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    Follow Forums Rules
    Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Groups' rules.

    Bad behavior
    Don't spam, troll harass, etc... . Or you will be

    Party size
    As default, you will not be allowed to have six Pokémon in your team.
    You will have as much Pokémon as you want. BUT, you can only have one per family.
    Exemple: If I have one Sandshrew, I can only have one, and no two.

    Your first partner
    Everyone can choose only one partner Pokémon from the list at the beginning. You can aslo name your partners if you want!
    Fossils and Legends are NOT invalable until
    you have the necessary requirements. (Explained below)

    Hidden thing
    If you really read the rules, post this: Indiana Jones rox da hell.
    Otherwise, I will invite you to read the rules, which are essential!

    We're on Ancient Pokémon Club, try to stay on topic all the time. I invite you to edit your post if you made a mistake.
    And if you are still hesitating about what to talk about here are examples:
    ᛫ Unown
    ᛫ Abyssal Ruins
    ᛫ Alpha Ruins
    ᛫ Ancients Pokémon
    ᛫ Fossils
    ᛫ Mythologies
    ᛫ Beginning of the world
    ᛫ Etc...

    As a true Archeologist, you can earn relics from your discussions with your
    with your fellow Archaeologists.
    There're many relics to get, and you will need it to get your first Fossil Pokémon and Legend Pokémon.
    There are several types of relics. The most common to the most rare. These relics will reflect your attention to detail in your discussions and your attendance in the club!

    Have fun!
    We're here to share our common feelings: our love to Ancients things!!


    Name: Galoria

    Partner Pokemon:

    Partner's nickname: Squeaky

    Your trainer sprite: Yellow (Say to me want kind of trainer sprite do you want, and then I can pick up in the internet for you)

    Why do you like Ancient things?: Anyway, I've always loved old things said. A part of history too often forgotten or misinterpreted. I have been flooded since childhood mythologies and imaginary stories. This is why I discovered a passion!

    Answer the current topic: Well I joined this club because I made it, haha. While I was a little girl, I always liked to read Greek, Norse, Egyptian mythologies. And I can see many things that Pokémon was inspirated about "real" mythologies!


    Common Pokémon

    Ancient Pokémon

    Fossil Pokémon



    | | | |


    | | | |


    | | | |


    | | | |

    Rainbow Arcanine

    | | | |


    | | | |

    Mononoke Hime

    | | | |


    | | | |



    ᛫ How it works?
    Unown are known to be mysterious and be a part of the Legendary Pokémon. At the same time so far away but so close to them, they play an important role in this club.
    First and in order, they're very important to get Legendary Pokémon. You need a certain amount of Unown to get a Legendary Pokémon.

    How do I get one?
    The more you're a good member of this club, the more you contribute to the club, the more you'll get many Unown, it's easy! If you argue well, do some research to share and expand your knowledge, I see it and you will have all your chances to receive Unown!


    How it works?
    There are four types of relics. The most common, the most rare. This will serve as Unown as a kind of "currency" to have other Pokémon. But what differentiates the Unown relic is that it is a "currency" more accessible, which will reflect your contribution. If you have many relics of the first category, it would mean that you contribute a little bit to your efforts and your research, so that will reflect your desires. Instead of that you will receive many relics of the second and third or fourth grade to have Pokémon in your collection!

    Here is an example of a category

    > > >

    How do I get one?
    It is simple, you get the first category if you post simple threads. The more your thread are detailed and if you doing nice research, you will receive a relic to the height of your research!

    Ancient Pokémon

    How it works?
    As you can see there are four categories of Pokémon:
    - Common
    - Ancient
    - Fossil
    - Legend
    They are classified by the types easier to get to the hardest.
    Common > Ancient > Fossil > Legend

    How do I get one?

    It is simple, it depends on your number of relics, Unown. And you can exchange your relics and Unown by new Pokémon. Remember that Unown are only used to get Legend Pokémon.


    How it works?
    The more you get points, the more members will so how you contribute to the club.

    How do I get one?
    By posting threads. The more your posting good threads and interesting thread, the more you will get points.

    Table points

    2 points: Posting
    5 points: Joining
    7 points: New topic ideas
    5-20 points: Contribution for details in your posts
    10-25 points: Banners
    5-15 points: Userbars
    15-30 points: Contribution to events

    10-40 points: Events participation (Loose)
    40-100 points: Events participation (Win)

    ???-??? points: Random events.
    10-40 points: "Ancient Pokémon Club" link(s) in your signature (Per week)

    And many more will come!


    Coming soon ~

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    Userbars & Banners





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    Current Event:

    No event for the moment. Update soon.

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    Current Topic:

    In your opinion, besides Arceus, who is the oldest Pokémon? Why?

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    Updates needed:

    ᛫ Table points
    ᛫ Pokémon and relics

    ᛫ Awards
    Archives [Folders detailed about all subjects done]

    Last update 24/02/13

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