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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    I'd love to see them add an evolution for Lucario in Gen VI to be honest! Lucario is an amazing Pokémon yes, and it's definitely able to hold its own in battle, but unfortunately there's so many Pokémon that outclass it or counter it so effectively that's he's becoming very difficult to use well on a team. I think the main problem comes from the huge surplus of Ground, Fire & Fighting moves in the metagame, so perhaps having an evolution which reverts back to just being Fighting type (or maybe even Psychic + Fighting would suit him well?) would be a lot more use? Or even just an ability which somehow disregards the weaknesses he gains from being a Steel type would be good enough haha. But yeah, basically I'd like to see his weaknesses reduced tenfold!
    I never understood why they decided to add steel to Lucario's type. I completely agree that he should have been Psychic + Fighting instead, because it actually makes sense for him.

    Also, just a late update, i've been busy with school lately and I was planning on posting the next part of the club's story last week. I'll post it sometime today or tomorrow.

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