Seen September 15th, 2019
Posted September 14th, 2019
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Because I needed a heal after Starglow Cave, I did go to the Pokemon Center first. (I got a real kick out of the grunt fight in the Center, that's a nice touch!) I stopped by the mart to see if there was a similar event there, took out the two grunts, talked to NPCs around town, then made the team leave. Once that event was finished I topped off my Pokemon's EXP to level up in Starglow Cave, then went to Route 4. Ran about for a bit, switching between the cave and the route to level up a Pokemon, then found out I could get the Togepi, and went to pick it up.

I can't think of anything out of the ordinary I did beyond that, however.

Oh, while I remember, I forgot to mention it sooner. When in the first gym, I talked to the clerk to show her my library card, as I had checked on the library before going to the forest. But when I tried to enter, she pulled me back and made me show her the library card again, as if she forgot, haha. It just stood out to me!