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~ Aoi Saito ~
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Taking a deep breath of the cool, fresh morning air, I glanced to the sky, admiring the sunrise as I thought back to my rather sleepless night and the event that.

"I wonder what caused that earthquake?"

I questioned, glancing down at Pyro as he yawned, rubbing his eyes a bit. The Charmander tilted his head a bit as if to say he didn't know himself before sneezing. Giggling I pat his head before walking inside of the Pokemon Center.

"Good morning Nurse Joy. Do you happen to know what caused that earthquake last night?"

I questioned, glancing at the rather large TV screen that sat in the Pokemon Center Lobby.

"Good morning Aoi. I'm not entirely sure, to be honest, but I believe they're currently going over that on the news."

She responded, turning the volume up on the TV slightly so that the news could be better heard.

"This just in, according to the Weather Institute on route 119, the massive earthquake that rocked the entirety of the Hoenn region last night originated on Route 134. It is speculated by the scientists at the Institute that the cause was a natural shift in the tectonic plates under the water, authorities, however, believe otherwise. We will keep you informed everyone. Now to Carmen with the weather forecast for the day."

Humming to myself a bit, I pursued my lips a bit.

"Well if it wasn't a natural quake, then something major must have happened last night. I wonder if any Mythical Pokemon have something to do with it, after all, they have to power to do magnificent things to the world around them."

I mumbled, remembering the lore of Ho-Oh and the revival of the Legendary dogs as my eyes flicked from the screen to the rather empty lobby of the center.

"That's rather worrisome, I hope the damage to the region wasn't serious."

Nurse Joy stated, her eyebrows knitted with concern. After a few moments of waiting in the lobby to see if the news would give me any more information, which it didn't, and making small talk with Nurse Joy on how we both hoped there was no significant damage or injury because of the quake, I decided to head out for the day, using the first bit of the day to train before attempting to take on the gym and ask it's leader if he knew anything about the lore and legendaries of the region. With Pyro hot on my heels, I walked out of the Pokemon Center and navigated my way to route 102 to train and potentially catch a Pokemon to add to my team.