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    Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
    New Topic:
    What are your partners like? Think about personality, nature, behavior etc.
    Woot! Neat topic! <3

    Gengar: Ok my own Ghastly>Haunter>Gengar personally would be a born jokester, prankster, and a sense of humor. Always has that mischievous grin on his face. He completes me cuz i'm kind of a boring person tbh. He would have a habit of greeting new people by scaring them or pulling a prank. If the person he tries to scares fails to be frightened, he'd try over and over until he'd nail 'em. He doesn't really take to people that are negative, evil, or always down in the dumps. As you know, Gengars can cast curses and gives nightmares and what not. He would only do such a thing on someone who treated him or me wrong(of course he would lift the curse later). Gengar, of course also has psychic and ghostly abilities typical of his species, and is able to use varies psychic abilities(such as telepathy) and as such, is able to communicate using telepathy but only does so with me. However Gengar is a tiny bit of a sore looser and doesn't like to loose at much anything(although not a sore winner). He doesn't cheat if you ask him not to(if you don't, you'd best watch out). In battle Gengar Likes to use everything in his arsenal to win. Such as using his massive movepool to use a super effective move, or anything he can do to give him the advantage(such as using his ability to phase through solid objects and physical moves). If worst comes to worst, he'd use destiny bond as a last ditch move. But overall Gengar is a good pokemon who enjoys helping others out while having a laugh while doing it.

    Giritina: Giritina resides within the reverse world. However through a fated encounter(say how you meet Giritina in platinum) he was befriended. While residing within the reverse world Giritina is usually quiet and reserved. It gets along with other pokemon fine but he doesnt like to be pestered or overly rowdy groups. However it enjoys the company if I say, visit it in the reverse world every now and then. I only call upon Giritina during dire situations or when battling another legendary. In battle, Giritina teds to be somewhat violent and straight harsh in attacking and defending. Also he is very possessive of its grissious orb(me being the only one it entrusts to touch it), and protective of its home from unwelcome intruders.

    I'd like to lvl Ghastly plz