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[Fortree City, around 3 AM.]
[The earthquake triggered from the sea cavern causes the entire city to rattle overnight. The houses on the treetops are secure, but look like they might fall off.]
[The house of 15-year-old NOLAN DICHARD lies on the ground, also taking the quake. NOLAN himself is asleep, not noticing the quake, but still tossing and turning through it. A picture frame falls off HIS nightstand next to him and makes a sound; NOLAN wakes up.]
[HE now fully notices the quake and lies in bed rattling for a full minute or so, until the quake dies down a little. HE then slowly fixes the dent in the photo and places it back on the shelf, looks around and then reaches for a case of 3 Poke Balls and throws one out.

NOLAN: C'mon, Hoover.
[HOOVER, NOLAN's Watchog, pops out and nods to HIS Trainer. HE emits a yellow glow and spiraling circles from HIS eyes, which puts NOLAN back to sleep almost instantly.]

[8 hours later...]
[NOLAN is in the kitchen busy packing HIS Bag. HE and HIS mother, LINDSAY DICHARD, watch the news on the TV.]

REPORTER [from TV]: This just in: according to the Weather Institute on Route 119, the massive earthquake that rocked the entirety of the Hoenn region last night originated on Route 134. It is speculated by the scientists at the Institute that the cause was a natural shift in the tectonic plates under the water; authorities, however, believe otherwise. [continuing in BG]
LINDSAY: Earthquake? What's this about? I didn't feel anything.
NOLAN: It woke me up last night.
LINDSAY [panicking]: Really? What happened? ARE YOU HURT?
NOLAN: I'm fine, Mom, I'm fine. Just a little... shudder, was all. Got it? I got back to sleep with Hoover's Hypnosis.
LINDSAY: Nobody ever told me this place had earthquakes. Someone here could've been hurt— an entire house, even!
NOLAN: ...Route 134, huh... Mom, that's on the other side of the region. If any houses did fall, we would've noticed.
LINDSAY: Still... if you felt it, who knows how bad it must have been over there?
NOLAN: Don't you get it? It was just a natural earthquake. Who knows? It could've been a Pokemon. They can create those things at will!
LINDSAY: But that's—
NOLAN: The Gym Leader, even! Uses Earthquake with her Altaria. Also, Clay's Excadrill used it plenty, didn't it?
LINDSAY: But that's different!
NOLAN: Mom, don't worry. The people here know what they're doing. You should just focus on me... and on you, and on Dad. Talk about this later.
[SHE looks out the window. One family is repairing a loose plank on their house.]
LINDSAY: ...Fine. You'd better finish up packing, then.

[30 minutes later...]
LINDSAY: Bye, Nolan! Love you!
NOLAN: Love you too, byyyye!
[LINDSAY shuts the door behind NOLAN as HE rushes out to the fields. HE stops to take out his 3 Poke Balls.]
NOLAN: You ready, guys? We've waited so long for this!
[HE peeks at the Fortree Gym.]
NOLAN: [chuckles] Speaking of the Gym Leader, though...
[From inside the Gym, its doors suddenly burst open.]
NOLAN [calling]: WINONA! I challenge you to a battle!