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    I've been playing the online Pokemon battle simulator, Pokemon Online, and holy crap is this thing good(In most tiers anyway). I made a joke team called Gym Elesa and went challenging random people who didn't agree with me:
    -Emolga(Swagger, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Toxic)
    -Emolga(Swagger, Agility, Baton Pass, Volt Switch)
    -Emolga(Swagger, Volt Switch, Acrobatics, Charge Beam)
    -Emolga(Volt Switch, Thunder, Air Slash, Hidden Power Ice)
    -Throth(Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Rest SuperPower)
    -Zebstrika(Overheat, Volt Switch, Thunder, Hyper Beam)
    Note: Emolgas may contain Focus Sashes
    One Emolga has beaten single handedly:Hydreigons, Dragonites, Groudons and more.
    The team has beaten: A perfectly balanced team(May or may not contain Raichu), four Arceus in a row(What trainer does that?) and more. Emolga's speed is more than enough to Swagger most Pokemon, allowing you to get a thunder wave in next turn.