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    hi! diego, hav u thought of the decorating the room feature for ur pkm crystaldust as it waz in the original pkm crystal vanilla & its also in emerald but in advance form... u can make big wailmer doll into snorlax doll & so on... i think that would be great if will be actually able to decorate ur room...
    i think its a pretty good choice to make emerald as a base for crystal remake cuz i think they both hav somehow pretty much similar features like phone call, decorating room, animated pkm sprites & so on... u hav been able to implement day night system which is awesome...
    Any way all the best in ur great hack... All that this hack needs is continuity, dedication, polishing, finishing & complition sooner or later... i hope this hack will be complete unlike others many... i'll be putting my eyes on this hack & its latest release... Again BEST WISHES!
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