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Posted May 23rd, 2019
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Oh, that makes sense! I was just wondering;
So I used this routine here:

I am also using MrDollSteak's Decap and Attack Rombase, in which the ID for Sniper is 0x55.
I can't find any mention of this number in the routine though!
Likewise, the ID for Technician appears to be 0x52, yet this is nowhere to be found.
I want to find the IDs for Defeatist and Slow Start, yet I can't figure out where they could be!
Any ideas?
Yeah, it looks like that routine has Sniper's ability ID as 0x62, so there is a discrepancy in the actual engine and this routine. You can use a pokemon editor like PGE or G3T to check the ability indices just based on their names in the drop down menu.