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    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    I'm also a bit worried because I know Moffat as a writer never really liked Rose... the episodes he wrote during the Rose era often had her doing exceptionally dumb things or being really jealous/catty/whatever. :( I hope he avoids that in this because that's not what I'm interested in seeing.
    That's a very good point! I really think that Rose has already been done enough as a character, she's had her twist, and her ending. You bring her back into the 50th ungracefully, we'll be dealing with another retcon. I would of much rather have seen Donna, someone that we can't see really see again considering how she was written out of the show. I suppose that holds true to Rose as well, but it's much easier to say "oh we acually can get back into that mirror-verse" or "Rose and Handy managed to make it out of the verse" then "Oh, Donna, right well, timy wimy remembery doctor." That being said, it's totally viable that Current Martha nad Current Jack can make an apperence...
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