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    Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning View Post
    Adventure Time and The Regular Show are actually the best cartoons on right now. They're actually as mature as some of the old cartoons we were given us, especially Adventure Time which has a lot of really adult hidden themes. The Looney Tunes Show is also really good to me, but a lot of people in the nostalgia box reject it after 5 minutes.

    That Gumball show is actually pretty good too, very reminiscent of the older cartoons.

    I think most of the posters in this thread are only hating on the new stuff for nostalgic reasons, tbh.

    But I do agree The Annoying Orange and several other shows do suck. Doesn't mean I liked every single show back then, though.
    This all the way, except for Gumball (the characters' intelligence is really insulting). It's getting tiresome to hear people complaining about CN going downhill and want their old shows without realizing that 1) They can still watch the shows on Boomerang, 2) They can still watch them on Cartoon Planet every Friday, and 3) Their precious old shows will get stale like the Simpsons if they were to stick around for a little longer. No matter how many points they try to make to prove themselves right about CN's quality, in the end, the real answer is that they grew up. Adventure Time and Regular Shows are the best things that happened to CN, and now Toonami's back on air (every Saturday on Adult Swim) during their 20th anniversary. What we should be using our negative energy on are the live action shows.
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