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    Welcome to the RP Corner, EvilSkittles! RP on tumblr, eh? I don't know what that's like but the fine thing about this place is that we often get people over who have RPed in many different ways and who can bring something new to the section.
    I never tried RPing on tumblr, although that sounds pretty fun. Welcome aboard to le RP corner! Hopefully our RP here is easy for you, if not, feel free to ask questions! We're a helpful bunch. :)
    Yeah I don't really get how it works either. I know they make a character blog and interact through it with asks and long reblog chains.

    Argggh earlier today, actually last night, I completely lost all my character notes. I'm so frustrated and feel a little guilty that I'm being slow in my SUs now. I just want to kill Word, from now on I will stick to Notepad.:cer_pissed: