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My ideal life at 30... interesting.

Starting with family - Happily married with two (maybe three children) an older boy and a younger girl (maybe add in another girl), because for some reason I always deal better with girls no matter what the age. If I was thirty I'd guess their ages would be... probably four and two... on second thought scratch the third haha.

As for employment/wealth I'd be working full time as a teacher with coaching dance on the side for enjoyment and a bit of extra cash... maybe even be working towards a short story anthology. Wealth wise, I don't particularly care if I end up filthy rich or not because I'll live a modest living anyway really. I'd want enough that I could own my house (or at least have it mortgaged, same sort of story on the car) and still afford to live comfortably and enjoy hobbies.

Housing wise, nothing spectacular really. A middle-sized house with three-four bedrooms, lounge, dining, kitchen, bathrooms (2-3 and also dah), garage and a decent (not large) backyard. I'd want to live on the opposite side of my current neighbourhood as I currently live on the less pleasant side. But really it could be far worse either way. I'll let you know if anything else comes up.
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