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    Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    Plus, I do think that it's important to start a journey fic with the Main character(s) getting their first Pokemon since it's better to have an origin from the get-go.
    I forget who said it, but "Start at the beginning". If a trainer's story begins right away with getting their starting Pokemon and they head out into the wide world, then it's fine to start there. But there's always exceptions where it's better to start the story where the action's going to be, and just have the "meeting the first Pokemon" be told through back story.

    That's why I don't like reading a lot of new trainer journey fics, since the author feels as if they must start with meeting the starting Pokemon. Then the fic might head down the path of the slow start, where nothing happens for several chapters as the trainer goes through the standard battling of the first wild Pokemon and all that.

    It's better to skip the generic beginning if it's necessary to do so. Tell the meeting of trainer and Pokemon through back story.

    Which is another thing I hate seeing: forced back story or *begin flashback*
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