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Aleksander Clay
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Groaning in displeasure as I wake up and stretch, I note that I’m now on the ground rather than on the bed where I fell asleep. Did I roll off the bed in my sleep? That’s unusual...Getting up and popping my back, I glance around the room that’s dimly lit from the early morning sun. the clock is glowing with a neon green ‘4:34’ so I must have slept in. I wanted to get a move on back to Lavaridge before the sun was up, but looks like that’s out the window. With reluctance to get going, I pull on the clothes I had packed into my bag a few days ago before I go through my bag once again to check I have all that I need.Trudging out to the living room I thank my uncle’s friend, Mr.Koller, for letting me stay the day at the house.

“Did you hear about the earthquake?” Mr.Koller questions as he checks over Sir and Les. Sir is being oddly rambunctious this morning and just won’t stay still and he keeps trying to slip out of Mr.Koller’s grasp.

“Earthquake? Maybe that’s why I was on the floor this morning. I hope everything is good,” I mumble in response, really only half paying attention as I grab some breakfast. “I wonder how bad the volcano is acting from the quake.”

“Well, nothing too bad happened all the way out here, so I’m sure you’re Piers is fine,” Mrs.Koller mentions, gently patting me on the back, as if to console me. I wish it was this easy for people to understand my intentions as it is with Mr. and Mrs.Koller or Uncle sometimes.

Giving her a slight hum in appreciation, I hand her the pot she’s reaching for on the top shelf. “Here, please be careful,” I say before passing by her to sit at the table to eat my breakfast.

“Thank you dear,” She calls out to me.

Nodding a bit, despite her not really being able to see it from the kitchen. I pick up the paper and begin to read it as I eat my morning toast. At least, I tried to until the paper got blasted with Water Gun from Sir. Sighing, I set the paper down and finish up my toast before that gets soaked too. “Sorry about that Mr.Koller,” I say, returning Sir to his Pokeball as I stand to begin my trek back to Lavaridge.

“Honestly, child, how many times must I tell you to call me Kurt?” Mr.Koller laughs, walking me to the door.

“At least ten more times, old man,” I laugh and hug him goodbye before walking out the door as I call for Les.