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[PKMN OPEN] Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]


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    OOC Thread
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Opening Post
    Overhead of Slateport under cover of the night sky, a Dragonair soared eastward, two figures shrouded in black riding atop it's slender back.

    "We're almost there, tracker's getting closer."

    The man in front holding the Pokémon's reins looked back for a moment, peeking at the device in the other man's hand.

    "Just keep your eyes on that and let me know the second it's under us. I don't wanna get caught up in that current even if we aren't in the fucking water."

    "You're acting like it'll just suck us in or something."

    "Trust me, it will. It's got some kind of weird, magnetic-like pull as soon as you get close and I am staying way fucking clear of it."

    Below was the vast dark sea and the well-known currents that comprised the sea route from Pacifidlog to Slateport and from this height, especially at night, it was difficult to notice anything, let alone a subtle change in the waters.

    "Right underneath."

    "Alright. Take us down, girl." The man in front pulled down on the reins and the Dragonair began their descent, lowering them in a spiral.

    She stopped to a hover inches from the water's still surface as if weightless despite the burden of the men. Next to them was the silhouette of buoy, a tiny flashing light stuck to its side.

    "Holy shit this is creepy. This little patch of calm sea surrounded by all these currents."

    "Damn right it is. So let's hurry and get this over with. No point in wasting time." He felt a shift of weight from behind him and then heard splashing. Turning back to his partner, he saw him to the side of the Dragonair giving an "OK" sign before disappearing under the surface. He signaled back despite no one there to see it, or so he thought.

    A bright light swept across his face then focused back him. Averting his eyes, he raised a hand to shield his face. "Who are you!? Hands in the air, don't make a single move!" A voice shouted. The sudden beam of light had disoriented him, caught him with eyes wide. Neither him or his partner underwater expected any trouble tonight. With one hand still gripping the reins he pulled upwards and the Dragonair shot up to the sky in retreat.

    They climbed until the voice and light were faint in the distance. "Shit," he spat out. "There wasn't supposed to be a guard out tonight! Guess it's plan fucking B..."

    Underneath the water, Alan Alanson, a man of just twenty-seven years of age, sunk straight to the seafloor. He belonged to a group of men for hire, and while true most of their employment boarded the realm of crime, Alan was more concerned about money than lawfulness. He was a family man, and with his troubled legal past convenetial work didn't quite pay as well even if he had the necessary skills.

    Swimming right of the diving point, then left, and left again, Alan saw to his right side a long, narrow corridor and just ahead at the end of it, he could see a spot of light breaking through the surface.

    Then he realized it wasn't just one light breaking through the surface, but multiple, all smaller than the one at the far end of the corridor. He spun around and saw two more lights coming from around the corner. Eyes widening, he rushed into the corridor before fully clearing the path, his tank clunking as it hit rock. The lights surrounded him; they were most likely guards in search. Had the operation failed? Were they spotted? His mind raced and his breathing hastened. The lights were beginning to close in on him and it was only a matter of time. Could he make the entrance if he just went for it?

    Whether or not it would work, he couldn't think up anything else. Alan had decided. He steadied his breathing and then pushed hard off the wall.

    Before he had even swam a foot the sea floor illuminated and then turned back to darkness. At this point he wasn't swimming anymore, bouncing his way to the end of the narrow pathway with long, bounding strides, kicking up dust as he went. He was so preoccupied, so single-mindedly focused on that single source of light before him that he hadn't realized all of the other lights had disappeared.

    When he reached it, he emerged into a dimly lit cavern. Flinging his mask off, Alan dragged himself out of the water, his breathing ragged and heart thumping. Unbuckling the apparatus, he rolled over onto his back and threw his arms overhead, big gulps of air cycling through his lungs.

    After some time, Alan rose to his feet, eyes studying his surroundings. Stone tablets lined the cave with dotted inscriptions, a faint light emanating from their incisions. "Woah," he whispered, tracing his hand along one such stone. His gaze fixed onto it and he felt himself unable to look away. He couldn't read the tablets, before last week he hadn't even known about braille. Still, Alan didn't need to know how to read braille, all he needed to know was how to follow instructions.

    Reluctantly, the man pulled himself away, continuing deeper within the cave until he saw two large pillars and a dead end of a wall. He approached it cautiously, placing his hand on the wall. He felt the tiniest of give as he pushed. Balling his hand into a fist he gave it a light punch.

    "Of course not," he muttered. Alan reached for his waist and pulled out a metal, extendable rod. Uncapping it revealed a sharp drill-like end. Alan hesitated for a moment looking from the rod to the wall, his eyes following up to the ceiling. Shaking his head with a long exhale, he tightened his grip and planted it into the wall until it held firmly. He pulled on the extension and the rod began to beep. Alan ran, ran as fast as the flippers on his feet allowed him to, and then dove behind one of the stone tablets despite already being a safe distance away.

    Hearing the explosion, Alan waited a moment before peeking back and when he did his jaw dropped. They had told him what to expect in the briefing, but he hadn't exactly believed them then. To his amazement the wall had crumbled into an entrance way, and not the kind haphazardly made by an explosion, but symmetrical and seemingly carefully constructed. It may have been pessimistic thinking but he expected to be drowning right about now.

    Having had his fill of gawking, Alan approached the entrance way in small steps, crouching low to the ground. A part of him still felt the ceiling would collapse at any moment, a torrent of water filling the cave. Putting that notion aside, he stepped over the rubble in a hurry, more jumping than stepping, and crossed into the hidden room. He seemed to relax once on the other side, mind and body easing up. However strange it was, crossing into this section of the cave brought on a strong sense of security.

    In the hidden room, more and more tablets stood erect, their glow brighter than the others. At the far end of the room was a wall inscribed with the same braille on the stone tablets, but unlike the tablets there were depictions of two Pokémon carved into it, adjacent to the braille on both sides. Underneath these carvings were two slots carved out from the wall. Unclipping two pokéballs from a waist belt, Alan carefully inserted them into the slots.

    "A perfect fit," he remarked, the balls holding to the wall securely. In a moment of curiosity Alan tried to remove one, but the pokéball did not so much as budge. It was as if they had merged into the wall, become a part of it. Above the pokéballs, the carvings of the two Pokémon began to glow harshly, blinding him.

    Alan regained his vision quickly, but the effects of the light lingered in his eyes as the inscriptions and carvings on the wall seemed to shake violently. He staggered back turning to leave, but found himself leaning against one of the tablets for support. It wasn't just the carvings on the wall that appeared to be shaking, everything in the room shook, actually shook. One by one, the tablets surrounding him wobbled and then fell. He felt the ground rumbling under his feet and across the room where the entrance, now an exit, stood, the ceiling collapsed. All around him, rubble and rock began to fall from above.

    "Shit!" He reached for another pokéball at his waist, a last ditch escape plan they rarely used because of its inconsistency, but this situation, inside and outside the cave, called for it. "Kadabra!" He shouted to the Pokémon as it came out, "Teleport! When I grab you!"

    In its eyes he could see fear as the rumbling, the collapsing of everything around them suddenly filled its vision and ears. He was sure his eyes held the very same expression. Don't you dare Alan thought, his hand reaching out, fingers grasping. Don't you dare leave without me.

    There was nothing in his hand. It was odd. He saw the Kadabra with his very own eyes, saw its thin yellow wrist, saw his fingers wrapping around it, but he felt none of it. It was an utter lack of sensation not just with his hand, but his arms, his legs, his feet, all and everything numb. He felt nothing except for a sharp piercing at the crown of his head, and a trail of warmth and stickiness leaking out. Head dropping as if propelled with great force, Alan Alanson saw the ground rushing towards his face and then everything faded to black.

    Dozens of lights lit up the night sky by Pacifidlog as a long, wailing alarm sounded through miles and miles of sea. Gritting his teeth Mason Green pulled sharply on his Dragonair's reigns, the duo just narrowly avoiding a collision with a Skarmory. While the guards were all sea-bound on their ships, all anchored down so that the currents couldn't sweep them away, aerial reinforcements had to be making their way over, and this Skarmory was already a handful for them to deal with.

    "Alan needs to finish up fast." He muttered.

    Despite their constant dipping and dancing through the sky, the lights always found their way back to them. The searchlight of the boat that had first spotted them was the worst of the lot, somehow perfectly in line with their every more. Behind them, Mason could hear the Skarmory's call, see the glint of its silver wings catching in the corner of his eye. This time he wasn't sure if they could dodge it, so Mason turned his attention forwards. Whipping the reins with one hand, pushing Dragonair's back with the other, Mason pointed her to the boat. "Dive towards it!"

    Dragonair shot downwards in a blur, her trainer's legs frantically gripping to hold on. "Dragon Pulse!" He shouted.

    The guard steering tried to pull the boat out of the way, but it was far too late. A beam of dark purple energy shattered the searchlight, sending enough force to tip the nose of the boat into the air, throwing the driver and another guard into the water.

    Mason pulled on the reins again as Dragonair glided past the falling boat, ascending back into the sky. He was about to issue another attack, something to keep their attention on him, but the scene below left that unnecessary. As lights started to gather on the now capsized boat, the two guards barely hanging on its edge, the sea began to rage unlike ever before. All around them, boats that had been firmly anchored felt the current taking them, the waves pushing them however they pleased. Even the calm patch of sea began to take the form of the currents around it.

    Shouts came from every direction as guards scrambled to re-secure themselves, but they would find that impossible. Something had dislodged their anchors, spitting them out of the floor of the sea, rattled them out of their holes. The first to realize this called out their Pokémon and tried to flee to the sky. Unable to overcome the powerful and otherworldly pull of the currents, they were dragged into the sea. The two men, still clinging onto their boat in utter desperation, began to scream and screech for their lives as their capsized boat started to accelerate into an oncoming wave. The Skarmory shot by Mason, ignoring him and hurrying to the men. It grabbed them in its talons before they were nearly swallowed alive and somehow it managed to power through the currents' pull. The scene descended into utter chaos as men everywhere made attempts to abandon their boats, some successful, others not.

    "Alan!" Mason beamed, a cautious grin spreading across his lips despite the horrific scene in front of him. "Let's get out of here, Dragonair! That bastard's gotta be around here somewhere."​

    tl;dr Two of the "antagonists" head to Route 134 at night. One goes into the Sealed Chamber while the other deals with and fends off an unexpected group of guards. Sealed Chamber's ritual is complete, the caves/tombs are opened, earthquake strikes, people die, but the mission, for the most part, is a success. It's Regi time, friends.

    notes Some of you may realize that when Alan, rest in peace, was underwater, the route he takes to the Sealed Chamber is actually the reverse of how to get there in the games. I was too lazy to change this when I realized it so it stayed. I also messed up Route 134 with Route 132 but that was an easy enough change.

    I hope that this sets the tone of the RP well. It won't always be serious, but I like there to be consequences to things, especially when it comes to the main plot. Don't worry though, Kadabra got out in one piece.

    instructions Your first posts will take place the day after the earthquake strikes. It was a region-wide event and of course, it happened at night. Maybe it woke you up or maybe you sleep through it because you were put under heavy anesthesia. Either way, I would like at the very least a vague mention of it in your post. For the one clown in Slateport, the tremors were quite strong, but aside from market stalls, no buildings or structures were damaged. For the other characters, the quake was weak but if you were awake you absolutely felt it and it's probably a very hot conversational topic right now. Aside from that, you're free to begin your journey in whatever way you see fit, and I will try to respond appropriately and in a timely manner. If you have questions or anything seems unclear, let me know in the OOC or discord!

    thank you to Rika for approving this when she did because I just remembered something I forgot to include in the instructions

    your character will start with
    - 5 Pokéballs
    - 3 Potions
    - PokéNav (Phone/Dex/Map)
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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    ~ Aoi Saito ~
    Current Location: Petalburg City

    Taking a deep breath of the cool, fresh morning air, I glanced to the sky, admiring the sunrise as I thought back to my rather sleepless night and the event that.

    "I wonder what caused that earthquake?"

    I questioned, glancing down at Pyro as he yawned, rubbing his eyes a bit. The Charmander tilted his head a bit as if to say he didn't know himself before sneezing. Giggling I pat his head before walking inside of the Pokemon Center.

    "Good morning Nurse Joy. Do you happen to know what caused that earthquake last night?"

    I questioned, glancing at the rather large TV screen that sat in the Pokemon Center Lobby.

    "Good morning Aoi. I'm not entirely sure, to be honest, but I believe they're currently going over that on the news."

    She responded, turning the volume up on the TV slightly so that the news could be better heard.

    "This just in, according to the Weather Institute on route 119, the massive earthquake that rocked the entirety of the Hoenn region last night originated on Route 134. It is speculated by the scientists at the Institute that the cause was a natural shift in the tectonic plates under the water, authorities, however, believe otherwise. We will keep you informed everyone. Now to Carmen with the weather forecast for the day."

    Humming to myself a bit, I pursued my lips a bit.

    "Well if it wasn't a natural quake, then something major must have happened last night. I wonder if any Mythical Pokemon have something to do with it, after all, they have to power to do magnificent things to the world around them."

    I mumbled, remembering the lore of Ho-Oh and the revival of the Legendary dogs as my eyes flicked from the screen to the rather empty lobby of the center.

    "That's rather worrisome, I hope the damage to the region wasn't serious."

    Nurse Joy stated, her eyebrows knitted with concern. After a few moments of waiting in the lobby to see if the news would give me any more information, which it didn't, and making small talk with Nurse Joy on how we both hoped there was no significant damage or injury because of the quake, I decided to head out for the day, using the first bit of the day to train before attempting to take on the gym and ask it's leader if he knew anything about the lore and legendaries of the region. With Pyro hot on my heels, I walked out of the Pokemon Center and navigated my way to route 102 to train and potentially catch a Pokemon to add to my team.

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]


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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Marmara Ortega
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Rustboro City

    Through an open window wind blows emerald cloth curtains. Wingulls cry in the distance, one of which belonged to a curious bird. Having selected that specific windowsill to perch on, the avian began to descend.

    From the blue skies a lone white smudge mutated into a Wingull before the Aipom that had been gazing out the window's opening from the comfort of the table. However the bird's original plan was short-lived, startled off by the monkey that was now leaning out the window. Her tail held on to the lower frame as she swayed from side to side in anticipation of an encounter. But upon seeing the bird jerk and flap itself away from her, the Aipom's smile faded.

    From inside the hotel room's queen-sized bed a device whistled in rhythm to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star's first few seconds, its screen glowing.

    "Aipom! Can you get my PokéNav? It's on the bed!" a voice hollered through the bathroom door. When silence became the answer the voice spoke again, but in a pleading tone. "Pleeeeeease?" Fortunately it was enough to snap her companion back into reality.


    It only took a single leap for the monkey to reach the PokéNav, her tail swiping it in one swing. By the time she bounced off the bed in glee her trainer at last exited the restroom.

    Refreshed and... cold. Morning showers are always a cruel wake up method to the young adult. "Thaaaaaank yew," she sang in gratitude as she knelt down, grinning to her only Pokémon. Aipom grinned in return, gently placing the device on her trainer's open palms. "Hungry? Because I am." In response the Aipom extended her arms and bounced in place. Oh how adorable.

    The wait for Marmara to get ready for the morning café felt like eternity to the monkey. So much so that she threw herself onto the sofa that split the kitchen from the living room. In doing so the television had been accidentally awoken, filling the vicinity in a sudden array of colors. News poured out, catching the trainer's attention.

    "-region last night originated on Route 134. It is speculated by the scientists at the Institute that the cause was a natural shift in the tectonic plates under the water. Authorities, however, believe otherwise. We will keep you informed everyone. Now to Carmen with the weather forecast for the day."

    If we stop to reverse time to the moment the earthquake took place we see Marmara soundly asleep. Snuggled beside her on top of the sheets was Aipom, whose tail often jerked in her slumber. Both were weary and were enjoying their rest until the incident struck. The first to wake was Aipom, who didn't hesitate to yank her trainer's hair as she witnessed the room tremble. "EEE EEE!"

    "Ah ah ah oow! Aipom!" The earthquake hadn't been strong enough for Marmara to realize it had even taken place. Instead she assumed her companion had experienced a night terror. After all, Aipom displayed utter fear and refused to let go of Marmara's head.

    Fast forward to the present and you see Marmara's expression change to that of surprise. A gasp escaped her upon realizing that it was no night terror. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I thought you were having a nightmare last night."

    Aipom tilted her head yet her attention remained on the screen. Aiiii?

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    Current Location: Granite Cave/Dewford Town
    "Steady… Steady…" Kiyo quietly muttered as he slowly pushed his arms forward to get a better upward angle with his camera. A loud roar burst from the surrounding darkness, followed by the screeching of many smaller creatures. A quiet rapid clicking noise could be heard as a swarm of Zubat became illuminated by the intermittent flashing matching the rhythm of the clicking.

    "Hopefully I got it. That damn Aggron's been causing a commotion all night long."

    The young trainer slid his arms back and clipped his camera to his belt before pushing himself up from a prone position and turning back to his Pokémon. His green-eyed Sableye was enjoying the taste of a succulent chunk of granite while his Mawile sat just feet away, staring at the Sableye in admiration.

    "Well I'm glad you found something to eat, Gremm. Mollie, ready to go back into town for breakfast?"

    "Maw!" The little fairy turned her attention to Kiyo and nodded with a smile.

    A half-hour passed before the boy finally exited Granite Cave with his Pokémon. Gremm rode upon Kiyo's head while Mollie skipped alongside her trainer as they strolled along the shoreline to Dewford.

    "Today is the day we finally leave." Kiyo stretched his arms and placed his hands behind his head as he enjoyed the warm breeze blowing by. "Now that I've saved up enough money we shouldn't have a problem getting to the mainland and seeing what all of Hoenn has to offer."

    Before long, the trio approached Dewford Hall, the most popular building in town.

    "Mornin' Kiyo! Got the package you ordered yesterday but I couldn't find ya anywhere." An older man said while relaxing in a rocking chair outside the building.

    "Good morning Mr. Bennett. And thanks." Kiyo took the small box and looked it over.

    "Ya hear about the earthquake? They've been talkin' about it on the news. Seems all o' Hoenn was shook last night."

    "That was an earthquake? I thought it was another Aron stampede that was shaking the cave."

    Mr. Bennett rolled his eyes, "You still lookin' for that imaginary Zubat?" he questioned with a sigh.

    "It's not imaginary, just colored different." The boy unclipped his camera and started looking through pictures he had taken.

    "Well when I was your age each Pokémon only had a single color and we didn't waste our time crawling around for hours looking for these supposed 'special' Pokémon." Mr. Bennett mocked.

    "Yeah, and you climbed Mt. Chimney uphill both ways." Kiyo smiled as he came across the picture he had hoped to find. "See, there it is. I told you there was a green Zubat in that cave."

    Mr. Bennett's eyes opened wide as he examined the image on the camera's screen.

    "Well I'll be an Aipom's Uncle! There really was an odd colored critter in there afterall!"

    "Yep. And there's more out there for me to find." Kiyo looked over at the empty dock in the distance. "And soon I'll be able to begin the hunt."

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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Aleksander Clay
    Current Location: Fallarbor Town

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Groaning in displeasure as I wake up and stretch, I note that I'm now on the ground rather than on the bed where I fell asleep. Did I roll off the bed in my sleep? That's unusual...Getting up and popping my back, I glance around the room that's dimly lit from the early morning sun. the clock is glowing with a neon green '4:34' so I must have slept in. I wanted to get a move on back to Lavaridge before the sun was up, but looks like that's out the window. With reluctance to get going, I pull on the clothes I had packed into my bag a few days ago before I go through my bag once again to check I have all that I need.Trudging out to the living room I thank my uncle's friend, Mr.Koller, for letting me stay the day at the house.

    "Did you hear about the earthquake?" Mr.Koller questions as he checks over Sir and Les. Sir is being oddly rambunctious this morning and just won't stay still and he keeps trying to slip out of Mr.Koller's grasp.

    "Earthquake? Maybe that's why I was on the floor this morning. I hope everything is good," I mumble in response, really only half paying attention as I grab some breakfast. "I wonder how bad the volcano is acting from the quake."

    "Well, nothing too bad happened all the way out here, so I'm sure you're Piers is fine," Mrs.Koller mentions, gently patting me on the back, as if to console me. I wish it was this easy for people to understand my intentions as it is with Mr. and Mrs.Koller or Uncle sometimes.

    Giving her a slight hum in appreciation, I hand her the pot she's reaching for on the top shelf. "Here, please be careful," I say before passing by her to sit at the table to eat my breakfast.

    "Thank you dear," She calls out to me.

    Nodding a bit, despite her not really being able to see it from the kitchen. I pick up the paper and begin to read it as I eat my morning toast. At least, I tried to until the paper got blasted with Water Gun from Sir. Sighing, I set the paper down and finish up my toast before that gets soaked too. "Sorry about that Mr.Koller," I say, returning Sir to his Pokeball as I stand to begin my trek back to Lavaridge.

    "Honestly, child, how many times must I tell you to call me Kurt?" Mr.Koller laughs, walking me to the door.

    "At least ten more times, old man," I laugh and hug him goodbye before walking out the door as I call for Les.

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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    [Fortree City, around 3 AM.]
    [The earthquake triggered from the sea cavern causes the entire city to rattle overnight. The houses on the treetops are secure, but look like they might fall off.]
    [The house of 15-year-old NOLAN DICHARD lies on the ground, also taking the quake. NOLAN himself is asleep, not noticing the quake, but still tossing and turning through it. A picture frame falls off HIS nightstand next to him and makes a sound; NOLAN wakes up.]
    [HE now fully notices the quake and lies in bed rattling for a full minute or so, until the quake dies down a little. HE then slowly fixes the dent in the photo and places it back on the shelf, looks around and then reaches for a case of 3 Poke Balls and throws one out.

    NOLAN: C'mon, Hoover.
    [HOOVER, NOLAN's Watchog, pops out and nods to HIS Trainer. HE emits a yellow glow and spiraling circles from HIS eyes, which puts NOLAN back to sleep almost instantly.]

    [8 hours later...]
    [NOLAN is in the kitchen busy packing HIS Bag. HE and HIS mother, LINDSAY DICHARD, watch the news on the TV.]

    REPORTER [from TV]: This just in: according to the Weather Institute on Route 119, the massive earthquake that rocked the entirety of the Hoenn region last night originated on Route 134. It is speculated by the scientists at the Institute that the cause was a natural shift in the tectonic plates under the water; authorities, however, believe otherwise. [continuing in BG]
    LINDSAY: Earthquake? What's this about? I didn't feel anything.
    NOLAN: It woke me up last night.
    LINDSAY [panicking]: Really? What happened? ARE YOU HURT?
    NOLAN: I'm fine, Mom, I'm fine. Just a little... shudder, was all. Got it? I got back to sleep with Hoover's Hypnosis.
    LINDSAY: Nobody ever told me this place had earthquakes. Someone here could've been hurt— an entire house, even!
    NOLAN: ...Route 134, huh... Mom, that's on the other side of the region. If any houses did fall, we would've noticed.
    LINDSAY: Still... if you felt it, who knows how bad it must have been over there?
    NOLAN: Don't you get it? It was just a natural earthquake. Who knows? It could've been a Pokemon. They can create those things at will!
    LINDSAY: But that's—
    NOLAN: The Gym Leader, even! Uses Earthquake with her Altaria. Also, Clay's Excadrill used it plenty, didn't it?
    LINDSAY: But that's different!
    NOLAN: Mom, don't worry. The people here know what they're doing. You should just focus on me... and on you, and on Dad. Talk about this later.
    [SHE looks out the window. One family is repairing a loose plank on their house.]
    LINDSAY: ...Fine. You'd better finish up packing, then.

    [30 minutes later...]
    LINDSAY: Bye, Nolan! Love you!
    NOLAN: Love you too, byyyye!
    [LINDSAY shuts the door behind NOLAN as HE rushes out to the fields. HE stops to take out his 3 Poke Balls.]
    NOLAN: You ready, guys? We've waited so long for this!
    [HE peeks at the Fortree Gym.]
    NOLAN: [chuckles] Speaking of the Gym Leader, though...
    [From inside the Gym, its doors suddenly burst open.]
    NOLAN [calling]: WINONA! I challenge you to a battle!
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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    -- Rei Takabia --

    Location: Rustboro City Pokémon Center
    Objectives: Get Shit Done
    Status: Tired
    Other: N/A

    First Steps

    "Look... I know last night was a little rough. I'm more than willing to admit that. But that quake has been over for several hours now. Don't you think it's about time to come out from underneath that bed already...?"

    A frown graced Rei Takabia's lips as she stared at her Vulpix expectantly. It had turned out to be a rather eventful night, much to the girl's dismay. Under most circumstances, one might expect the nerves of setting out on a grand journey that would cover essentially every corner of the Hoenn region would be enough to keep the girl up all night. Admittedly, Rei would have had some difficulty going to sleep with these thoughts in mind. However, any contemplation having to do with the forthcoming journey were quickly tossed aside once that earthquake hit. While Rustboro wasn't exactly struck by an earthquake with enough magnitude to do much more damage than knock over a glass of milk, it was more than enough to keep the new trainer's starting Pokémon on edge the rest of the night. Much to Rei's annoyance, this meant that Ashe the Vulpix would spend the rest of the night whimpering and howling underneath the bed in their room at the Pokémon Center... an action which resulted in Rei getting little, if any sleep, at all.

    "Ashe... Look," the trainer called out, doing her best to try and keep her anger in check. The girl took a moment, climbing up properly to her feet and then began to jump around in an attempt to prove a point. "Look, no more shaking. Do you think I could jump around like this if the building was about to collapse or if the ground was still rocking back and forth?!"

    Cautiously, the little Vulpix poked her nose out from underneath the bed. Rei had half a mind to grab hold of the fox Pokémon and drag her the rest of the way out, but the red-haired girl was quick to realize that such an action probably would not help the situation at the moment. Rather, she let the Vulpix test the ground for herself. She watched as Ashe slowly pulled herself the rest of the way out from underneath the bed, taking a look around her surroundings carefully, before doing one small hop as if to see if Rei was in fact telling the truth. A small look of relief seemed to overtake the timid Vulpix's features as she found that things did indeed appear to be stable.

    "Well... I'm glad you're finally satisfied... Any chance we can get this show on the road now?" Rei questioned, kneeling down to Ashe's level.

    The Vulpix let out a small howl, affectionately rubbing against Rei's palm before hopping up into her arms. A sigh escaped the teenager's lips as she allowed the fire Pokémon to get comfortable in her arms, before standing upright once more and grabbing hold of her trainer's bag. While she was annoyed with how slow things were starting off for her, Rei could not bring herself to hold it against the Vulpix for too long. While she wished that Ashe may have been a bit more... confident and bold, Rei knew that she was lucky to even have a Pokémon to begin her journey with. There were many trainers out there who had to rely on catching a wild Pokémon, usually something along the lines of a Zigzagoon or a Wurmple, to start their journeys off with. Also, there was the fact that the Vulpix in her arms was a gift from her grandparents, one that had been raised up to this point by her grandfather to be exact. It was that knowledge that in a way made Rei feel inclined to take Ashe with her on this journey... While she didn't seem like she was going to be very reliable at the moment, there was always the chance that she would grow out of this behavior as they made their way across Hoenn.

    "Alright then, here's the plan," Rei began to explain as she exited the room with Ashe in tow. "First things first, we'll grab a bite to eat. Then, we'll head out to Route 116. As... strong as I'm sure you are, I don't think you'd fair too well against Roxanne all on your own... I figure maybe getting an ally or two and even visiting a few other gyms first might be a better plan. What do you think?"

    Ashe glanced up at Rei curiously, her tails swishing back and forth as she stared intently at the trainer before letting out a small howl in response. The girl wasn't exactly sure if this meant that her Pokémon actually understood what she was saying, but regardless it was a plan she intended to follow through with regardless of Ashe's feelings on the matter...

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    "-no casualties or serious injuries have been reported at this time, but we will stay on top of this story and keep you updated. Stay tuned in for more information regarding this mysterious earthquake."

    Chloe sat atop a stack of crates and yawned, listening to the radio from the stall over. The tremors from the night before got everyone out of bed much earlier than usual; before the sun was up, many had left their homes to check on their loved ones, tune in to the news and evaluate the damage that was caused.

    Chloe and her siblings didn't have much, so once they made sure everyone in their small family was alright, they, along with many other local vendors, scrambled to check on their stall at the Slateport marketplace. The damage could have been worse - some vendors were hit a little harder than others, but being clothing vendors, the Silvermans didn't really have any breakable stock, so aside from a bit of disorganization, everything seemed fine. It didn't sound like anyone got hurt either, so that was good news. Aside from the rocky start to their morning, business continued as usual. That said, they did spend all night putting everything back in place and lending a hand to a few other vendors too, so everyone was a bit tired.

    Chloe stifled another yawn and looked down at the bustling marketplace, with the beach on the horizon. Slateport City. 'The port where people and Pok?mon cross paths with nature'. It's a lively hub for a lot of trainers and tourists, either taking their Pok?mon to the beach for some rest and relaxation by the ocean, visiting the museum, or taking a stroll through the market - today was no different despite the events of the night before, and the earthquake did not deter many trainers from visiting today.

    From atop the crates, Chloe could see her brother Evan a few stalls down, seemingly browsing Pok?mon dolls and plush keychains. She grinned, making a mental note to tease him about it when he gets back.

    He hadn't been in the best of moods lately, and was even quieter than usual. The twins have both been dead set on becoming Pok?mon trainers for a while now, but Penelope wouldn't allow both of them to leave. "It's not that I don't support your dreams, but you need a good amount of this to travel the region like that," she had said, rubbing her fingers together, in a gesture for money. "I can only afford to support one of you on the road monetarily for the time being. And that's only if the other one stays here to help me with the clothing stall." So the twins decided to settled it with a battle. Chloe won.

    A feeling of giddiness and excitement rushed through her every time she thought back to her victory, and every time she thought about her upcoming adventure. She did feel bad for her brother and knew how disappointed he was, yet at the same time, she couldn't wait to begin her life as a full-fledged trainer.

    But for now, she still had to play the part of a saleswoman.

    "Oh! Feel how soft this is, dear," a young lady exclaimed, touching one of the scarves on display. Behind her trailed a tired-looking man holding several shopping bags, no doubt full of goods from the other stalls at the bazaar. Chloe smiled, and hopped down from the crates.

    "Hi there!" she greeted them, a little too enthusiastically. The customer jumped a little, but smiled back when she saw Chloe's bright, grinning face.

    "You have an excellent eye, ma'am - that scarf is made from the finest Mareep wool, imported all the way from Floccesy Ranch in Unova," she recited the familiar spiel. "My sister Penny over there knits these scarves herself," she added. Behind the display racks of the stall, Penelope was working hard at the loom, weaving a new shawl. Chloe made a big gesture towards her, as if she was selling a car, causing Penelope to blush and wave to the customers.

    "Mareep wool? Is that safe?" the young lady put the scarf back down, as if it would shock her.

    "Absolutely! It goes through a special processing treatment before it is shipped out to distributors, so it has all of the warmth and softness of the fluffy Wool Pok?mon, but no shocking surprises. The only surprise you will experience is how warm it is in the winter, yet how cool it feels when it's warm out! Here, try it!" she exclaimed, draping the scarf around the woman's neck.

    "They say Mareep wool stays cool and airy in the summer and warm in the winter. It's an adaptable and fashionable scarf!"

    "Wonderful! How much is it? We'll take two! What do you think, the maroon and... Hm, the navy?" the woman asked her boyfriend, who looked thoroughly disinterested but nodded.

    "Excellent! Right this way," Chloe resumed her position behind the cash register and completed the transaction. The woman thanked both sisters as the couple walked away, adding a new lilac paper bag stamped with the name "The Silver Penny" to her boyfriend's haul.

    "Well, well, look at you," Penny called out from the loom, "Quite the little saleswoman."

    "Couldn't do it if I didn't have quality products to peddle," Chloe shouted back, smiling as she straightened out the bills in the cash register.

    Just then, their brother returned, with Stella and Nova at his heel. Watching over the stall is a little boring sometimes, so Chloe doesn't mind when Nova would rather run off and play with Stella, even when they weren't accompanied by a member of the family - they knew the city well, and the locals know them too, so they weren't too concerned about getting lost or stolen.

    "Good of you to join us, Evan. Say, if you're starting up a Pok?mon doll collection, just let me know which ones you want next time," Chloe remarked as he squirmed behind the counter. "I still have some discount coupons from when I was like 8."

    He blushed furiously. "It's not for me, you asshole." before she could respond, he grabbed his bike from behind the stall with one hand and scooped Stella up with the other. After he secured her in the basket, he hopped on the bike and started peddling towards their house. Stella glanced behind her apologetically as she was whisked off, but Evan did not look back.

    "Hey! It's almost closing time, you're not gonna help us-" she sighed. "What's his problem?"

    "It's alright, let him go. You know he's mad he lost the battle."

    Chloe shrugged and plopped down on the ground next to her Eevee, idly playing with the red bandana around his neck. "It's not my fault I'm the better trainer. Right, Nova?" he looked a little dejected that Stella left, but his ears perked up when he heard his name. Although Chloe technically had two Pok?mon, Nova was the star of the battle. Her Swablu Fable was a sweetheart, but they still need to work on her confidence in battle a bit and train more before Chloe can throw her in a real fight.

    "Oh, it was a close one and you know it." Penelope removed the finished shawl from the loom and folded it neatly. "Come on, help me clean up and let's go home, too. I'm making spaghetti tonight."

    "You make spaghetti every night."

    "Yup, and you're gonna miss it. It's gonna be a while before you taste home cooked meals again, kid."

    Back at home, Fable greeted the sisters at the door, then returned to dusting the home with her wings - no one ever really gave her this task, but she just seemed to enjoy cleaning a lot, so no one complained. Evan was sitting at the dining table with his back turned, obscuring whatever he was working on from view, but Chloe could see a box of sewing supplies on the ground next to him.

    "Hey, clear the table. We're getting ready for dinner. What are you even doing?" She tried peering over his shoulders and saw a bit of red cloth.

    "Quit it, it's not done yet," he mumbled, annoyed. He put what he was working on in his pocket with one hand, and used the other hand to push Chloe's face away from his.

    "Rude. Whatever, wash up."

    Fable made a clicking noise of disdain as she floated over gracefully, sweeping up the bits of red cloth with her fluffy wings.

    "Now it's all over you, silly," Chloe laughed, plucking bits of red out of her wing.


    After their dinner of spaghetti, the three siblings returned to their rooms and got ready to wind down for the night. Chloe was sitting at her desk when her bedroom door swung open, and Evan walked in.

    "Could you knock-"

    "It's for you," he said, hastily stuffing a plush Umbreon keychain into her hands. A tiny, red bandana was carefully stitched around its neck, just like the one Nova wears. "Good luck on your journey, you're gonna need it." Before Chloe could say 'thank you', he turned left the room, closing the door behind him.


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    Aoi Saito

    Route 102 was swarming with people, but not the usual bunch you would expect. It was teeming with young children. Normally these kids would be in school, especially at this time of day, but with the earthquake and all the anxiety and concern that came with it, many schools had decided to close for the day to give children some time to relax and destress.

    You could hear the playful screams and yelling everywhere and unfortunately for Aoi, that meant wild Pok?mon were going to be a lot harder to find, holding out somewhere in the forests where there a lot less chaos was to be had. Either way, Aoi wouldn?t really have much of a chance to search for them, as when a pair of children stumbled by her and caught the look of her unusual Charmander, she soon became the center of attention.

    ?Oh my god, is your pok?mon a shiny!?? The shrill voice caught the ears of all the other kids and soon enough they had all gathered around Aoi, some dozen or so children battering her with questions and trying to catch her attention, pulling on her shorts and the like.

    ?Are you a Pok?mon Trainer? That?s so cool!!?

    ?Is that a Charmander? Isn?t that from another region!??

    ?Are you not from around here!? Where are you from??

    As Aoi dealt with the questions, kids speaking over each other to the point some could barely be understood, a young man ran up to the group. ?Alright, guys that?s enough!? He called out, unsuccessfully waving them off.

    ?Ahh, man. I am so sorry about this,? he said, wading into the group and pulling away the kids grabbing at Aoi.

    He faced her with a light smile and apologetic, easy green eyes. ?These are all my kids, well the kids in my class, I mean. I?m a teacher over at Oldale. Schools out today so I thought I?d round some of them up and bring the kids out for a trip while their parents are working. Of course, they sorta had a different and started messing around, doing what kids do.?

    He was somewhere in his early twenties with clean cut brunette hair and a clean shaven face with favorable features. ?I?m Oliver,? he said, extending a hand. ?Again, real sorry about this.?​

    Oliver is taking his class to the beach on the west side of Petalburg City. The kids enthusiastically ask you to join them. If you choose to disappoint the children, you may head further into the forest north or south of Route 102 in hopes of catching a Pokemon like originally intended or do something else. The choice is yours, but please, think of the children.​

    Marmara Ortega

    It was a wonderful day, and the earthquake from last night was not going to take that away. Even in the face of nature and her supposed disasters, it was important to tackle the day like any other, to begin it with excitement, daring, and initiative, to begin it with a boom. A literal boom. It shook the walls, the floor, reverberating and echoing throughout the hotel. In the room aside Marmara?s, an explosion had just occurred. It was quite obvious, not just because of the sheer deafening volume or the jolting force of its pressure, but because the wall and the other half of her hotel room had been blown to bits.

    It was a sight to see, the other side of that wall. Standing in all his glory was a man, prime in his natural state, unshaven and black hair a mess, but eyes very, very awake. Between him and the territory that marked her room was a Claydol, eyes shut and sputtering smoke from its arms and head. It stood still for a moment before flopping onto the floor, arms coming undone from the body. The Claydol was not the only thing flopping and unconscious, a breeze coming in from outside, but of the two it was the far more endearing attraction.

    The man?s eyes rose from his Claydol to the new expanded interior of his room and stilled. Abject horror filtered through his face as he turned away and walked stiffly out of sight. The Claydol was plunged in red light, disappearing into cover to be replaced by a Salamence. It filled the space of the rooms impressively as the sound of glass and rubble crunched under its feet. Poking his head out from what was left of the wall separating their rooms, the man glanced at Marmara and then averted his eyes to a corner of the room. ?Sorry... I?ll be going now??

    With what could only be presumed to be clothes bundled in his arms and shielding his waist, the man sprinted out from behind the wall and hopped a top his Salamence?s back, something slipping out from his clothes as he jumped. The Pok?mon turned its head towards its trainer, a cross expression in its eyes before it leapt out from the hotel room and took off out of sight.​

    If Marmara decides to pick up the fallen object, she finds a business card. The card belongs to a Freddy Morgan of Shiny Stars Talent and it has his phone number and email address. Hotel staff arrive followed by police but after they check the camera recordings from the hotel hallway they see where the blast originated from. The ambulance that arrives offers her a visit to the local hospital to check for any injuries but aside from that Marmara is free to do as she pleases.

    Shiny Stars Talent is a talent agency that has produced quite a few popular popstaresque trainers as well as celebrities. It may be worth her time to pursue, or not.

    Kiyo Shima

    An unmarked boat pulled into Dewford Harbor far earlier than any boat or ship was expected on today?s schedule. It drew the attention of nearby workers and townsfolk as whispers filled the air. Although unexpected, the boat?s sole presence was not the main cause of the sudden gossip around the docks. It was the man climbing out of the boat, his icy blue hair and distinguished, handsome face, that struck as most odd.

    ?What do you think you?re doing in my town?? A voice boomed out from the front of the docks. With his spiked blue hair the length of a mullet and classic black compression shirt, the owner of the voice was unmistakable.

    The question prompted a playful smile on the man?s face. ?Come on, Brawly. Don?t tell me you?re going cold on me too??

    ?Cold? Me? Do you hear yourself, Steven? You?re the one showing up announced! Are you trying to dodge me?? The two shared a laugh before they embraced shoulder to shoulder.

    ?So,? Brawly continued, the tone of his voice dropping. ?Is it about last night??

    ?It is, but it?s not urgent.? Steven replied. ?However,? he continued, his stomach grumbling as if on cue. ?This is.?​

    Former Hoenn League Champion Steven Stone has made a rare appearance in Dewford Town, much to the surprise of his good friend, Brawly. The two are having a chat over in an outside section of a nearby restaurant, but it is still a mystery as to why he made the journey to the small island town. This could make for a good picture, and this a rare opportunity to potentially speak with a former Pokemon champion if Kiyo dares to disturb them.

    Aleksander Clay

    Just on the outskirts of a relatively small farming plot on the edge of Fallarbor Town, a Zangoose prowled in the bushes, waiting for its next meal. It was a ragged thing, its fur tattered and dirty, it?s body thin and bony, a rare sight for the species. It had less the appearance of a fearsome predator, but a desperate scavenger.

    It had laid there all morning since dawn, waiting for the farmer who tended to his field to leave. The Zangoose saw its opportunity, and without much thought to the rest of its surroundings sprinted to the unattended fields to pick its full of seeds and budding vegetables, its hunger growing unbearable.​

    A wild Zangoose appears! This may be on the farm land by Route 113 or Route 114, depending on which direction Aleksander heads out. The wild Zangoose is level 14, but due to borderline starvation and fatigue, it is weaker than normal. If Aleksander chooses to battle and capture the Pokemon, I suggest it take both of his Pokemon's efforts.
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    LVL 14 Scratch | Leer | Quick Attack | Fury Cutter | Pursuit
    The Zangoose has a poor disposition, distrustful and at times it will be ungrateful. It is selfish and will hoard food. Perhaps his temperament will change over time.

    Nolan Dichard

    Nolan?s daring challenge fell to deaf ears as he opened the doors to the Fortree Gym front lobby. The receptionist at the front desk chucked an amused look in the direction of the trainer before returning to his work.

    ?Sorry, kid.? It was a large man in a black suit that spoke and from the look of him, his wired earpiece and intimidating stature, it was obvious he was security. ?The Gym?s closed for today. Winona headed out this morning.? He pointed over to the sign by the reception desk.


    Unfortunately, Nolan will have to wait for his chance to challenge Winona. He may schedule an appointment for a gym battle in the near future. In the meantime, Nolan is free to do what he pleases. I want to apologize since I planned for Winona to not be available in the beginning of the RP. She's currently doing something important!

    Rei Takabia

    Along Route 116, Mariella Golds wiped the sweat from the her brow as she worked diligently to gather the ragtag group of Whismur spread all over the path, dotting the green with a specks of purple.

    ?You have got to be kidding me,? she sighed, her free hand going to her hip as she held a sleeping Whismur close to her chest.

    The previous night?s earthquake had caused quite a stir in the Rusturf Tunnels, scaring even the Pok?mon that inhabited it, particularly these Whismur. They fled the tunnels in fear, and their cries, compounded with the quake?s tremors, were an incredible nuisance to those that had been camping out along the route.

    Mariella, something of a master Pok?mon handler, had been tasked by the Rustboro City leadership with herding the Pok?mon back to the caves where they would be safer, but mainly draw less complaints from residents and travelers.

    With so many of them, numbering maybe thirty, even with her Absol doing most of the legwork it was going to be a long day of it. The numbers by themselves weren?t so troubling, but it was the nature of Whismur as a species that gave the pair the most grief. They were a quiet kind of Pok?mon with a very inaudible speech but with fear they became deafening. In an unfamiliar territory such as this, they would scare twice as easily. It took considerable care to approach each one and guide them into the small group they had already assembled; if even just one let out that frightful wail, the rest would follow. The Whismur sleeping in her arm had taught Mariella that well enough; it had started crying earlier when some sort of explosion sounded off in Rustboro City and when she had finally calmed it down, the little thing just knocked.

    She had some more complaints about the job, but contract work paid handsomely and it was an offer that even at her age she couldn?t balk at. With a group of eight Whismur being nudged along by her Absol, Mariella moved further along Route 116.​

    It's a Whismur party and Rei is invited! If Rei offers her hand in shepherding these troublesome little critters, Mariella will gladly accept the help. She won't pay, but she may be willing to give the new trainer a fresh taste of what life is like outside of the Academy's practice matches. Mockingly, she'll even offer to heal your Pokemon after she wins. She has a Shuppet right around Ashe's level.

    Of course, Rei can always just mind her own business and maybe even catch one of the stray Whismurs for herself. It'll be one less Mariella has to deal with.

    (OOC: Juno's ended her post in a spot where I can't really do much, unless she really wants a home invasion to happen. If she starts her next post an in-game day later, chronologically Chloe will be a day ahead of everyone else for a bit. Keep that in mind if you want to interact with her at some point. Thanks for being patient, everyone!)
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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Aleksander Clay
    Current Location: Route 113

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Humming a tune as I wander down Route 113, I tuck my hand into my pants pocket in search of something to chew on. Coming up empty in that department, I decide to camp out in the grass near the farm to take a small picnic break with Sir, whom I release from his pokeball, and Les. Rummaging through my bag with one hand for the pokefood I brought along, I stares towards the farmland blankly, admiring the view before me and silently wishing I had a camera to take a picture for Uncle. Needless to say, I certainly wasn?t expecting to spot a white tail protruding from the crops on that farm. ?Hey, am I seeing things or is that a new type of plant?? I mumble, more to myself than anything.

    ?Woo-pa!? I receive in response before Sir moved towards the farm as fast as his little feet can take him as I pull out the pokefood and serve it for the two pokemon. Scrambling to get up, I jog after him once I noticed my little blue friend took off from his spot.

    ?Get back here, you little butthead,? I joke as I pick up the Wooper. Jolting when I hear a rustling from the bushes, I kneel down and set Sir on the ground so I don?t frighten the thing thats doing the rustling. Getting hurt on my way back home is not on my ?To-Do? list. Scooching just a smidge closer, I speak out slowly to the pokemon. ?You can come out. I won?t hurt you.? Apparently, the pokemon didn?t have the same intentions. Jumping out, the Zangoose makes a quick swiping motion with his claw and catches me on the shoulder. Well, apparently getting hurt is now on my ?To-do? list, and I can scratch that- pun intended- off the list. Moving back quickly before the Zangoose can do anymore damage, I tell Sir to use Double Kick against the other pokemon. I was definitely surprised by how much damage that actually did against the poor Zangoose. This thought was short lived as the white pokemon turns to Les and uses Pursuit on the poor Litwick after it used Smog in retaliation for attacking me and knocks out my poor Les. Returning Les to his pokeball for easier carry, I toss a pokeball at the Zangoose now that he?s weakened. Batting that pokeball away, the Zangoose attempts to flee despite the successful poisoning from Les?s Smog. Tossing another pokeball before he manages to get far, I let out a sigh of relief when the pokeball clicks to let me know I have succeeded in catching the Zangoose.

    ?Sorry buddy, I?ll get you to a center as fast as I can,? I state to the pokeball in my hand. Cleaning up the food and blanket I had placed out, I decide to head back towards Fallarbor since I didn?t make it that far before stopping to feed Sir and Les. Picking up Sir, I begin to sprint back to the town.

    Once there and inside the pokemon center, I greet the nurse joy behind the counter.

    ?Morning, Alek. What can I do for you?? She questions me chipperly. I don?t know how she can always be so happy, morning or night. Though, when she caught sight of my shoulder, she let out a sharp gasp in surprise. ?My goodness! What happened??

    ?Can you heal these three for me, please?? I request with my best smile-which isn?t much of one and place all three of my pokemon on the counter for her, opting not to answer what happened.

    ?Three? Did you get a new pokemon?? Nurse Joy hums as she takes them, turning her back to me to place them on the machine.

    Rubbing the back of my neck, I nod despite her not being able to see it. ?I caught him over on the farm pillaging some crops. Poor thing looks sickly, so I want to nurse him back to health. I?m probably going to stop by and pay the farmer for the crops too.?

    ?Well, that?s nice of you, Alek. But, make sure you clean up that gash before it gets infected!? she scolds. ?Would you like me to clean and bandage it for you?? Nurse Joy offers. I merely nod at her offer in acceptance, knowing she wouldn?t let me say no anyways. ?Good.? Moving around the counter after handing me my pokemon, she begins to help patch me up. As she does so, I look around the center. There?s really not a whole lot of people here right now, and I don?t honestly wonder why. It?s really early in the morning. ?Did you hear about the earthquake over in Slateport?? Nurse Joy suddenly questions, drawing my attention back to her.

    ?Yeah, Mr. and Mrs.Koller mentioned it before I left.?

    ?It wasn?t too strong thankfully, but we still felt it, even here!? She continues as she finishes up my shoulder. Nodding along with the conversation for a little while longer, I wave once I?m able to make my excuse to leave.

    ?Have a good day, Nurse Joy! Be safe!? I call as I walk out the doors and release Les to check him over. ?How are you, Les? I?m sorry about you getting hurt,? I mutter, holding the Litwick carefully. Les lets out a happy sort of sound and sort of jumps around in my hand, if you can call it that. ?All right, let?s stop by those farmers and then head on home. I?m sure uncle will be surprised by our new friend.?



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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    ~ Aoi Saito ~
    Current Location: Route 102

    A soft wind rustled the trees and grass as I looked at the rather busy route before me. Stepping forward Pyro glanced around before looking up at me, his face saying he doubted we will find any wild pokemon today as a few children approached us, squealing. I watched other children dart around the route as a smile formed on my lips before a couple more children came to us, several kneeling down to pet Pyro. The Charmander tilted his head, taking in all of the sudden attention with a grin as some of the kids pet him.

    ?Oh my god, is your pok?mon a shiny!??

    The shrill voice caught the ears of all the other kids that were scattered about, and soon enough they had all gathered around me, some dozen or so children battering me with questions and trying to catch my attention, pulling on whatever their small hands could reach.

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    ?Are you a Pok?mon Trainer? That?s so cool!!?

    ?Is that a Charmander? Isn?t that from another region!??

    ?Are you not from around here!? Where are you from??

    The questions came one after another from the children that stood before me as they pushed and shoved one another each trying to have their own question heard.

    ?Settle down please.?

    I hummed, kneeling down to their height with the hope of being able to get them to quite a bit.

    ?Yes, I?m a trainer and this is my partner Pokemon Pyro, he is a shiny Charmander. We?re from Ecruteak City in the Johto Region and Charmander are native to Kanto which borders Johto to the East.?

    Taking out my PokeNav, I pulled up the map, showing the children the different regions as I spoke. From the corner of my eye I noticed a rather handsome, brunette man jogging over to us.

    ?Alright, guys that?s enough!?

    He called out, unsuccessfully waving them off.

    ?Ahh, man. I am so sorry about this.?

    He said, wading into the group and pulling away the kids grabbing at me.

    ?These are all my kids, well the kids in my class, I mean. I?m a teacher over at Oldale. Schools out today so I thought I?d round some of them up and bring the kids out for a trip while their parents are working. Of course, they sorta had a different idea and started messing around, doing what kids do.?

    I giggled at his sheepish smile and shook my head.

    ?It?s not a problem. My partner Pyro and I were just out here to train.?

    ?I?m Oliver.?

    He said, extending a hand.

    ?Again, real sorry about this.?

    Taking his hand, I smiled.

    ?I?m Aoi, it is a pleasure to meet you, Oliver.?

    I replied, accidentally sounding a bit formal about the introduction. Glancing down at my attention loving Charmander, I giggled. Oliver chuckled while rubbing the back of his neck while watching one of the children pick up Pyro. With an amused little snort, Pyro hugged onto the child, making himself a bit easier to hold for the small boy.

    ?They've probably scared off any Pokemon from Oldale all the way to Petalburg by now.?

    He mused as some of the kids began to squabble over who would be next to hold Pyro.

    ?Now, now you guys!?

    He called out, trying the reign in the arguing children.

    From the group of children, a young blonde girl approached me, her eyes full of hope

    ?Miss, can you and your Charmander come to the beach with us??

    She questioned, lightly tugging at the bottom of my jacket. I could feel several pairs of eyes on me after the girl?s question. Smiling, I gently pat her head.

    ?Sure, I don?t mind accompanying you.?

    The children all cheered at my reply, some running ahead of the others in the direction of Petalburg City.

    ?You guys, stay together!?

    Oliver called out, his voice falling on deaf ears as the kids only continued in their quest of running to Petalburg.

    ?Don?t worry, I?ll make sure they don?t get lost.?

    I reassured Oliver before glancing at Pyro.

    ?Pyro, you stay with the others and help get them all to Petalburg.?

    I ordered, earning a nod and pleased grin from the small fire Pokemon. With that, I lightly jogged after the children, my eyes shifting between the three that had run ahead.

    Quickening my pace I caught up to the children before one ran into someone, tumbling to the ground. Jogging over with the other two kids, I kneeled beside the boy and made sure he was okay.

    ?I?m sorry about that.?

    I apologized, looking up at the person the kid had bumped into with an apologetic smile. With a small don?t worry the man continued on his way as the rest of the children along with Pyro and Oliver, caught up. Once everyone was accounted for, we all made our way to the beach that lies just outside of Petalburg City.

    Sitting in the warm sand, I watched the children as they all played, some burying Pyro in the sand while others splashed about in the shallows of the water with Oliver, as Wingull cries echoed overhead.

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]


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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    [Pause. The Gym Trainers and Guide at the front desk stare at NOLAN in amusement for a while, then resume their work.]
    [A SECURITY GUARD grabs NOLAN by the shoulders.]

    SECURITY GUARD: Sorry, kid. The Gym's closed for today. Winona went out this morning.
    [HE gestures to the sign on the door. It says "Gym closed until tomorrow. Schedule appointment at front desk for battle. Apologies for any inconveniences."]
    NOLAN: H-hey, mister, wait a minute?!
    [The GUARD puts HIM out and slams the Gym doors shut. Another pause.]
    GYM GUIDE: You could've just locked the door, you know.
    SECURITY GUARD: No one's asking you.

    [Slowly, NOLAN walks away toward a curb. A few bystanders chuckle. HE sits on the curb, takes out all 3 of his Poke Balls and opens them.]
    [On the left is MIELE, his Trapinch scurrying the area. On the right is KIRBY, his Escavalier looking aloof. In the middle is HOOVER with a concerned expression.]

    NOLAN: I'll admit, guys... not my brightest moment.
    [KIRBY bonks HIM on the head with a lance.]
    NOLAN: Ow. But can you really blame me, though? They did forget to lock the door. Anyone else could've challenged Winona by mistake.
    [HOOVER notices that some people are still looking at them funny.]
    NOLAN: ...Right?
    [The 4 exchange glances.]
    NOLAN: B-but at least you can understand where I'm coming from? I have to train you guys somehow and I haven't really gotten the chance yet. Hoover, you were way too powerful for most of these wilds from the moment I got you. I can't keep using you for every battle? everyone deserves a chance to get stronger. Kirby? look at you, you're only level 9. Don't you know you can't spend your whole life not listening to your...
    [It is revealed that KIRBY is trying to sneak behind NOLAN and reach for his own Poke Ball.]
    NOLAN: [groans] You see? We could be denied from every Gym at this rate! Well, if you can't help me kill some time, then maybe I can talk to someone else.
    [MIELE nods. Just from detecting what?s behind her, SHE traps a passing YOUNGSTER about the same age as NOLAN in a pit in the ground.]
    NOLAN: Wha? hey! Alright, back in the ball, you little rat. Both of you, too.
    [HE recalls them and helps the YOUNGSTER out of the pit.]
    Sorry about Miele. She can be a bit unpredictable some?
    YOUNGSTER [interrupting]: I don?t fucking care. What is it you want?
    NOLAN: Do you know where Winona went?
    YOUNGSTER: Do I know where she went? Do I? well, gee, I haven?t a damned clue why our Gym Leader would go out the day after the GIANT FUCKING EARTHQUAKE. Damn funny little shit. If you?re gonna almost kill me, at least make it important.
    NOLAN: Uh? OK. Um, she won?t be back until tomorrow, so what?s the closest Gym to here?
    YOUNGSTER: You should know. Get a fucking Town Map. Or get off your ass and schedule an appointment.
    NOLAN: Please just tell me!
    YOUNGSTER: [sigh] Fine, well, Mauville is just past Route 118 and past that is Lavaridge. You can waste your time at those Gyms, maybe stop at the hot spring or the Game Corner or something.
    NOLAN: OK! Thanks, byyye!
    [HE runs to Route 119 at the west side of Fortree and out of sight.]
    YOUNGSTER: Freakin? dumbass. By the time you get there, Winona will already be back.

    [NOLAN reads the sign post. It says ?Route 119: Home of the Weather Institute" and shows pictures of Oddish, Linoone, Kecleon and Tropius. Sure enough, the Weather Institute is seen up ahead.]
    [The tall grass rustles.]

    NOLAN: All right!
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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Marmara Ortega
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Shiny Stars Talent is a talent agency that has produced quite a few popular popstaresque trainers as well as celebrities. It may be worth her time to pursue, or not.​

    The mocha flavored coffee was good. Oh it was real good. So good Marmara nearly failed to recall this morning's incident.

    Relaxing music filled the café. Of the selection a soothing piano track currently played through the speakers, caressing the trainer's eardrums. All the meanwhile, Aipom was fanning her drink with the help of a paper plate. Its contents swirled about, marshmallows beginning to melt into the hot chocolate.

    Laying between the two in full view was the business card. Marmara kept gazing into the card, lost in the memory of this morning.

    The day had started with an odd detail. One that had sent her mother into a frenzy, agonizing over her daughter's health and well-being the moment she received news of it. But now there was more to the day than just a dismissable earthquake. To add to the list of things that could surely end Marmara's life in the big wide world was Mrs. Ortega's reason of living. It made her tick. Adding to it explosions in hotel rooms was a one-way ticket back home. Thus Marmara decided to call them herself as soon as she reached the hospital to lessen the blow. Fortunately her story was worded in such a fashion that a slap-to-the-wrist was the outcome. As a bonus they insisted on speaking to the hotel staff themselves whilst she finds a motel. Oh, not a hotel, but a motel. No hotels, echoed her mother's wise words, NO HOTELS.

    Hotels were now banned.

    Disappointment crossed Aipom's face upon discovering the drink remains too hot to her liking. She sits abruptly, pouting. Yet this time Marmara's attention remained on the business card.

    Aiiipom? Her partner's head obscured the card from view, snapping her out of the trance. "Oh! Hello! Are you okay?" To answer the question the monkey sat beside her cup and pouted once more, eyes glistening. As always, Marmara scratched underneath Aipom's chin and left to buy some brownies.

    I don't know what to do. I kinda do and kinda don't. I'm scared.

    There was a line. Not too long of one, but it would certainly take a minute or so.

    I just feel bad. Bad that I didn't really respond or react to the man. I hope he's doing okay.

    Within the display case a vast selection of sweets and small lunches were neatly demonstrated. Cake, cookies, quesadillas, brownies... it all made her appetite growl with a vengeance, prompting a blush out of the trainer. She hadn't realized she was as starved as she was.

    I think I can. I'll send an e-mail. Too scared to send a text message... ah. It feels like I'm sending a love confession all over again. So nervous.

    Aipom eagerly waited, extra appendage toying with the rim of her drink. Even after today's events the two found enjoyment out of a cute breakfast. Well, not the healthiest meal, but satisfying.

    Minutes later Marmara returned to their small table-for-two with a brown bag in tow. Opening it set loose a sweet aroma that made Aipom giggle in delight. "Here you go, your brownie."


    It was only a matter of time before Marmara pulled out her device and began to navigate through her settings. Amidst her nibbling and sips the email app was brought up, its prompt to type menacing.

    Aipom's hot chocolate remained... well, hot, but not sufficiently enough to stop her from taking quick slurps. Crumbs caked the purple critter's lower body, cheeks filled with chocolatey goodness.

    What do I write? To kick things off she inserts the man's email address. But all that did was worsen her fear.

    The morning events replayed in her mind over and over. Unfortunately she wasnt very observant, and as a result couldn't recall when the business card had ever fallen. Then again, amidst the explosion, police, hotel staff, frantic calls, and hospital, perhaps her memory could have already been slightly twisted. After all, she only cared about the safety of her partner, whom she still needs to take to the Pokémon Center. With the promise of hot chocolate the simian had agreed at last to getting checked.

    And so that was their next destination. During Aipom's checkup and motel search Marmara kept struggling to finish the email, continuously disappointed by how much better it could be worded. Furthermore it didn't help recalling her reaction to the incident. It was embarrassing to her.

    Dear Mr. Morgan,

    Hello and good afternoon sir. I'm so sorry to bother you at this time of day. I email in regards to the explosion that happened earlier today. My name is Marmara Ortega and I was the person who you saw. If it's alright to ask I hope you are okay. I wanted to apologize for not helping or trying to say anything. I hope I didn't come off as rude or bothered.

    Thank you for your time sir.

    Marmara Ortega

    The cursor blinked on her device's screen, apprehensive expression illuminated in white. She was sprawled on the motel room's queen-sized bed. With every movement the bed's metal frame squealed in agony, much to the exhausted Aipom's annoyance.

    Tap. The email was sent. There was no turning back despite the sudden urge to turn off her device and never glance at its screen.

    A nap to drown her trepidations was in order.​

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    Current Location: Dewford Town
    Kiyo opened the box in his hands to examine the contents. Sweet, got my potions and Pokéba-. The sound of a crowd forming and the sight of a mysterious boat instantly distracted Kiyo from his thoughts.

    "I was wondering when he'd be back. I haven't seen that young man in a long time." Mr. Bennett as he sat forward in his chair.

    Kiyo looked back at the old man with a confused looked before turning back to the dock. The boy's eyes opened wide as he saw one of Hoenn's former champions step from the boat and began chatting with the local Gym Leader.

    "You mean to tell me Steven's been here before. Multiple times. And I haven't noticed?" Kiyo alternated between looking at the two men on the dock and Mr. Bennett.

    "Of course." The old man laughed. "He usually spends most of his time in Granite Cave collecting rocks though. Doesn't spend too much time in town."

    "I spend most of my time in that cave!" Kiyo threw his arms up "How have I never seen him!" He grabbed his camera ready to snap a few pictures but changed his mind as he saw Steven and Brawly make their way to the nearby restaurant. Dragging his two Pokémon along, Kiyo followed the pair to the restaurant.

    "We were planning on coming here anyway so this isn't as creepy as it looks. I'm not a stalker." Kiyo muttered to Gremm as the dark hobgoblin laughed in his ear.

    The trainer and his Pokémon sat down at a table, each with their own plate of pancakes. Mollie insisted on sitting as close to Gremm as possible before eating while Gremm, oblivious to the world around him, was focused on his on culinary skills as he carefully sprinkled grains of sand onto his food. Meanwhile Kiyo quietly sat and ate as he contemplated how he was going to approach Steven. Just be cool. You ask to take pictures of trainers' Pokémon all the time. He might be a champion but he's still a person like everyone else on this island. Just don't be weird.

    After he and his Pokémon finished their meal Kiyo stood up and approached Steven and Brawly.

    "Excuse me Mr. Stone? My name's Kiyo and I do Pokémon photography. Um, if it's not too much to ask, could I take some pictures of your Pokémon? I understand that you have some rare Pokémon that aren't found on this island and I would be honored if you'd let me snap a few shots of them." Kiyo removed his camera from his belt and held it up to show Steven.

    Steven looked at the boy then Brawly and chuckled. "It's been a while since my Pokemon have been in the spotlight. Would my Metagross suffice?" He said, turning back to Kiyo.

    "Uhhh, yeah!" The trainer's eyes lit up at the prospect of seeing the steel master's strongest Pokémon up close.

    "Alright, then let's get to it. And one more thing, please just call me Steven." Steven got up from the table and hopped the small fence outlining the patio before tossing a pokéball into the air to release his Metagross.

    The four legged metal beast hovered above the sand for a few seconds before settling down onto the sand. Kiyo got down on one knee and started snapping pictures as Gremm and Mollie stood next to him, observing the monster before them. Steven stood to the side and studied the trainer's Mawile.

    "Your Mawile seems to be well taken care of. Her fur has a nice sheen to it and her horns look well-polished." Steven said as Kiyo clicked away.

    "Thanks, your Metagross is pretty amazing as well." Kiyo stood up as he finished his photoshoot and clipped his camera back on his belt. Gremm quietly stole the camera and started taking selfies and random pictures. "I really appreciate this. It's not every day I get to photograph a Pokémon this powerful, let alone one that belongs to a former champion."

    "You're welcome." Steven placed a hand under his chin as he stared at the young trainer's Pokémon some more. "I'd say you have potential to become a champion as well."

    "You really think so?" Kiyo snatched his camera back from his Pokémon who failed at winning the tug-o'-war match.

    "Of course. I sense strong potential in your Pokémon. With enough training you could go far with them by your side."

    "I've considered taking the gym challenge but I'm a much better photographer than a trainer."

    "Have you done much battling with other trainers?" Brawly finally jumped into the conversation.

    "Well, no but-"

    "Then how can you know for sure?" Brawly crossed his arms, "Why not come by my gym and we'll see just how well you and your team fight?"

    "That sounds fun but I don't think I have the time. I'm supposed to leave the island soon so I can travel the region."

    "From what I heard before coming here, most ship routes were temporarily delayed after the earthquake." Steven added, "Waves caused by the seismic activity have done some serious damage to various docks around the region. So you should have some extra time to kill."

    Kiyo looked down to Gremm and Mollie who each gave a thumbs-up gesture. "Alright we'll give it a shot."

    "Awesome. Follow me." Brawly waved toward the gym as he began to lead the small group away from the restaurant.



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    Aleksander Clay
    After battle
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Les the Litwick?s level increases to 8.
    After battle
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Sir the Wooper?s level remains at 12.

    When Aleksander finishes his business at the farm and heads out towards Lavaridge Town, he will travel across Route 113, famous for the thin layer of volcanic ash that covers much of its plant life. Normally, in its small quantities, the ash is harmless to the average person but a larger quantity of the dust has collected in the area due to last night?s earthquake. A few workers in facemasks are scattered along the route with Gulpin and Swalot cleaning up the extra ash. Seeing Aleksander, one of the workers will escort him to a path where the substance is least potent that they have been using to corral trainers for the day.

    If Aleksander wishes to continue to Lavaridge, with the sun beginning to set, he will have to traverse the Fiery Path to get from the northern most section of Route 111 to Route 112. Gathering outside of the tunnel-like cave is group of fellow trainers setting up camp for the night. With the night approaching, will he ask to take up with the campers or will he journey through the cave alone which even this group of trainers decide against.

    Aoi Saito
    To the north of the beach, in the sole house and dock along Route 104, a group of men made preparations to set out.

    ?I don?t remember agreeing to chaperone some kids,? one joked in reference to the noise outside. ?Think we have enough space in the boats? Lifejackets??

    ?Knock it off, Luke. You finished prepping, yet? You must be with all your yapping.? Another replied before stepping out onto the house?s porch.

    ?Aw, what are you turning all sour on me for, Greg?? Luke said, following the other man out. He looked at his friend who was leaning forward against the porch railing, looking out at the kids playing on the sand and grinned. ?Oh, I get it. One of your brats out there isn?t it? You?re local, yea??

    ?No, not one of mine.? Greg said, breaking into a smile. ?Mine are grown, out in the world somewhere, but it brings back memories.?

    ?Real mushy, ain?t ya?? Luke replied, turning back towards the house until a certain shape distinguished itself rising from the sand.

    ?You see that?? Greg asked in awe, his eyes fixated now on the Shiny Charmander.

    ?I sure do. Keep an eye on it for me.? Luke said, rushing back into the house.

    When Luke returned, his Swellow sat perched on his shoulder, a small black anklet around one of its legs. ?Track that for me, Sweetheart. It?s trainer should be nearby. Make sure you?re not spotted.? With a brief nod to Luke, the large bird Pok?mon took off.

    Greg turned back to face Luke, his face warped in playful disbelief. ?You named it Sweetheart? And you were giving me ??????

    ?Alright! Chop, chop men. We got a ruin that needs sacking and a client that is awaiting!? He called out to the men as he sauntered back into the house, ignoring Greg?s jab.​

    It seems someone has spotted Aoi's shiny Charmander and although preoccupied with other, more urgent matters they aren't going to let the pair out of their sight. The children, Aoi, and Oliver are all unaware of the Swellow's presence. Aoi is allowed to continue in whatever way she wishes.

    Nolan Dichard

    Peering out from the grassy spot is a Zigzagoon with a small bag hanging from its mouth. When it sees Nolan the small raccoon Pok?mon attempts to flee, but will it escape in time?
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    LVL 12 Growl | Tail Whip | Sand Attack | Headbutt | Baby-Doll Eyes
    This Zigzagoon enjoys scavenging for items above all else and even now it holds a small bag of stardust in his jaws. The Zigzagoon is prone to shy away from battles but a trainer may just be what is needed to foster courage in this Pok?mon.

    Marmara Ortega
    Freddy Morgan collapsed onto the office couch exhausted on what was supposed to be a day off from work. Instead, his supposed day of luxury became a day of exhausting phone calls and emails, most of which concerned the spur of the moment renovation of a Rustboro City hotel room. He let himself sink into the cushions feeling as if he had finally earned a moment of reprieve. The sudden weight he felt on his back shattered that notion and he felt himself, if just slightly, slip further into mild insanity.

    ?From the looks of it, you must have had quite an eventful day.? The voice was a familiar one, a fellow talent agent who started at the company alongside Freddy, a friend that knew him better than most, and more often than not, a thorn at his side.

    The talent agent groaned in response, turning over to face his colleague.

    ?If you consider beginning the day by exposing yourself to a young girl in her own hotel room eventful, then yes, I would be inclined to agree.? He threw his arms up, his irritation evident by voice, action, and the sarcasm.

    ?A girl? Were you offering her a job?? His colleague mocked, trying to suppress her laughter.

    Raising an eyebrow, Freddy began to sit up. ?You know, if you want to sit through a however many hours long presentation on workplace harassment and sensitivity training for a second time, all you have to do is ask and I will grant your wish.?

    ?Fair enough, fair enough. So, what happened next?? As per usual, she was not going to relent.

    ?What happened?? He practically spat it out. ?Nothing happened, I left! Clothes literally on my back, might I add. But, because I know you won?t be satisfied until you pester me with a million more questions, let me just skip to the part that I know you?ll love.?

    ?Oh? Do tell.? In anticipation, she leaned back into the sofa so that she faced Freddy and crossed her legs.

    ?I left my goddamn business card there. And the surprising part isn?t that she emails me, because of course she?d email me, who wouldn?t email one of us if they found our card just laying around after an incident like that? But she emails me, and this email - it just breaks my brain.? He paused, his thumb and pointer finger rubbing his eyelids. ?I?ve spent practically the whole of my morning playing peacemaker with the hotel, the authorities, the media trying to placate and explain what happened, and what does this little girl have the audacity to email me with. An apology! A mother????ing apology! If she were trying to blackmail me, squeeze an ounce of opportunity for fame or whatever out of me, then alright, I know how to handle that, I?ve deal with that before. But this? How the hell do I respond to this good-natured, wholesome bull???? just sitting pristine and pretty in my inbox??

    Freddy?s crazed rant was met with outright laughter. Tears were welling in his colleague?s eyes as she struggled to speak. ?You have to show me this email.? But before she could finish her sentence, he had already tossed his phone into her hands

    She read it over while wiping away the tears. ?Well isn?t she something, asking if you?re okay. Marmara? Odd name, but it could work.?

    ?Work?? He just stared at her. ?You can?t be serious.?

    ?I don?t see why not. Alarmingly nice to paraphrase you, and probably genuine too. A little quirky and awkward from the look of this email too. I see a lot of potential there, we could make it work.? She replied, jotting things down in a notepad. ?Do me a favor and give her my contact whenever you get around to answering that.? Her tone was was uncharacteristically serious and professional.

    ?As you wish,? Freddy mimicked a bow. ?Your Majesty, the Pike Queen, your humble servant, and esteemed courier, will without fail deliver your message in full.?

    ?Oh please, Morgan. Don?t call me Pike Queen, at least not this time of year. Reopening the Battle Frontier is a long ways away.? She called out, strutting away. ?Right now, I?m just plain old Lucy.?​

    It seems Marmara message has incurred mixed reviews. When she wakes from her nap, Marmara will not find a reply in her email because Mr. Morgan has now categorized Marmara's message as work. Freddy Morgan is currently not working and has also decided to take tomorrow off. It may be a few days before she hears back. Marmara is free to do as she wishes after her nap.​
    Kiyo Shima

    Kiyo can continue on to the gym battle without interruption.​
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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Marmara Ortega
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    1 of 2

    College had always been her goal the moment she received her surprise scholarship in early middle school. During that moment she felt at the top of the world. Nobody could pull her down from the clouds as she envisioned dreams of grandeur and a pretty pink house.

    Of course age changes humans. She was a mere 12 year old when the award had been given. Furthermore, her studies continued to exceed expectations as the years rolled.


    Her dream now is a different one. Marmara desired to be a Pokémon Master, much to the disappointment of her family. It wasn't a bad profession, not one bit, yet it wasn't necessarily a financially stable career either. As a result she had been taught from a young age that a good, solid career in medicine was her golden ticket to a good life. Fortunately her parents never prevented her from pursuing her dreams. Instead they were content in seeing it stay a hobby.

    Once out of high school Marmara took time off to give herself a break from academics. Not the best move, but it had been done nonetheless. Training with Aipom had been done here and there as well. It was during this time span that Marmara had managed to convince her dear father of going on a journey through the region; She would pursue her dreams, but only, and only if, she enrolled in college.

    And this brings us to the main reason for her current stay in Rustboro City; it was to attend a college fair. Afterwards she had hoped to spend a day with an old acquaintance, but unfortunately it's been over a week and no response, not even a peep, had been received from them.

    She didn't want to wait anymore. At least she had emails from Hoenn colleges and universities to look forward to.

    Marmara stared at the ceiling above her motel couch, pondering.

    "Hmmmm." Marmara took out a small notepad. On it scribbles about Roxanne and Aipom's horrible mismatch against her team were etched on its smooth, yellow pages. Training had been done to amend that, but Marmara has yet to see Aipom defeat a rock type with ease.

    If her Aipom struggled against a rock typing in the wild she couldn't fathom the disaster that would take place against Roxanne.


    One Hour Later ---

    They sat inside the gym's museum, the red couch soft to the touch. It hadn't been her first time in this gym - the first was to admire the inside - but it will be her first attempt to face Roxanne's trainers. Doing so will show her what she may be lacking. Some skip them entirely and go straight for Roxanne, but Marmara figured her failure was more than likely at this point.

    Aaaaaiiiieeeeeee, screeched Aipom as she rolled in circles. At one point the monkey had been going fast enough to become a yellow and purple blur.

    ♪♩~ Suddenly a device sings to life, snapping Marmara out of her blank stare into nothingness. Her hands scramble for the pokenav, nearly dropping it before finding out it was her dear father.

    She responds immediately. "Haaai pa!"

    As Marmara began conversating and the monkey spun in circles a newcomer entered the gym. A blast of air caught them by surprise, forcing a grunt out of them. At first the stranger paid no attention to the creature as they sauntered by, but the sheer silliness of the sounds convinced them into shooting a quick glance.

    Except that Aipom was no longer up to her regular antics, but instead now sat up. Her circular eyes initiated contact with the curious passerby, who didn't halt their gait. Instead they suddenly changed direction and began walking backwards.

    Their action wasn't in vain, for the monkey remained glued on the individual, head swiveling as they paced back and forth.

    Meanwhile Marmara carried on a chat with her father, one arm wrapped around her bent legs. "And why don't you just catch yourself a water or grass type?" his deep voice emanated from the pokenav.

    "But pa, I, uh, want to use Aipom. You know how she likes to battle."

    "You're making it harder than it needs to be. Or... are you just lazy?"

    "But da-"

    "-aaa aaaaa. Don't push Aipom past her limits. Do you forget that I raised her too? She won't stop unless you tell her to and I know how you haven't learned how to read the obvious cues."

    The stranger chuckled after much entertainment from Aipom before disappearing further into the gym. Aipom let out a content giggle before rolling over to her busy trainer. But upon hearing a particular voice through the phone she grew nostalgic, pulling her ever so closer to the source.

    "Well, okaaay. You're right pa."

    "And call your mother when you have the chance. She worries." The floor began to rumble and walls carried the echoes of a battle nearby.

    "I will pa. I'm going now then."

    "Take care m'hija. Bye."

    "Bye bye pa!" Marmara gingerly holds the device in her hands, but it only took a slight tilt to realize her partner Pokémon's head was perched on her shoulder, startling her. The fright led to her dropping the pokenav, its clinking on the floor like nails on a chalkboard to the trainer. "A-ah?! I didn't see you there I-"

    Aaai! The creature interrupts, left cheek rubbing against Marmara's. "I know you don't mean it though. It's been what, years, and I still can't get used to you scaring me like that." Still ongoing were the war cries of the Pokémon engaged in combat. Mixed in the commotion are the sounds of water.

    Curiosity got the best of both Marmara and Aipom, who leaned forward to attempt to get a peek. But instead they locked eyes with a youngster. While Marmara sheepishly broke contact Aipom continued her intense stare.

    "You think you can beat me at a staring contest?" The boy blinks, causing a slight pause. "That one doesn't count!"

    From the museum cases a stranger walked past, body distorted by the glass displays. It was a different individual from the one earlier. They proudly flaunted the badge, tossing it in the air with their head held up high.

    "Again! I was thinking about how I was going to win and it made me blink! So again!" the youngster blurted out to the purple simian.

    With the winner now gone and Marmara left alone with the youngster, a sense of bravery began to bubble. Little by little she grew more confident, believing that if the stranger could defeat Roxanne in such a short time, then she could take on a child.

    "Are you okay to fight Aipom?"

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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    ~ Aoi Saito ~
    Current Location: Route 104

    Waves lapped at my ankles as I stood in the shallow waters with the children, enjoying their eagerness to play while the sun was still high. Smiling, I watched as some splashed each other and others swam around in the waves.

    "Don't wonder out to far!"

    Oliver called out, drawing the attention of some of the kids that had begun to move further out of the shallows. Walking out deeper into the water I watched the kids as they came closer, making sure the tide didn't pull them back out.

    "Hey Miss Aoi, there's someone with a Pokeball!"

    One of the kids called out as I returned to the shore with a few of the children. From where he was buried in the sand Pyro popped up, his eyes glistening with hope for a battle. Children quickly surrounded the blonde male despite the Oliver's attempt to keep them from trampling the poor guy. Brushing the rest of the sand off himself, Pyro quickly waddled over to me as I brushed the sand off my feet and put my socks and boots back on.

    "Quite a lively bunch."

    The trainer commented with a chuckle as the kids all badgered him about how neat it was that he was a trainer and questioned what pokemon and badges he had. The blonde pushed his fingers through is hair, answering their questions with, Slakoth and Taillow, currently none but that would soon change and answering anything else that was asked in between his previous answers.

    "I'm sorry about them."

    Oliver spoke up, picking up one of the kids as they tried to grab the boy's Pokeball. Laughing softly I shook my head at the group of kids and walked over with Pyro and attempted to help Oliver quell the children.

    "Oh, lovely partner you have there."

    The teen stated to Oliver, gesturing at me as my face went red.

    "U-uh, n-no we only just met today."

    Oliver stuttered out making the kids all giggle.

    "Miss Aoi came with us for the field trip."

    "She's a trainer from Johto!"

    "I think Mr Oliver is embarrassed."

    The children's chatter helped alleviate any awkwardness in the air as I cleared my throat.

    "Aoi Saito, it is a pleasure to meet you."

    I introduced, offering a hand to the, rather tall male.

    "The pleasure is mine Aoi, I'm Nathan Richardson."

    He replied, flashing a, what was probably rather charming to most people, smile as he shook my hand. Returning the smile, I pulled my hand away as some of the children started to say, or rather chant, battle. Looking at them I laughed softly, opting to give into their demands.

    "What do you say Nathan, would you mind battling me? I haven't had much of the opportunity since coming to Hoenn."

    I questioned, looking up at him. With a rather quick agreement, he helped Oliver and I get the children a safe distance from where we would be battling so that they could watch. Walking a good distance away from Nathan I slid off my jacket and tossed it to the sand before I looked back over my shoulder, double checking we had the entire group of children.

    "Is a one on one battle alright with you?"

    I questioned, turning on my heel to face him.

    "Fine with me!"

    He replied, grabbing one of his pokeballs.

    "Ready Pyro?"

    Looking down at my Charmander I grinned a bit feeling excitement coursing through me.

    "Go Slakoth!"

    "Let's do this Pyro!"

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    The instant the two Pokemon were on the field, the battle began and a crowd of onlookers formed beside Oliver and the children. Eyeing the Slakoth I noted the general size of it was rather large for its breed and hummed to myself.

    "Your Slakoth looks pretty strong!"

    I complimented, shifting my stance slightly.

    "But that won't bother us, Pyro use Scratch!"

    I ordered as Pyro dashed forward swiping at the opponent.

    "Slakoth retaliate with Scratch as well."

    Nathan ordered, his pokemon quickly following his command and slashing it's claws across Pyro's face. Stumbling back, Pyro shook off the sting of the attack and geared up for his next attack as I gave the command of "Ember." Using his close range and the Slakoth's Truant ability to his advantage, Pyro quickly fired off two sets of ember in succession, landing a clean hit both times.

    "Slakoth, let's give them a taste of your Faint Attack!"

    The Slakoth rolled onto its back drawing Pyro in, before it quickly flipped over, throwing a sucker punch at Pyro knocking him back into the sand.

    "Pyro, you okay?"

    I questioned my partner as he staggered to his feet, a low growl emanating from him.

    "Looks like you're all fired up now. Let's use it's ability against it again, Ember!"

    Once the attack landed, Pyro quickly leapt back in an attempt to avoid another blow from the Slakoth's Faint Attack before he used Sand Attack at my command, reducing the visibility on the battlefield for a moment.

    "Slakoth, use Scratch!"

    The Slakoth swung blindly through the air, clearing it of the sand but landing no hits as Pyro fired off another Ember attack from a distance landing a strong enough hit to finally knock out the normal type. With a small cheer, Pyro fell back onto his butt, stretching out in the sand.

    "Good battle."

    I said, walking over to shake Nathan's hand before picking up Pyro.

    "I didn't think you'd beat us, Slakoth is pretty strong but you have some sensible tactics and strategies to throw off the opponent."

    Nathan pointed out, picking up his fainted Pokemon as we were surrounded by children, most of which giddy from having watched the battle while a few others were sad that it was over.

    "Growing up around Pokemon, you get a sort of sense for how things might affect the battle. Most of it was learned from watching my mother and aunts battle trainers."

    I replied, weaving through the sea of children to get a potion from my bag. Sitting down, I treated Pyro's scrapes and bruises despite his small cries of protest.

    "Do you need any bandages or anything?"

    Nathan questioned, treating his own Pokemon with what he's had in his bag.

    "No, thank you though."

    I replied, listening as Oliver explained to the children about how it was always good to treat a Pokemon's wounds after battle to help prevent it from fainting and how giving them a revive would cure them if they had fainted. With a chuckle Nathan rose to his feet.

    "It was a pleasure meeting you, hopefully we will run into each other again on the road Aoi but for now this is farewell as I am off to take Slakoth to the Petalburg Pokemon Center."

    With another, probably charming, smile, Nathan left, heading East towards Petalburg.

    "Well that was… interesting."

    I commented getting up, only to bump into some new person, who seemed to have been standing there for quite a while presumably watching the battle, as I squeaked out a "sorry!".

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]


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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Aleksander Clay
    Current Location: Route 111

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    I cough as sudden amounts of ash and smoke infiltrate my lungs, which, even for this part of the route is unusual. I remove Mother's scar from my head and let my hair fall into my face as I tie the fabric over my nose to prevent anything else from preventing me an easy time breathing. Glancing around, the ash is unusually thick in the area, but given the earthquake from last night, I can't say I'm to surprise, rather just mildly inconvenienced as I'm now forced to breath in more ash than I'd like- the orders to go this way were fine, I was already planning to go this way without being told to afterall..

    Sparing nothing more than a glance to the trainers who are setting up to camp, I simply walk into the cave to continue my way home. I'd honestly rather walk through the path even with potentially angry pokemon if it means I don't have to deal with these new people. Besides, I walk this way pretty much every week since I moved in with Uncle, so it can't be that bad. Silently, I wonder if I'll come across that beautiful Noibat again. Though, the daydream is short lived as I trip over a sleeping Torkoal and accidentally anger it. Freezing, I stare as it slowly gets up on its feet and exhales smoke through its nose in anger.

    "Oh….oh dear god…" I mumble, slowly stepping around it towards the direction I need to be going. Still moving slowly in that direction, I release Sir from his small home in case the fire turtle decides to charge at me as I try and make a swift escape. "Come on, Sir, move slowly and maybe he'll leave up be."

    Mission abort.

    The Torkoal starts charging and I book it with Sir and call out to him to use Water Gun on the turtle as we try to stay out of range of it. Trying to keep up with me and attack at the same time isn't to easy for poor Sir though, because his attack misses horribly and the Torkoal rams him with its head. Skidding to a stop, I scoop up my little Wooper before setting him back down. Taking a deep breath, I order him once again to use Water Gun on the Torkoal and breathe out in relief when it hits. Picking up Sir again, I dodge the charging turtle pokemon as it tries again to attack us with a Fire Spin before setting the Wooper down and order him to use Water Gun then follow through with Mud Shot. Moving fast as his little legs could carry him, Sir follows through with my orders, but gets hit with Rapid Spin from the Torkoal. Wincing in sympathy for Sir, I frown as I order him to finish off the Torkoal with one more Water Gun.

    Once the Torkoal faints, I rush over to Sir to give him a potion. "Two battles in one day, and you did well for both of them. I'm proud of you little guy," I praise the Wooper, petting his head with my gloved hand.


    Dusk Mane Koopa

    "What's the matter, scared?"
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    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]
    Hoenn: The Road [IC] [M]

    [The ZIGZAGOON with a bag of Stardust in his mouth scurries for some more junk. HE is seen by NOLAN and attempts to flee from him at first sight.]
    NOLAN: Get back here… C'mon, Miele!
    [MIELE is released from the thrown Poke Ball and sets up an Arena Trap around the ZIGZAGOON.]
    NOLAN: Rock Slide, now!
    [MIELE looks up at the trapped ZIGZAGOON but HE does not hesitate in using Headbutt to intercept the command. MIELE gets back up and uses Rock Slide to pummel ZIGZAGOON to 15% health.]
    [ZIGZAGOON attempts to flee, but trips over his own feet.]

    NOLAN: All right, that's enough.
    [HE pulls out another Ball.]
    Let's see if this thing likes Balls.
    [The Ball encapsulates the weakened ZIGZAGOON inside it, does its usual shaking and *click*s shut.]
    NOLAN: Yes!
    [HE picks up the Ball.]
    It does… what a relief!
    [MIELE snaps at HIM with an angry face.]
    NOLAN: Oh? Yeah. Great job, Miele. Rest up.
    [SHE grumbles as SHE is recalled.]
    [ZIGZAGOON is sent out. Quickly, NOLAN takes out a Potion and uses it on him. ZIGZAGOON flinches, but his HP is fully restored and his gashes gone.]
    NOLAN: Hey there, little—
    [ZIGZAGOON squirms out of HIS hands at lightning speed.]
    NOLAN: Don't like talking, do you? Sorry about that.
    [HE is picked up again, more forcibly this time, and placed beside.]
    Pokemon and Trainer have got to know each other well. That's the rule of being a Trainer! And the first thing you need… is a name.
    [ZIGZAGOON scurries around and sniffs the grass, trying to pull out a Berry.]
    NOLAN: I'll call you "Brady". How's that sound?
    [BRADY— as he is now named— stops and looks up at NOLAN looking rather blank.]
    NOLAN: Maybe you just need to talk, Brady. C'mon, Hoover!
    [HOOVER is sent out. The two Normal-types catch each other's eyes. Though HOOVER can see outside of his Poke Ball, he still looks amused by the new… friend. HE smiles and extends his tail.]
    [BRADY, looking at HOOVER from afar, tries to extend his tail as well. But once the raccoon dog gets a closer look, the groundhog in HIS eyes becomes a grotesque, towering beast. BRADY is put under pressure by the tall stature, the edgy fur and tail, the uncanny grin with a thousand rows of teeth and the bloodshot eyes that have instilled fear in some humans before.]
    [HE pulls back his tail and walks, slower than before but still with a skip. HE continues to pull out that Berry there.]

    NOLAN: Again?— [groan] I mean OK, maybe another day. For now we gotta get to Mauville.
    [Both of them are recalled. NOLAN spots on the ground the bag of Stardust that BRADY had, kneels over and picks it up.]

    [NOLAN peeks at the Trainers by the wayside of Route 119, but they are mostly preoccupied with battles and such. HE sighs.]
    [On said wayside, the bag of Stardust that NOLAN still holds is spotted by an ORE MANIAC carrying a bunch of Gems.]

    ORE MANIAC: Excuse me, young fellow!
    NOLAN: Hm?
    ORE MANiAC: If you don't mind me interrupting your stroll— well, do you?
    NOLAN: No.
    ORE MANIAC: I was just taking a gander at that bag you have in your hand. It brought a twinkle to my eye.
    NOLAN: What about this bag? I found it in—
    ORE MANIAC: It's Stardust!
    NOLAN: Stardust?
    ORE MANIAC: Don't tell me you haven't heard of it before! Stardust is an ancient relic, twinkled onto the surface of the Earth a million years ago. Some say it was sprinkled by one of our Lords and saviors, Jirachi herself! After all, only she could create a rock so smooth and pleasant.
    [NOLAN looks at the dust.]
    NOLAN: Smooth and pleasant, yes… Looks kind of dull, though.
    ORE MANIAC: To you, maybe. But to me it shined like no star ever could. Not in the millions of years this dust has been on Earth! If it doesn't interest you, then how about you trade it to me for a hefty price? A million or 2, you could say?
    NOLAN: Alright then! You got a deal!
    ORE MANIAC: Excellent. Here's your reward, young man.
    [The Stardust is traded for… ¥1000. Pause.]
    NOLAN: Well, I… uh… thanks anyway!
    ORE MANIAC: No problem, come again soon! Well, will you?
    NOLAN: Maybe…

    [40 minutes later…]
    [The sun begins to set over the horizon. The sign post reads "Route 118: Where Protean Meets Power". Pictures of Linoone, Kecleon and Electrike are shown.]

    NOLAN: If no one wants to battle on Route 119, there's gotta be something juicy here. C'mon Nolan, you've got this.
    [Observance. The right amount of Trainers seem to be present, some with their Pokemon.]
    [One area that NOLAN skimmed over before suddenly catches his eye. HE looks back— perks up. It's the same YOUNGSTER from earlier! He silently trains a Vigoroth against the wilds.]
    [Immediately NOLAN is up and at the boy.]

    NOLAN: 'Scuse me…
    YOUNGSTER: If you wanna battle me, hell if I'm interested.
    NOLAN: …I wanna battle you!
    YOUNGSTER: Oh joy.
    NOLAN: Hey, lighten up. You have a Pokemon, right?
    NOLAN: Then to battle's the reason you're here!
    YOUNGSTER: Kid. Buddy. Pal. You wanna know the reason I'm here?
    NOLAN: What's it?
    YOUNGSTER: I'm telling you to turn the fuck back.
    NOLAN: Wha— I— I'm not turning back! Mauville's right there!
    YOUNGSTER: …Look. I'm the one who told you to come here. And I'm real sorry about that.
    NOLAN: Don't be!
    YOUNGSTER: Because Wattson's away too, you know. I thought you'd realize that he's one of Hoenn's most important figures. Instead these past few hours or so you've been meandering around the route doing nothing except… meander around the route. I didn't even know you were there. Though I really should have. While I've been here bulking up Gogo here, you've been bulking up Arceus knows what.
    NOLAN: I caught a Pokemon! That's not nothing!
    YOUNGSTER: A rat. You caught a rat. If you really wanted to train up and get all stronger or something, you could've caught a badass banana bird or sought out one of those Kecleon— but you squandered yourself on a dirty raccoon who doesn't even like you! In fact— in fact, you know what? None of your Pokemon like you!
    NOLAN: What did you just say?!
    YOUNGSTER: I said I didn't see you before, but I lied. I saw you. Everybody did. You're an eye magnet, and not the good kind. I don't know really what it is with your Pokemon— at least I didn't at first. But now I see it. Everybody does.
    NOLAN: You're just jealous because you only have 1 Pokemon, aren'tcha?!
    YOUNGSTER: And you're just jealous because you're a fucking candy cane who never read a guidebook in his life. Aren'tcha?
    NOLAN: Ngh!
    YOUNGSTER: Look at your team. Your bug hates your fucking guts. Your raccoon thinks you're Cthulhu. Your… thing buries people alive for a living. And your meerkat? He stands in the background absorbing the flair of your other team members because he has none of his own. And whose fault do you think that is?
    NOLAN: You can't blame me for any of this! You think making an entire Pokemon team in 7 months is easy? You've got to see them, feel them, know them. And… I haven't really gotten the chance to do that. It's happened faster than you'd think! You think Alder or Steven Stone started off an expert? No. And neither am I. I'm working hard through my learning things here and my payments and—
    YOUNGSTER [interrupting]: See?! That! THAT! You're making excuses! Instead of actually going out to carefully follow your dreams, you sit back and think about what could be. And then when you actually do it, you fuck it up in the worst way possible. I— I don't even get it. You do things without thinking of what might happen. You don't read signs or write sign-ups, get scammed by lunatics and probably rely on your parents to pay your bills. I can tell you want to be like Steven— or like me— but you've beat your head on the same stone wall so many times. It's people like you that make adults think Pokemon training is for babies. And that's what you've always been so far: a giant baby.
    [Pause. NOLAN raises his eyebrows, then presses them inward.]
    NOLAN: …I never needed advice from you. I just wanted to battle you, alright? I don't care if I don't become a Master until the end of time. I don't care about being all special like Steven or anything. I don't even care about Winona anymore— but the Dynamo Badge is mine! Good night!
    [He walks further in.]

    [Nightfall. A number of people and Pokemon are asleep right now, but NOLAN mutters the night away to himself in his tent.]

    NOLAN: Giant baby, my right... What right does he have? What's he gonna do, wreck my tent? Well, g'night, guys.
    [BRADY squirms in his Ball as if to pressure him. KIRBY also looks interested for once.]
    NOLAN: I said g'night! Okay? Wait till morning.
    [His eyes stay open, however, at least for a little while longer.]
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    Current Location: Dewford Town
    "And that's how I discovered that some Geodude are small enough to fit inside a Sableye's mouth." Kiyo laughed as he finished telling a story before stopping in his tracks to avoid walking into Brawly.

    "Here it is, Dewford Gym." Brawly turned and spread his arms out in front of the buildings glass doors.
    "Let's get this battle going!"

    "As much as I'd love to watch your battle, I'm afraid I must leave you two for now. I do have some business to attend to in the cave after all." Steven said.

    "You sure? I've finally trained up the Pokémon you gave me last time you visited. You'll miss its first gym match."

    "Yes I'm sure. As I said earlier, I might not be in a rush but it is still important to get this done sooner than later." Steven turned to Kiyo and reached out a hand. "In the event I don't see you again before your departure I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to meet you Kiyo."

    "You too Mr. Sto-, um, Steven. And thanks again for the picture." Kiyo shook Steven's hand before turning back to Brawly. "I'm ready."

    "Awesome. This way" Brawly ran inside, motioning for Kiyo to follow him. Gremm nearly fell off Kiyo's shoulders as the trainer dashed through the doors to keep up with the gym leader and Mollie stopped to wave to Steven before running after her trainer. Kiyo looked around the room noting a single orange couch and a receptionist's desk, nothing special.

    "Good morning Brawly! Hunting down trainers this early?!" A girl in orange shorts and t-shirt with blue hair tied in a ponytail energetically exclaimed as she addressed the gym's leader.

    "Good morning Laura. And actually this one came after Steven and I. Wasn't expecting it but you always gotta be prepared for rogue waves."

    Before Kiyo could interject, Brawly motioned to follow him once more and ran further into the gym. Kiyo picked up Mollie in his arms and quickly followed Brawly through the narrow halls. Looking right and left Kiyo saw various rooms full of standard exercise equipment. So this gym is a literal gym. How original. The young trainer followed Brawly into a larger room with a battlefield made up of hardwood floor and various holes filled with dirt and sand.

    "I understand you only have two Pokémon, correct?" Brawly stood at a rack of Pokéballs, surveying his options.

    "Yeah, just Gremm and Mollie here." Kiyo set Mollie on the ground as Gremm jumped down.

    "In that case I'll use these two." Brawly selected two Pokéballs and moved to his end of the field. "I hope you don't mind fighting in the dark. I feel it adds a nice degree of difficulty and truly tests the bond between trainer and Pokémon as they have to rely on each other much more when they can't see clearly."

    "As I told you on the way here, I spend a lot of time in Granite Cave so I'm fairly accustomed to the dark." The idea of his first gym battle feeling like another cave encounter put a grin on the boy's face.

    "Far out! Let's get this battle started then!" Brawly snapped his fingers and the lights began to dim. Gradually the room darkened to the point that Kiyo could barely make out the outline of opposing trainer on the other end of the battlefield.

    "Makuhita! Let's go!" Brawly through his first Pokéball into the air, releasing the rotund fighter onto the field.

    "Gremm, you're up first." Kiyo looked down his Sableye and tilted his head to the field. Gremm eagerly jumped out in front of his trainer. Ghost versus fighting. This should be easy.

    "Makuhita, focus and bulk!" The fighting type breathed in as its body swelled up and let off a faint white glow.

    "Gremm, Astonish!" Gremm ran at the guts Pokémon as his dark purple body blended in the darkness.

    "Saaaable!" the darkness Pokémon pulled his mouth apart with both hands and left out a screech as it appeared in front of Makuhita's face, seemingly out of nowhere. The fighting type stumbled back in shock as it kicked sand in Gremm's face.

    Gremm lunged forward in an attempt to scratch his opponent's face but missed by an inch. Makuhita lunged forward and tackled Gremm, however the ghost Pokémon simply slid back unfazed by the attack. The dark type took this opportunity to strike with another scratch, this time landing the attack. Makuhita jumped back to another hole in the floor and kicked more sand up.

    "Makuhita might look slow but with enough training it can easily outmaneuver a racy wave!"

    Kiyo silently observed Makuhita's dodge and dust strategy as Gremm's close range attacks kept missing. Immunity is meaningless if Gremm can't even land a hit himself. Makuhita is too good at dodging close up attacks. But maybe a ranged attack that it can't see… Mollie happily jumped side to side and punched the air while chanting as she watched the battle ahead.

    "Gremm! Use the night!" Gremm huffed and puffed as yet another Scratch missed his opponent. Gremm jumped back in sync with Makuhita's backward jump as his green eyes began to glow an eerie red before releasing two black beams. Having no idea where to jump as the darkness in front of it shifted and warped, Makuhita stood still and took a direct hit from the Night Shade.

    "Bullet Punch!" Brawly's voice called out from the darkness. Gremm began to launch another Night Shade but his attack was halted by a lightning fast punch to the jaw. The ghost Pokémon began to stumble but quickly spun around and landed a finishing scratch on his opponent. The small sumo Pokémon collapsed before disappearing into a beam of red light.

    "First wipe out of the match. You're doing well for a rookie but don't get too cocky." Brawly commented as he pulled out his second Pokéball. "It's your time to shine now!" Brawly tossed the ball into the air, releasing his final Pokémon. A Riolu landed on one knee staring at the ground. It looked up at Gremm and a faint twinkle sparkled in its eye.

    "Got this Riolu from Steven a while back. This is his first gym battle as well. Riolu, bulk force!" The small dog puffed up its chest.

    "Pokémon battles are a lot like surfing." Riolu began running at Gremm. "You can usually predict the way things will go. However you have to constantly adapt to keep from falling over."

    Gremm fired two more beams of darkness at the bipedal canid running at him. Riolu side-stepped both beams and raised its right paw up. The Pokémon ran up to Gremm and placed its paw on his chest as the two locked eyes. Shock washed over Gremm's face as a yellow beam burst from Riolu's palm, sending Gremm flying into a wall, rendering him unconscious.

    Kiyo's jaw dropped. "Was that Force Palm? But how?!"

    "Like I said, adaptation. A little Foresight helps when facing opponents immune to my standard attacks."

    Kiyo returned Gremm to his Pokéball and looked down at Mollie who was clearly angered by Gremm's defeat. "You ready?" The tiny fairy gave a nod along with a cry of approval and ran onto the field.

    "Mawile maw maw mawile!" Mollie yelled at Riolu while flailing her arms around, trash talking her opponent.

    Riolu dashed across the battlefield with a Quick Attack, slamming into Mollie. As she absorbed the impact, Mollie covered her eyes and began to cry. Riolu paused and stared at her in confusion. As Riolu turned to its trainer and shrugged, a devious smile formed on Mollie's face. As Riolu turned back to Mollie she whipped her head around and clamped down on her enemy's head with her back jaws.

    "Ah, taunt and fake tears I see. Never thought I'd see a fairy type fighting dirty like that." Brawly yelled across the room.

    "Well, she may seem sweet docile but she can be quite the demon in battle!" Kiyo yelled back.

    Riolu struck Mollie with a force palm to the back, causing her to loosen her grip. Riolu spun around with a Blaze Kick that Mollie ducked under, however Riolu's rotation continued and Mollie's feet were swept out by a second Blaze Kick. Both Pokémon's bodies began to glow as Riolu struck down with punch that connected with a head-butt from Mollie. The collision caused sand to fly up and a bright flash to illuminate the room, allowing both trainers to finally see each other clearly.

    Kiyo held an arm up in front of his face as sand flew towards him and glanced over at Brawly. I was indifferent about battling this gym earlier but now I feel like I have no choice but to win. Come on Mollie. He looked back down as the dust settled and the light faded to see Mollie and Riolu staring each other down, hands locked together and teeth gritted. Yellow lights began to emanate from both of Riolu's palms.

    "Mollie! Play Rough!" Mollie's eyes shifted to Kiyo as she gave a nod to her trainer.

    Mollie threw her head down and whipped her back jaws forward and chomped down hard on Riolu, almost engulfing the creature's entire body. The lights faded from Riolu's palms as it was lifted into the air and spun around in a circle before being swung forward and back, slamming into the ground before being flipped to Mollie's other side.

    Mollie released her grip on Riolu, releasing her now unconscious opponent to the surrounding darkness. Mollie stood before the fallen Pokémon with her arms on her hips and a prideful smile on her dirt covered face.

    "It appears we have a winner." Brawly announced as the lights in the room slowly turned on.