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    Many of my friends are thinking what game I am making. Well, this is it...

    NOTE: This is a game, not a hack!
    Made with: RPG Maker XP
    Language: English

    Hello, I'm Hardy Har Har.
    I'm a Fire Pokémon Trainer and I always think of a game that you may only choose from the Fire-type and that's how Pokémon Flame of Destiny was started.

    Travel to the Fiore Region after defeating all Bibbur-Si Gym Leaders
    DP-Pt moves, abilities, and items
    Pokégear 5310 XpressMusic
    Battleground like in Platinum
    Battle Frontier--instead of the 21 win streak, battle the Frontier Brain first before advancing to their facilties!
    All Gym Leaders/Elite Four/Frontier Brains will use 6 Pokémon to make the game more challenging!
    Revised HGSS battle system

    Pokémon Flame of Destiny is set in a continent composed of two regions, known as Azruf (Region of the Sky Guardian) and Shanoux (Region of the Sea Beast). This said continent is known as the Bibbur-Si Continent, and is located somewhere between Johto and Hoenn. People in the Bibbur-Si Continent lived a peaceful life and worshipped deities based on the Creation Myth of Sinnoh and the Bibbur-Si myth, also known as Bibbur-Burgingidan(explained below)

    Creation Myth of Sinnoh
    In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos.
    At the heart of chaos, where all things became one, appeared an Egg.
    Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One.
    From itself, two beings the Original One did make.
    Time started to spin.
    Space began to expand.
    From itself again, three living things the Original One did make.
    The two beings wished, and from them, matter came to be.
    The three living things wished, and from them, spirit came to be.
    The world created, the Original One took to unyielding sleep...

    Thousands of years have passed.

    Long ago, when Bibbur-Si was created, two regions came to be.
    Between the two regions, war has started.
    The Region of the Sky Guardian became greedy, due to a heartless king.
    The Region of the Sea Beast became violent, guided by an unseen hand.
    The Renegade Pokémon appeared, triggering the war.
    The Beings of Knowledge, Emotion, and Willpower gave life to four new Pokémon.
    One Pokémon can face any strong foe.
    Another Pokémon attacks with fire from its back.
    Another Pokémon attacks with blazing kicks.
    And, another Pokémon is fierce, and is the quickest of the rest.
    The four new Pokémon battled the Renegade Pokémon, and so they defeated it.
    The Renegade Pokémon retreated to a place beyond seeing.
    That is the Legend of the Bibbur-Si Continent.

    You live in Antler Town. It's your first day with a Pokémon. When you go down from the stairs, your mom gives you something so new--the Pokégear 5310 XpressMusic and the trendy Running Shoes. She said that Professor Cleo is looking for you--maybe the Professor will give you something...
    When you go to the lab, you answer her questions and, depending on your answers, she'll give you your first Pokémon. Her teacher, Professor Oak, drops by to give you a Pokédex. After some conversations in the lab you go to one of the houses there where an old man will give you a free S.S. Ticket to Bibbur-Si's cruise ship--Princess of the Stars! Outside Antler Town, you'll meet one of your rivals.
    As you advance into the game, you'll hear anything about the villanous team in the entire Bibbur-Si Continent, known as Team C.A.T. They kidnap Trainers to become their grunts, known as officials. If you don't understand about this evil team, I'll explain it below:

    Q1: What is Team C.A.T.?
    A1: Team C.A.T. is an evil team in the whole Bibbur-Si Continent, which is founded by a strange Trainer named Ben John.
    Q2: What are their plans?
    A2: Their plans are to build a huge army of evil grunts to capture all the powerful legendary Pokémon, and to rule the entire Pokémon world under military regime, which can trigger the deaths of many Trainers.
    Q3: How many Commanders(Admins) do they have?
    A3: I think they have two, but I'll reveal only one.

    NPC Biographies:

    Professor Cleo Aspen:
    Age: 39
    Leading scientist of S.U.B.S.C.R.I.P.T.; mother of one of the Qashqash Gym Leaders
    Info: Professor Cleo is one of Oak's brightest students. She spends some of her time chatting with friends and other relatives if no research papers on Pokémon is assigned to her.

    Age: 14
    Info: One of the game's rivals. This smart Trainer, rarely seen without his Totodile, wants to be Bibbur-Si's greatest Trainer. He occasionally hangs out at Qashqash Town, with his friends.

    Age: 14
    Taunting City Gym Leader(uses Grass Types)
    Info: Kieveleen, known as the woman with a passion that sprouts, originally lives in Mahogany Town in Johto. Before she began her career as a Gym Leader, she sells items that are useful to Pokémon, such as the Rage Candybar. However, when Team Rocket invaded Mahogany Town, she fled to Azruf to begin her career.

    Age: 58
    Mangrove City Gym Leader, founder of the Ultra Marsh(uses Ground types)
    Info: In her 30 years as Gym Leader, she is the most respected Gym Leader in the Bibbur-Si Continent. She founded the Ultra Marsh, which is located in Sun City in Azruf.

    Age: Assumed to be in her 15s
    Splashthorn City Gym Leader(uses Ice Types)
    Info: Lycyle, living in the cooler Splashthorn City, has a charming personality. Any grunt from Team C.A.T. is afraid of her due to her Glaceon using Ice Beam on any C.A.T. grunt spotted.

    Age: 14
    Alluring City Gym Leader, Guardian of the Tower of Doom(uses Ghost-types)
    Info: Jessa, normally cautious, has a spooky personality. She often guards the Tower of Doom, sealing the entrance to the Distortion World. She sealed the entrance because of the Bibbur-Burgingidan Myth, about Giratina itself triggering the war between Azruf and Shanoux long ago.

    Age: 13
    Fuji City Gym Leader, Protector of the Temporal Tower(uses Dragon Types)
    Info: Juchille, an honest and kind Gym Leader, spends her life protecting the Temporal Tower aside from being a Gym Leader. She is rarely seen without her Dragonair and Vibrava. However, when Team C.A.T. broke into Temporal Tower, she calls to the hero for help.

    The rest will be revealed soon, since those Leaders from above are 5 of Azruf's Gym Leaders.

    Player Character Concept Art:
    Male player:

    Female player:

    Old Screenshots:

    The Title Screen.

    The male hero. (Sprite subject to change)

    Antler Town, the player's hometown.

    One of the professor's questions. Can you guess which starter you can obtain?

    Professor Oak visiting Professor Cleo. Note that Oak is Professor Cleo's teacher.

    The first rival, Arnsell.

    New battle screenshot! (Revised Platinum Battle System)

    Leer animation

    New Summary Look! (Background subject to change)

    New Bag Screen!

    The first city, Taunting City.

    Taunting City Gym. Can you guess what type does this gym use?

    Inside the first gym. This gym supports double battles, but the Leader will be challenged on a single battle.

    New Screenshots:

    New Title Screen (without the word "Press start" at this time, but it will appear on the first demo)
    New Screenshots as of March 22, 2009:

    A new item? Information will come soon....

    This usually appears after the title screen after pressing start

    Professor Oak, talking like Luke Atmey at that moment...

    Just for fun...

    Access a random PC in Taunting City, and... Objection!

    New Screenshots as of April 24, 2009:

    Copyright, of course.

    Parts of the game's "Revised Platinum Battle System"

    New screenshots as of May 10, 2009(its the date in the Philippines):

    The Trainer Card, which is only a test.

    The Pokédex entry, a la DP-Pt!

    Rendezvous in Mangrove City

    A Pokémon Center with similar effects of FR-LG

    More to come!

    Check out the Team Recruitment Thread--it's there already!

    Region Maps - 5%
    Antler Town - 100%
    Taunting City - 100%
    Straightledge Path - 99%
    Indragiri Forest - 99%
    Mangrove City - 98%
    Chaperon Tower - 99%
    Route A - 99%
    Splashthorn City - 25%

    Not yet...

    Here are the userbars if you want to support this game by placing some of these in your signature. Feel free to make one, and post it here if you wish.



    -Made by Shaggy Typhlosion-
    Map of Bibbur-Si(still in Rough Draft):
    Azruf Region:

    1. Antler Town
    2. Straightledge Path
    3. Taunting City
    4. Mangrove City
    5. Indragiri Forest
    6. Route A
    7. Splashthorn City
    8. Alluring City
    9. Route B
    10. Route C
    the rest will be revealed soon

    Shanoux Region: Coming soon!

    Nintendo - for creating Pokemon
    Poccil - for the amazing starter kit
    4th Gen Matt - for his amazing resource pack
    Wichu - for some help in scripting
    Achilles Jae - my best friend who introduced me to the Fire-type
    Kyledove - tilesets
    If I forgot someone, let me know.
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