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    Originally Posted by poddish View Post
    I have a glitch.

    if you don't show elm the togepi before you beat the pokemon league, you can't get the master ball, which is too bad because this happened to me. :(

    you can also bike in the lavender town name rater's house.
    I'll try to remember to check if that happens to me when beta testing. I think I've never forgotten about showing Togepi to Elm.

    Originally Posted by Turtwigtoon View Post
    I think this has already been said, but yes, the E4 will be harder when you fight them again, as you need to beat them again, according to Zel, to get to Mt. Silver.
    Correcting. You can get to Mt.Silver without facing the E4's second round. But, for reaching the islands in the future, it'll be needed, as there is an important event at the league (second round) in order to proceed further.

    Originally Posted by Busted 101 View Post
    I found yet another glitch. I recorded it. Sorry no sound.

    Watch here
    Usually happens if you push buttons like mad while the messages show up or the warp event occurs. It could also be originated from being playing the game on a non normal speed.

    Originally Posted by kaitanuva View Post
    Neither. I can smell Beta 6 coming in the next month or so. Trust me on this. :)
    Really? Because I really dont know... O.o

    Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
    Hey Zel, I know you've said that you'll make it so you can catch every Pokemon (386), does that include the other Johto starters? I don't suppose you'll tell us how we'll get those :D
    You suppose well :D

    Originally Posted by Platinum Lucario View Post
    Hey Zel, I was wondering, maybe in the animation of the Train going from Goldenrod City to Saffron City, maybe you could change the train tracks to look more like the ones outside, because it would make it look better, just have to insert into the tileset. It would make it look better too. :P
    Those tracks are better. Oh my, and they were just some blocks used on the Saffron's tileset. Dont know how you liked those over the original Gold's tiles. I wont change the way the station looks.

    Originally Posted by prince112 View Post
    That made me think of an new idea.

    Why don't you just replace the Fast Ship Script in FR to make the train?

    Since it's a Magnet Train (Of course it's fast.) replacing the fast ship makes more sense

    to the train.

    And yeah, the railroads are not relastic enough, so, you might as well change it.
    Simply, I'll be needing the ship screen for when you travel in ship, I think. Not too sure.

    Originally Posted by nunnes0906 View Post
    I've Starded to play Shiny Gold X Version B5, but something is intrigating me... Is it normal my 1st pokémon choosen Cyndaquil ( now is a Quilava) doesn't obey my attack orders..?
    Either you have it at a level that you dont have the needed badge, or perhaps you suffered the "name change glitch", as you were told. If it is the latter, the only way to solve it is by starting a new game...

    Originally Posted by driger369 View Post
    Lol, I've been away for 4 months and this still isn't done. Well I know it's going to be that much better. Can't wait to see it zel! :t249:
    Dont forget that now I only have the hours of my weekend available for working on the hack.

    Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
    I'm sure you're planning on giving Koga a walking sprite but to be honest, he's so much awesome without one. The wat he floats... aw man, that's so awesome :D

    Obviously you realise there are very small mistakes with scripting length (i.e. some characters/red triangle) being partly off the page in some parts) but I assume you're not going to change this. There is one sign I read that needs to be slightly changed - it's the one in the Celadon Dept. for the floor with the Pokedoll. On the wall it states that there are Stones to be bought, but I can't see any :D I think I picked up on a few small errors but I'm sure you know about them and they aren't that important anyway (like how when you enter some places you get the little first person view and it's all wrong).

    By the way, one of my favourite parts of the game is after you defeat the E4 and the game scrolls through all the different maps and you see all the old glitchy ones :D
    Heh, your favorite part is a glitchy part? And I thought I was the mean one :P

    I'll probably try to improve the scripts a bit, but for sure wont be done for the next release (you can imagine the effort that would be required to be checking the large database of .rbc scripts I have in my hack's folder >_<)

    Koga is floating, yep, but, Ninjas float? I remember them walking on water, but that's about it... XD

    Originally Posted by poddish View Post
    Hey zel,
    if you want, you could use the change music script to put radios in certain buildings, etc., and the g/s saffron city music is in ruby and sapphire.
    I know, I could try to add some minor stuff later, but I should focus on developing the game and do some "time wasters", putting a radio would need some effort that would not pay in gameplay time for the player, thus that's why I'm leaving some stuff for the last parts.

    --Done, ZEL.

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