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    Oh. A student was here... and more were trickling in. She didn't have to activate any particular sense to hear that. People had louder footsteps than motorcycles. She didn't turn from her spot in the sun, staring by all appearances straight at it. Without looking at the girl, she nodded. "Get to stretches," she commanded without a particular tone inflection. "Loosen up your legs, arms, face, fingers, every part of your body that you can. If you aren't sure how, tell me. I'll show you."

    This was the mistake she had made first class. She had assumed them smart enough to realize they would need to loosen up. Many of the punches were made with tense fists and thrown with the wrong type of force. Also, very few of them knew how to dodge or block. Probably an assumption based on watching battles that it simply could not be done.

    Well, that was something she would definitely fix.


    Ciel slipped shyly out of the cafeteria. Was it just him or were there more people than usual today? Hmm... hopefully he was just imagining things... Hopefully. He wouldn't hold his breath. It was him after all and he couldn't exactly use his Psychic powers to be a good mathematician.

    Now... where was the mining class? Where? Augh... he hated having no sense of direction. Wandering around, he fiddled nervously with Brie's Pokeball. He kind of wanted to let the Absol out... but he wanted to find N first. He would have to see him after class... So who would be okay for mining...wherever this was? Oh...

    He released Dante, the Cubone yawning in his face like a bored cat... except he couldn't see it with the mask. It peered at him with a curious brown eye. What were they doing today? "Erm..." he mumbled. "Fossils." The Pokemon shrugged and swung its club. Whatever sounded cool to him. He walked on, wondering if he would find someone who knew the way... and if he could spit out the question to figure it out.


    Well... he had intended to get a Pokemon. However, Ellie decided it would be more fun to find the classroom... which was why he was sitting here now, listening to this guy's lecture. He seemed... confident, which of course had Rama's knickers in a twist.

    So... he planned to make it so the Pokemon could get silent commands hm? Well... he wasn't sure if he had a headstart or not. He looked down at Rama curiously. He could work with Pala... but she was a bit young... and he had a plan for her later. Rei would be nice... but she seemed to have no problems anyway. Volca... Volca got too much attention. And Ellie... it was cheating to use the telepath Pokemon. That was just it. So Rama it was.

    "Yuh-you ih-hin?" he whispered to his partner. Rama snorted and nodded. Why not?
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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