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    I was playing Super Eevee again and managed to defeat Vanish easily with Graveler and Dugtrio (and plents of Super Ethers and Hi-Potions). When I finished the beta, I discovered more bugs:

    - by watching the trophies, the trophy for defeating Vanish wasn't found (the same was with the corrupted Lotad)
    - despite I gave some common berries to the berry master, I can't find Berry Juice in my bag (and the second making says 0 Berry Juice, so no juice). I have watched in my bag several times, but no Berry Juice
    - when I want to travel to Magnus City per House Travel, it still says the old name Amplus City (even in the House Tutorial)
    - the trophies for sidequests in Magnus City says "Amplus City" instead of Magnus City
    - when I want to equip some junk (I have a large list of founded junk), I couldn't select some, because it wasn't seen in the list (such as Void Fragment)
    - spelling error in the trophy "Odin's Will": It says Laitos instead of Latios.

    Originally Posted by Konekodemon
    Glitch found. On the flashback where the two boys are looking for Lionheart the game stops and nothing happens. It's almost like it's frozen.
    Happened to me too and it was game-breaking. I was going to Oak because I forgot to finish some sidequests and this happened (fortunality, there was two ways going to Oak).

    I am curious if more refining options will be obtainable in the next beta, because I am enjoying refining items now and got a few good items and high-ranked junk for equipment.
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