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Posted August 12th, 2017
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Some new effects:
1. Crush Grip: Just use the callasm statement after the announcement of attack and before the damage calculation.

.align 2
.global crushgrip

push {lr}
ldr r0, targetBank
ldrb r0, [r0]
ldr r1, battleData
mov r2, #0x58
mul r0, r2
add r3, r0, r1
ldrh r0, [r3, #0x28]
mov r2, #0x78
mul r0, r2
ldrh r1, [r3, #0x2c]
bl divide
mov r1, #0x1
add r1, r0
ldr r2, basePower
strb r1, [r2]
pop {r0}
bx r0

ldr r2, divider
bx r2

.align 2
targetBank: .word 0x02023D6C
battleData: .word 0x02023BE4
divider: .word 0x081E4019
basePower: .word 0x02023F50
There is a problem with the script. When you call the routine, it sets the base damages. But when you calculate damages, it resets the damages to the base damages of the move.