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Current Location: Dewford Town
Kiyo opened the box in his hands to examine the contents. Sweet, got my potions and Pokéba-. The sound of a crowd forming and the sight of a mysterious boat instantly distracted Kiyo from his thoughts.

“I was wondering when he’d be back. I haven’t seen that young man in a long time.” Mr. Bennett as he sat forward in his chair.

Kiyo looked back at the old man with a confused looked before turning back to the dock. The boy’s eyes opened wide as he saw one of Hoenn’s former champions step from the boat and began chatting with the local Gym Leader.

“You mean to tell me Steven’s been here before. Multiple times. And I haven’t noticed?” Kiyo alternated between looking at the two men on the dock and Mr. Bennett.

“Of course.” The old man laughed. “He usually spends most of his time in Granite Cave collecting rocks though. Doesn’t spend too much time in town.”

“I spend most of my time in that cave!” Kiyo threw his arms up “How have I never seen him!” He grabbed his camera ready to snap a few pictures but changed his mind as he saw Steven and Brawly make their way to the nearby restaurant. Dragging his two Pokémon along, Kiyo followed the pair to the restaurant.

“We were planning on coming here anyway so this isn’t as creepy as it looks. I’m not a stalker.” Kiyo muttered to Gremm as the dark hobgoblin laughed in his ear.

The trainer and his Pokémon sat down at a table, each with their own plate of pancakes. Mollie insisted on sitting as close to Gremm as possible before eating while Gremm, oblivious to the world around him, was focused on his on culinary skills as he carefully sprinkled grains of sand onto his food. Meanwhile Kiyo quietly sat and ate as he contemplated how he was going to approach Steven. Just be cool. You ask to take pictures of trainers’ Pokémon all the time. He might be a champion but he’s still a person like everyone else on this island. Just don’t be weird.

After he and his Pokémon finished their meal Kiyo stood up and approached Steven and Brawly.

“Excuse me Mr. Stone? My name’s Kiyo and I do Pokémon photography. Um, if it’s not too much to ask, could I take some pictures of your Pokémon? I understand that you have some rare Pokémon that aren’t found on this island and I would be honored if you’d let me snap a few shots of them.” Kiyo removed his camera from his belt and held it up to show Steven.

Steven looked at the boy then Brawly and chuckled. “It’s been a while since my Pokemon have been in the spotlight. Would my Metagross suffice?” He said, turning back to Kiyo.

“Uhhh, yeah!” The trainer’s eyes lit up at the prospect of seeing the steel master’s strongest Pokémon up close.

“Alright, then let’s get to it. And one more thing, please just call me Steven.” Steven got up from the table and hopped the small fence outlining the patio before tossing a pokéball into the air to release his Metagross.

The four legged metal beast hovered above the sand for a few seconds before settling down onto the sand. Kiyo got down on one knee and started snapping pictures as Gremm and Mollie stood next to him, observing the monster before them. Steven stood to the side and studied the trainer’s Mawile.

“Your Mawile seems to be well taken care of. Her fur has a nice sheen to it and her horns look well-polished.” Steven said as Kiyo clicked away.

“Thanks, your Metagross is pretty amazing as well.” Kiyo stood up as he finished his photoshoot and clipped his camera back on his belt. Gremm quietly stole the camera and started taking selfies and random pictures. “I really appreciate this. It’s not every day I get to photograph a Pokémon this powerful, let alone one that belongs to a former champion.”

“You’re welcome.” Steven placed a hand under his chin as he stared at the young trainer’s Pokémon some more. “I’d say you have potential to become a champion as well.”

“You really think so?” Kiyo snatched his camera back from his Pokémon who failed at winning the tug-o’-war match.

“Of course. I sense strong potential in your Pokémon. With enough training you could go far with them by your side.”

“I’ve considered taking the gym challenge but I’m a much better photographer than a trainer.”

“Have you done much battling with other trainers?” Brawly finally jumped into the conversation.

“Well, no but-“

“Then how can you know for sure?” Brawly crossed his arms, “Why not come by my gym and we’ll see just how well you and your team fight?”

“That sounds fun but I don’t think I have the time. I’m supposed to leave the island soon so I can travel the region.”

“From what I heard before coming here, most ship routes were temporarily delayed after the earthquake.” Steven added, “Waves caused by the seismic activity have done some serious damage to various docks around the region. So you should have some extra time to kill.”

Kiyo looked down to Gremm and Mollie who each gave a thumbs-up gesture. “Alright we’ll give it a shot.”

“Awesome. Follow me.” Brawly waved toward the gym as he began to lead the small group away from the restaurant.