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~ Aoi Saito ~
Current Location: Route 104

Waves lapped at my ankles as I stood in the shallow waters with the children, enjoying their eagerness to play while the sun was still high. Smiling, I watched as some splashed each other and others swam around in the waves.

“Don’t wonder out to far!”

Oliver called out, drawing the attention of some of the kids that had begun to move further out of the shallows. Walking out deeper into the water I watched the kids as they came closer, making sure the tide didn’t pull them back out.

“Hey Miss Aoi, there’s someone with a Pokeball!”

One of the kids called out as I returned to the shore with a few of the children. From where he was buried in the sand Pyro popped up, his eyes glistening with hope for a battle. Children quickly surrounded the blonde male despite the Oliver’s attempt to keep them from trampling the poor guy. Brushing the rest of the sand off himself, Pyro quickly waddled over to me as I brushed the sand off my feet and put my socks and boots back on.

“Quite a lively bunch.”

The trainer commented with a chuckle as the kids all badgered him about how neat it was that he was a trainer and questioned what pokemon and badges he had. The blonde pushed his fingers through is hair, answering their questions with, Slakoth and Taillow, currently none but that would soon change and answering anything else that was asked in between his previous answers.

“I’m sorry about them.”

Oliver spoke up, picking up one of the kids as they tried to grab the boy’s Pokeball. Laughing softly I shook my head at the group of kids and walked over with Pyro and attempted to help Oliver quell the children.

“Oh, lovely partner you have there.”

The teen stated to Oliver, gesturing at me as my face went red.

“U-uh, n-no we only just met today.”

Oliver stuttered out making the kids all giggle.

“Miss Aoi came with us for the field trip.”

“She’s a trainer from Johto!”

“I think Mr Oliver is embarrassed.”

The children’s chatter helped alleviate any awkwardness in the air as I cleared my throat.

“Aoi Saito, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

I introduced, offering a hand to the, rather tall male.

“The pleasure is mine Aoi, I’m Nathan Richardson.”

He replied, flashing a, what was probably rather charming to most people, smile as he shook my hand. Returning the smile, I pulled my hand away as some of the children started to say, or rather chant, battle. Looking at them I laughed softly, opting to give into their demands.

“What do you say Nathan, would you mind battling me? I haven’t had much of the opportunity since coming to Hoenn.”

I questioned, looking up at him. With a rather quick agreement, he helped Oliver and I get the children a safe distance from where we would be battling so that they could watch. Walking a good distance away from Nathan I slid off my jacket and tossed it to the sand before I looked back over my shoulder, double checking we had the entire group of children.

“Is a one on one battle alright with you?”

I questioned, turning on my heel to face him.

“Fine with me!”

He replied, grabbing one of his pokeballs.

“Ready Pyro?”

Looking down at my Charmander I grinned a bit feeling excitement coursing through me.

“Go Slakoth!”

“Let’s do this Pyro!”

The instant the two Pokemon were on the field, the battle began and a crowd of onlookers formed beside Oliver and the children. Eyeing the Slakoth I noted the general size of it was rather large for its breed and hummed to myself.

“Your Slakoth looks pretty strong!”

I complimented, shifting my stance slightly.

“But that won’t bother us, Pyro use Scratch!”

I ordered as Pyro dashed forward swiping at the opponent.

“Slakoth retaliate with Scratch as well.”

Nathan ordered, his pokemon quickly following his command and slashing it’s claws across Pyro’s face. Stumbling back, Pyro shook off the sting of the attack and geared up for his next attack as I gave the command of “Ember.” Using his close range and the Slakoth’s Truant ability to his advantage, Pyro quickly fired off two sets of ember in succession, landing a clean hit both times.

“Slakoth, let’s give them a taste of your Faint Attack!”

The Slakoth rolled onto its back drawing Pyro in, before it quickly flipped over, throwing a sucker punch at Pyro knocking him back into the sand.

“Pyro, you okay?”

I questioned my partner as he staggered to his feet, a low growl emanating from him.

“Looks like you’re all fired up now. Let’s use it’s ability against it again, Ember!”

Once the attack landed, Pyro quickly leapt back in an attempt to avoid another blow from the Slakoth’s Faint Attack before he used Sand Attack at my command, reducing the visibility on the battlefield for a moment.

“Slakoth, use Scratch!”

The Slakoth swung blindly through the air, clearing it of the sand but landing no hits as Pyro fired off another Ember attack from a distance landing a strong enough hit to finally knock out the normal type. With a small cheer, Pyro fell back onto his butt, stretching out in the sand.

“Good battle.”

I said, walking over to shake Nathan’s hand before picking up Pyro.

“I didn’t think you’d beat us, Slakoth is pretty strong but you have some sensible tactics and strategies to throw off the opponent.”

Nathan pointed out, picking up his fainted Pokemon as we were surrounded by children, most of which giddy from having watched the battle while a few others were sad that it was over.

“Growing up around Pokemon, you get a sort of sense for how things might affect the battle. Most of it was learned from watching my mother and aunts battle trainers.”

I replied, weaving through the sea of children to get a potion from my bag. Sitting down, I treated Pyro’s scrapes and bruises despite his small cries of protest.

“Do you need any bandages or anything?”

Nathan questioned, treating his own Pokemon with what he’s had in his bag.

“No, thank you though.”

I replied, listening as Oliver explained to the children about how it was always good to treat a Pokemon’s wounds after battle to help prevent it from fainting and how giving them a revive would cure them if they had fainted. With a chuckle Nathan rose to his feet.

“It was a pleasure meeting you, hopefully we will run into each other again on the road Aoi but for now this is farewell as I am off to take Slakoth to the Petalburg Pokemon Center.”

With another, probably charming, smile, Nathan left, heading East towards Petalburg.

“Well that was… interesting.”

I commented getting up, only to bump into some new person, who seemed to have been standing there for quite a while presumably watching the battle, as I squeaked out a “sorry!”.