay quiet and my pokemon will battle by themselves. My pokemon already know what to do in a lot of situations; we have gone through what should be done in every situation if I am being read. Just because I, myself, is weak, doesn't mean that my pokemon are weak. My pokemon are strong because they don't need me to battle. Do. Not. Underestimate. My. Pokemon." Maylene laughed and nodded, giving Soo-yun the gym badge. After staying the night, Soo-yun decided to go back to Hearthome City and challenge Fantina again.

When Soo-yun made it back to the gym, Fantina saw a sort of power change in her and commented that she was going to use her strong pokemon. Soo-yun said that was fine. First was Toji VS Drifblim. Toji put sand all around the gym using Sand Tomb, while dodging Drifblim's moves. When Fantina commented that all of her pokemon were not affected by ground type moves, Soo-yun smiled. When enough sand was built up, Toji used Sand Attack (which, in the games, can still be used on a flying type pokemon) to put into Drifblim's eyes. Then, ran around the sand in a high speed, creating a sand tornado before finishing Drifblim off with Dragon Rage. Fantina laughed when she saw this and commented that she was about to get serious. Out came Gengar. Gengar was even worse than her sister Haunter. It was faster and way more powerful. Using Confuse Ray and Shadow Claw, it managed to knock out Toji, but not without getting hit in the face by two Dragon Rages. When Jipye came out, Jipye managed to get a lucky shot with Astonish without taking a blow from the Gengar. Then, Fantina sent out her Mismagius. However, Soo-yun was ready for the Mismagius. Using Taunt so Mismagius wouldn't be able to use Confuse Ray, Jipye used a mixture of the sand and Faint Attack to dodge Mismagius's moves. With enough Faint Attacks and Astonishes, Mismagius fell to Jipye. Finally, Soo-yun beat Fantina. Fantina congratulated Soo-yun and gave Soo-yun the badge. After coming out of the gym, Soo-yun was shaking, but laughing and generally happy. She decided to go to the Pokemon Center and rest before heading off to the next city. However, at the Pokemon Center, her mother called her, saying that she had a letter. Her mother told her the gist of what the letter was about and told Soo-yun not to worry about her and her sister and go for it. Soo-yun agreed to join the Master Quest.

Personality: Due to her culture and how she was raised, Soo-yun is an extremely polite person. She generally speaks in honoruifics and always bows when meeting someone new, or even seeing them again, even when they ask her otherwise not to. She is generally stubborn and always listens to the life lessons she has been taught, either by her own experiences or by her mother/sister. She generally doesn't speak unless spoken to, being afraid of insulting someone. However, she can and will say something even if she feels that it is quite rude, even if she would immediately apologize for that. Due to this, she may seem easy enough to take advantage of. She knows that this is happening to her, but still doesn't like to say 'no', unless it is something truly strange and ridiculous. She is extremely docile and a pacifist at that. She hates fighting and will try to talk through arguments with words instead of fists. She is a pretty good negotiator and is usually an mediatour for fights. She knows how to cook and clean well due to having to help around the house. Sometimes, she cleans things up automatically just because it has been so ingrained into her. She can be seen with a smile on her face, yet can pull off a mask of neutrality with ease. She can take hits/punishments without batting an eyelash, although if someone starts crying, she may start crying with them as a sympathetic crier. She isn't a sore loser, yet not a sore winner either. She just accepts losses and wins as they are and knows that even though she loses a lot or even though she wins a lot, she still has a lot more to work on. She perseveres and is able to adapt easily to any new environment. However, she is extremely paranoid due to conditioning from her mother. She doesn't trust people that well due to this, but she wouldn't shy away from a conversation. She generally trusts her instincts as well. She loves her mum, her sister, and her pokemon a lot. She hates seeing pokemon mistreated, but feels that pokemon and people still have things that they should learn from each other. She trusts in her pokemon a lot.

When she is battling, however, she seems to have changed into a completely different person. She is sarcastic, witty, cold and calculating while battling. The calm, quiet, nice girl that she is outside of battles is gone away and she brings out her battle face. She is a fairly good tactician, coming up with plans and tactics on the spot that could seem quite strange, and perhaps entertaining, to any viewers of the battle. Her wit becomes sharper and her senses seem to even heighten. Soo-yun feels that she truly comes to life when she is battling, that her real personality is shown through the language of battle, rather than her hiding behind her background and culture. As she rarely talks in battle, using body language to direct her pokemon, and her smile gone, she could be called cold. She only returns to normal when either she wins or is defeated.

Other: She has limited information in self defense. She speaks Korean and English.


- Species: Gabite
- Nickname: Toji

- Gender: Male
- Ability: Sand Veil
- Moves: Sand Attack, Tackle, Dragon Rage, Sandstorm, Take Down, Sand Tomb, Dual Chop, Slash
- Species: Croagunk
- Nickname: Jipye
- Gender: Female
- Ability: Water Absorb
- Moves: Astonish, Mud Slap, Poison Sting, Taunt, Pursuit, Faint Attack, Revenge, Swagger, Mud Bomb, Sucker Punch
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