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So it's Easter-ish so let's do this! Blame PC downtime for the delay. I know I do! =D

Part Eight - Kelina Cave
Or Learning about Peach Boy and KAKUZATO

So, we're in - let's go and- at that point I got a phone call with more questions. I was lucky to save the game beforehand - certain phone calls are always in a specific order so this keeps repeating no matter which one calls me. Hence I could explore all the options and what is said for each one!

This is a [question]! Yes No

But who the frell is Peach Boy? Is he talking about this?

Well uh, let's say yes.

Abuh. Is Peach Boy a Glutinous millet bun what.

The answer btw is yes. (Different e-monster asking this time)

Dwell on that for a bit.

And if we said no to that...statement about it hearing a story about Peach Boy:

Now that's just rude. =(

And then he asks us another 'question' about Peach Boy despite saying we do not know. Uhhhh...


Turtledove what.


I'm not even sure of what I am supposed to sense!

Possibly the most confusing part of the game dialogue-wise.

Noooo we don't need any more crazy questions! AAAAAAA

I don't know anymore I think my brain is bleeding.

What, is Peach Boy here?

Wait, what?

There's more than one of these KAKUZATO? Oh dear.

RODANSA - he's Cool!

Hurrah for a 2-on-1 battle. Just as well we got OSIE in the cave too, because anything else takes 3 turns to reach us! When RODANSA has the type advantage, that's pretty significant.

And hence the battle is easy!

From here nearly every 'trainer' battle results in you getting a phone number.

Whatever you say, religious cult member.

What is it? I wish I knew too...

Hey, you don't know either!

Le sigh. What are they even anyway? Aliens? Cosplayers?

Quick and easy provided you've done a bit of grinding beforehand. Not that we needed more owls though.

Moving onwards!

You should totally quit and just let me past without a battle.

Yes, it is troublesome-

Yet he still battles.

Owls everywhere! We now have all the owls. ALL OF THEM.

"First election, are you half study half work,". I'm sure he's trying to tell me something, but what?

I suppose Not-Sandslash counts as a thing.

Not more of them!

Wait, pals? If you mean those owls you can have them, I already had the phone number of one and frankly one is more than enough. Stupid bomb-loving thing...

Clearly having someone's phone number is serious business!

And so we meet the angry starfish.

Now they start having more than one creature! However theirs take a few turns to arrive, and as type advantages come into play...

We win before the other arrives, and hence end the battle early.

...let's just move on then, shall we?

I guess you mean the guy above you who I just beat up...?

How without grammar?

"The land of baseball!"

It's a dinosaur! A Cowardly one, but he has pants!

Similar story - easy battle, ended before the other creature arrives.

But then why does it seem like he is wearing pants...? And how does that even work - pockets on the feet? Man, biology sure screwed up a lot of things around here.

We defeated the competition? Can we not save the day anymore? Maybe the exit is onwards...


Oh look, the bomb loving friend has returned, and managed to get the ]tags[ wrong as well. But look, a question even Bek can answer!

It seems the game suddenly turned into Baseball Trivia - now with extra owls.

"And by bat, I mean [Bomb]."

Anyways now we can continue-

Curses again!

Imagine your town or village or whatnot suddenly overrun overnight by KAKUZATO...whatever they are. =(

Try catching some proper grammar first. OH!

C'mon, I was only kidding.

Man, these guys sure are sensitive.

Oh cool, a scorpion! And something that has decent defence as well, notably!

It has scissors!? =o

Yes, I'm sorry too. Sorry that I've had to beat up all of these...things. Whatever they really are.

I understand the first part - this village is important location-wise and so he wants to have power here... only then it breaks down at the end. Or does he only want to vote that badly? I don't even. Sounds like crazy politician talk again.

Ramble all you like, you're still going to lose.

Say, OSIE, maybe you'd like to do something in this battle! Not-Sandslash is doing all the work here -what can you do?

Oh god what are you doinggggggg

I don't blame you, PUNIKA. =(

Note that being afraid is basically a status in the game - rather like being frozen in the Pokemon games. However on the turn you 'stop being afraid' you still can't do anything. Yay broken moves!

PUNKIA is quickly persuaded to join us.


I can't win TABASUKO. Aww. Like all the others he fades away after spouting his engrish.

Oh well, maybe this set of stairs leads us closer to TABASUKO or the exit or something. As long as its not the way to Peach Boy. I might just eat that millet bun.

Oh hey it's curry guy. I knew a politician was lurking about!

Why indeed? Wait, is this Bek saying this, questioning the fact that Mr Curry is suddenly here? Wow.

...I guess I'll let Bek go there?

Ramble ramble and then a swear!

Even Bek is shocked!

I think Bek had enough of KAKUZATO.

Our politician dislikes this allegation!

Give it to me you sure will!

Why is that [even in brackets?]

Either he's a wimp or TABASUKO said that she disliked curry. Oh well, we're almost there!

That was quick! TABASUKO must be in the next room - let's see what she is doing!

Uh... jumping about like crazy?

I guess that explains it?

She'll not be just a woman - she'll be a woman head! =o

She sure is excitable... ._.

Not seen - Bek jumping. But hey, she remembers his name!

One - he won the election in his hometown election. This redundancy is redundant!
Two - they're married/related!? Yet he is referred to as Mr NERIKARI so their names are different... uh.
Three - why should he be not underestimated anyways!? it?

Oh, she calling for help. Typical.

What is that supposed to mean? Is she referring to herself? Does she think Bek is evil? Or is Bek talking? Thing is he did not jump then aaaaaaaa.

This game is confusing.

See? Logic falls to pieces!

Why hello there, snake with arms.

Good news - we currently have the advantage.

Bad news - if we can't knock out that snake before the others arrive it's a 2 vs 3 battle in her favour.

Thanks for the advice!

Ew, that's just mean! Get him, Not-Sandslash!

Wat. No, missing is bad!

And then he one-hits OSIE. =( Looks like we're-

And then Not-Sandslash one-hits him back?

Hurrah for the quickest and yet most murderous battle thus far?

Yeah, I'm surprised too!


She then jumps up and down a lot to place emphasis on this fact. You know, in case it wasn't obvious enough.

"The GREATEST head in all of the heads in the land!"

She runs off and never reappears again.

No, really, that's it from her in the game. But hey, we now have the key to the tree! Now we can go...somewhere else!

Yay, I suppose!

Yay agai-wait.


Yes, well put, Not-Sandslash. Remember: you didn't see anything.

I like how he's not sure of who he is any more.

How did he know what we just did?

Hint hint. I suppose MUSA told him to tell us to go help everyone else for him...

But that'll wait for the next update!