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It isn't good but this scheme is capable of selecting any bank individually. There does not exist a scheme similar to accupressure in gen 3. I do not not have the knowledge of hscking targetting scheme. So the first asm is written to rectify the target e.g in a single battle if you select the enemy the target is readjusted to the user i.e. if you select the enemy as the target accupressure would still work on the user.

And tell me, when it is freezing? After the attack name is announced or before? I'll look into it.
Ah okay, I didn't realise that's what the first ASM did because of the freezing. I assumed it was for double battles. I don't entirely remember what moves occur in Gen III but surely there must be one that you can only use on yourself or your partner? This would be helpful in creating Aromatic Mist too.

The move name doesn't even come up. It freezes before that.
It could just be my assembler acting up, I'll double check it as well.