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Originally Posted by Ashor View Post
Some bugs I found
One of the houses in Comet town warps me to the Gym when I leave it.
Also when I go into the house on the bottom right of Twinkle Town and leave it I warp to Pasifidlog(sp?) Town. From there I can go to the PokeCenter and warp back to Twinkle Town but if I got through the house on the top left I end up at the house in Route 1
Thank you. I have fixed them now.

Originally Posted by 4thGenAce:D View Post
But my, DJG haven't you changed the titlescreen as well the intro yet?
I am not planning on changing the title screen yet, not until I'll figure out of a proper way to insert it.
As for the intro, I'll be changing it once I figure out why Advance Text isn't functioning properly with my PC.