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    Nika Valentine

    So, it wasn't necessary to have a pokemon out, simply optional. Nika decided to leave it for now - Miss Sandoval had stated that there may be battling later in the class. What was the point in giving away information on her team? Best to play things close to the chest for now, to further her advantages later. Given the nature of the class she was probably going to end up using Parasect either way... she wanted to use Pineco, but he was going to need a lot of training before he was ready to battle other students pokemon.

    Nika got her notebook ready as soon as Miss Sandoval finished answering her question, pushing her glasses up her nose and paying close attention. As soon as the question was asked, Nika's hand shot up into the air.

    "Miss, one primary example is that grass type pokemon are weak to bug type moves. However bug type pokemon are generally not weak to grass type moves."

    Because bug pokemon were awesome. Oh yeah.

    It was quite clear from Nika's general behaviour that she was a naturally keen student, particularly so in this class. The sort of 'nerd' behaviour that could easily aggrivate students with a less dedicated approach to education, or a more focused approach to "being totally cool".

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